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Ready to Start Dating?!

Ready to Start Dating?!

– So little Jemma is
like Duncan’s best buddy, and listen to what she calls him. Can you say Duncan? Say Dunky. – Hinky! (Melissa laughing) – [Jeff] Say Dunky? – Hinky? – It’s like the cutest thing. – Hinky! (upbeat synth music) (soft guitar music) – Good morning everyone! We have some extra special fun
friends here with us today. The Wiselife’s came over
and they spent the night, this is the second night in a row, and look at what they are doing right now. – [Blonde Girl] They’re painting Parker – [Jessica] Oh? (girls giggling) – [Bailey] A donut! It’s a donut! – [Blonde Girl] And I’m
gonna put sprinkles in it. – Donut, Donut. – [Jessica] I want a
donut in my tummy, hey. – Put an apple like here, and then put like a pizza here. (Jessica laughing) – He eat so much that some has to be on top of his stomach. – [Jessica] Delicious. – He ate so much. – [Jessica] (laughs) love that. – [Girl] What color do
you want your sprinkles? – Uh, rainbow. – [Jessica] Parker, what’s your face? – My face is The Incredibles. – [Jessica] It’s really good. I like the Incredibles
symbol, and then the mask. – To me it’s like a clown nose,
tiger stripes and like the- – Did you see, did you notice
his lips are not that red ’cause we put the thing on em. – [Jessica] What thing
did you put on them? – The red. – [Jessica] Does anyone
else have any paint on them? – Uh, I washed mine off ’cause Bailey’s gonna do something to me. – Ours can’t be faces ’cause, – [Jessica] ‘Cause you don’t wanna mess with all this beauty? – [Girl] Put some sprinkles on it with like glitter and stuff. – Yeah! (laughing) – Their oldest sister Gabrielle happens to have the exact
same birthday as Jacob, and both her and Jacob really wanted to go to the Great Wolf
Lodge for their birthdays so we have like a big
birthday extravaganza at Great Wolf Lodge. You can see that video
it’s already posted. It’s like Jacob’s birthday special. Jemma’s in her baby zone. Hey! What are you saying little girl? Oh, you’re like an angel! Are you okay in there? Are you done with your nap, or
are you just taking your nap? I should figure that out. Let me see if I just interrupted nap time, or if she’s done napping. I don’t know what happened. Was Jemma supposed to be napping? – [Melissa] Yes. – [Jeff] I think Gretchen went in there and rattled her cage. – Did she fall asleep at one point? – [Melissa] Let’s not call it a cage. – [Jeff] Not yet. – [Melissa] It’s a
playard, a cage has a lid. – [Jeff] Her playard, rattled the playard. – [Melissa] Geez, it’s not
a cage, it’s a playard. – So, we lovingly call it a cage. It’s not a cage. – How can you love, I don’t know. – [Jeff] It’s an urbina,
it’s a containment field. – It’s like a funny parenting term guys. – It’s wheatlat. You’re just containing your
child within a safe area. That’s all you’re doing. – It’s a baby item. Like, you’re buying it
for a baby for safety. But, also, it’s fun to call it a cage. – And it’s not barbed or anything. It’s not electric. You know, I mean it’s safe,
that’s the whole point. – [Jessica] That’s the point. – It’s a fence. – [Jeff] Yeah, a perimeter. We’ll call it a perimeter. – [Jessica] What are you
guys setting up over here? – A little Catan, Settlers of Catan. One of of the best Euro games out there, especially starter. – [Jessica] How many Euro
games have you played to be able to say that? – Um, many. I would say maybe twenty to thirty. But the thing about this
is it’s well-balanced. It’s not too complicated, and you can really learn on
the fly in your first game, would you say? If someone’s kind of teaching you. What do you think Chris? – Yeah, yeah. – So, we’re going to let the kids do some more of their painting. (laughing) And we’ll see how that turns out. I think it washes off, or it could be, I don’t know. – [Melissa] Is it permanent paint? – It could ruin all of
our outdoor furniture, but hopefully not. It will be worth it, because we’ll be getting
to play Settlers of Catan, and also pokey adults won’t
accidentally wake up Jemma. And Duncan is actually
upstairs in his crib napping. – It looks like right now they
are painting Parker’s chest. Were they doing that before? – [Jessica] Yeah, they’re
putting food literally on his belly. – It looked like they
were holding him down, but I think he’s doing it willingly. – Yes. So, a little bit of an
like an excuse at first. Everybody just woke up, and we’ve been having a super
slumber party for two days. So, no everything’s not
going to look perfect, this isn’t like an
Instagram home of beauty. But I want to show you our set-up, because it’s been a really fun time, and it’s okay that it’s not
perfect, so be okay with that. Jeff and Melissa have been staying in our tall blowup bed in our office. Jemma’s been right next
to them in her play crib that they bring from their life. And I’m gonna go kind of quietly ’cause Duncan’s asleep in his bed. Duncan’s asleep in his room, but the boys Parker and Jacob have been using their little blowup mats that we use for camping, and they’ve been sleeping in his bedroom. And then two of the
girls, I don’t know which, I think, I think it’s
Gwyneth and Gracelynn, have been in Bailey’s
bedroom in a blowup mattress. There’s Bailey, and then the two sisters. And then Gretchen and Gabrielle have been in Jacob and Parker’s bunk bed, which I know you guys haven’t seen yet, because we’re still working on a room makeover video with Wendy. So, this isn’t complete, but you’ll see they’ve
had bunk beds for awhile. And here it is. And, it’s been wonderful. It totally worked to have a bonus, what is it seven people
staying at our house for a couple days. It’s been really fun. Okay, but let me just tell you the T. I did not know my kids were
ready for crushes and all that, that wasn’t a thing
that had been happening. (gasping) It happened so fast. Because all of a sudden
Gwyneth and Jacob come down in the fanciest clothes. Jacob’s got his hair done. Jacob actually came up to
me and he was so sweet. ‘Cause he was like “Mommy,
can I pay to have a movie? We’ll do a movie night,
and can I pay for it?” And I was like, what is going on? In my head we were already going to do a movie night that night. And I was just like okay,
like where is this headed? What’s going on? And he was like “Because I’m
gonna take Gwyneth on a date.” (screaming) What? What? My baby! And he was doing it so
cute so, I was like, okay. And Gretchen ran up and she’s like, “They’re going on a date! “And we’re all gonna go.” And like the date was
Jacob and Gwyneth sitting in first class which meant the front row where the movie was. Then all the other kids were around them, and they watched a movie. So yes, that happened. Jacob, you guys! Jacob, my precious baby Jacob! You guys have any updates for us? – Yes. [Girl Voice] We drew a witch,
a poop, and some scratches. – And, and he gots some armpit hairs. – [Jessica] Oh, growing up, is that? (children giggling) – And scars. – [Jessica] Oh. – He’s gots little armpits hairs. – [Bailey] And a witch. – [Jessica] Love that. This looks amazing. Parker, do you like it? – Yeah, can you do some, – [Bailey] A mustache. – [Parker] No.
– [Blonde Girl] A mustache! (giggling) – [Blonde Girl] A mustache!
– [Parker] Bon voyage. Bon voyage. – [Jessica] What is it? – Bon voyage. – [Jessica] What is that? – [Bailey] The weird man. – It’s the baby from Incredibles. – Oh, I like that show. – Don’t touch. Oooh, don’t touch me. – [Bailey] So, what else do you want? – [Jessica] So Jacob drew that? – [Bailey] It actually looks really fancy. – [Jessica] It looks really good! – [Blonde Girl] Two scoops. – [Jessica] Oh, two scoops! I love that. [Bailey] I’ll make you look like a tiger. – So, I just went out and got
a little vlog of the girls and Jacob playing basketball. And when I came back down through, I went through the same spider web that Chris went through yesterday, but I think that spider
rebuilt it twice as gross. I have to go make sure I don’t have any, – [Melissa] What’s gross? – I got spider, – And this is Jeff, or you can refer to him as
Daddy Wise in the comments. – Nobody calls him that. – Everybody calls him that. – Literally nobody calls him that. – It’s so weird he keeps insisting that we all call him Daddy Wise. – See she calls me Daddy Wise. – Yeah. So, little Jemma is like
Duncan’s best buddy, and listen to what she calls him. Will you say Duncan, say Dunky. – Hinky. – [Jeff] Say Dunky. – Hinky? – [Jessica] It’s like the cutest thing. – Hinky! – So yeah, she’s already
taken to call him Dunky. It’s very, very, very cute. – [Chris] The shading on
this cookie is remarkable. – [Jessica] It’s beautiful isn’t it? – And poop! – [Chris] It looks like a real cookie. – [Blonde Girl] It’s poop. Scar, scar, scar, I don’t know, scar. – [Girl] He has some armpit hair. – Scar – Armpit hair, yeah. – Nobody expects the armpit hair. – Gwen did my face. – I tried. – [Jessica] You look beautiful sweetie! – Wow! You did a great job Gwen! – Thanks. Since there was no there
was no light light blue, so I used gold. – [Jessica] That’s beautiful. Good idea. Okay, so I’m gonna show you my really happiness moment of the day. I am a big fan of La Croix water, which I think you guys know at this point. My favorite is the Nicola
which is like Cola La Croix. I love it so much. If you drink Coke or Cola
or Pepsi or any of that now, you’re not going to like
it, I’m warning you now. I don’t drink soda, so for me it’s like a shock to my senses. It’s delicious. It is so hard to get. I have only found it at Whole Foods, and even then it goes out
of stock all the time. But today I got six cases! Ahh! They had a huge shipment
come in to Whole Foods. I’m so happy. I haven’t had this for two months. My special La Croix. – Let’s see. I want to know. – So it smells like soda. – [Jessica] Yeah, ’cause, yeah. – Wow, dramatic much? (Jessica laughing) – So it definitely has a soda essence. – Cola. – I mean it doesn’t taste like soda. But it smells like it. It smells like Coke. – When I had it my first time I was like how is this even possible? What are they doing? What kind of chemical poison
is in this to make this happen? And the ingredients still
look pretty cool you guys. So I don’t even know,
I don’t understand it. To me I thought it was
a miracle of science. Which it is. Only carbonated water and natural essence. – [Melissa] How do they
get natural essence? – What magic is in this essence? I don’t know. I’m gonna be cool about essence. I’m just gonna embrace the essence, ’cause I love it so much. Seriously I’ve shared
this with so many people, and most of them aren’t impressed. – [Melissa] Okay, it is weird. – But I love it. – That it says naturally essenced. But it doesn’t specify with what. – Secret ingredients. – I’m pretty sure it’s probably
with beaver anal gland. – [Female] What? (Laughing) – What are you talking
about beaver anal what? – So I am a Pescatarian,
and at one point in my life, for a long time, was a
very serious vegetarian. And there are lots of food
that are flavored with, (laughing) I can’t even say it. – [Female] What did you just give me? – Beaver anal glands. – Why would there be anal
gland essence in my water? – There just is in other things, so I get suspicious when it’s this good. And I’m like that’s beaver butt. Right? – It tastes good. – [Jessica] Don’t you say
that about the beaver butt? – I don’t know. – [Jessica] Is that a
common response to food? – I didn’t know that was a thing, but I’m never eating anything
if it just says essence, if that’s the case and I
don’t know what’s in it. – [Jessica] It’s actually
raspberry flavoring. – Raspberry flavoring? – [Jessica] Like if you have candies, or ice creams with raspberry flavoring it’s typically beaver butt. – I don’t even like raspberries. – We’re never eating it again. – Welcome to another episode of Jessica Ruins Food for People. (laughing) Sorry! So, we are just over here
innocently playing Catan, right? Here we are playing, except for Melissa, she’s playing it like a vixen. But anyway, we looked out
the window and Jeff was like I’m kind of panicking right now. Jeff was like “Why is
Gwyneth just lying there?” And then he went “Oh,
Jacob’s painting her”. (Romantic music) – [Jessica] Hi you guys. I don’t know how that
young love is working out. I’m Jojo but if they stay on. – [Jessica] Got it. – Pretty self explanatory. – Yeah, that didn’t need words. – [Jessica] How’s the game going, Jeff? – Fantastic, you’re winning. – [Chris] I’ve seen better.
– [Melissa] Very intense. – [Chris] You are. – Hee Hee Hee. – [Melissa] Does anybody need a sheep? – Guess I’m winning. – [Melissa] I have sheep for trade. I have sheep to trade. – Baa. – Does anyone, stop peeking at my cards! He’s such a peeker! – So I just stole the Ballinger’s camera, I’m sorry, but we’re leaving now. And I wanted to thank them for having us. We had a great time. Did you have fun with the girls? – I think they already know, but if you didn’t know,
are you married now? – Um, no. – [Girl Voice] What? – Are you sure? – I’m not. – [Girl] There was a whole wedding! – They had a wedding. There was like four
rehearsals and a real one. It was pretty fantastic. – It’s ’cause Jacob kept on doing like- – So I guess they were being goofy. But we had a really great
time, and these guys are great. That’s all. (soft guitar music) – Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that it’s hard
for babies to take naps, when there’s a pokey adult in the room. We learned that nobody
expects the armpit hair. And finally, we learned
that Jessica Ballinger is the ruiner of food. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see you next time. (baby giggling) (dramatic music) – Feel that, ’cause I was– (laughing) (cheering)

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