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Red Squirrels Steal Acorns | Wild Nordic

Red Squirrels Steal Acorns | Wild Nordic

[orchestral music] NARRATOR: Autumn also kicks
off a frenzy of forest activity for those who are
mostly vegetarian. [chirping] [branches snapping] Red squirrels have ear tufts. This one will soon
shed herbs and grow fresh fur that will
keep her ears warm when the temperatures again drop. And she must stock up on acorns. She eats some, but also
stashes as many as she can in secret locations. [squeaking] If she doesn’t hide
her cache well enough, it will be stolen
by another squirrel, maybe a bear, or even a bird. What comes next is an
incredible life and death game of hide and seek. [dramatic music] [bird chirping] The red squirrel has lost
another cache of acorns to a feathered thief. Without her winter food
supply, this red squirrel won’t survive. [orchestral music] [chattering] She must try again and work
extra hard to keep it hidden. And she can’t stash too much. In winter, this red
squirrel will use her road map-like memory and
keen sense of smell to find these acorns
again under the snow. Her other duty is to build
a nest, called a drey. It could be in a hole in a tree
or against a trunk or branches. But squirrels don’t
hibernate, so it’s important that the drey be insulated. Scent marking defines
her territory. But she may soon allow other
squirrels in to share her nest and increase its
warmth in winter.

30 thoughts on “Red Squirrels Steal Acorns | Wild Nordic”

  1. Squirrels… they are so competitive and funny. Sadly losing some acorns due to stealing can lead to death during winter.

  2. Imagine all November and December people just broke into your house and stole everything out your refrigerator everytime you were gone! I'd be like WTF too.😫😭

  3. Acorns very similar nutrients to mothers milk. Interesting to observe also that while squirrels possess a strong sense of smell, which allows them to sniff out nuts from under a blanket of dirt, researchers have long noticed evidence of strategic intelligence in the placement of their food. For instance, one study in 2008 reported that Eastern gray squirrels engage in "deceptive caching" — they dig a hole, pretend to throw the acorn in (while holding it in their mouth), cover up the empty hole, and run off to another secret-stash place. They do this to fool other squirrels and birds who might be watching.

  4. Squirrels are the best I feed the squirrels in my back yard every day I love the grey ones and red ones they are so full of personality

  5. When red squirrels find acorns, they stash them in secret locations hoping others don't find them. What are your thoughts on this unique game of hide and seek?

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