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Rescued Goose, Mini Horse Are Inseparable — Watch Them Get Adopted Together | The Dodo Adoption Day

Rescued Goose, Mini Horse Are Inseparable — Watch Them Get Adopted Together | The Dodo Adoption Day

They truly are best friends. They don’t know that
one’s a mini-horse and the other’s a goose.
They have no idea. They’re besties. Waffles and Hemingway
were rescued from an outdoor paddock
in unsanitary conditions. And at that point, we
went to the property and brought them
back to our shelter. After they came to the SPCA,
we immediately noticed that Hemingway became very
protective of Waffles. Any way the horse would go, the goose would be
right next to him. Hemingway had a bit
of an attitude. Excuse me. We gave him his baby pool, and immediately he went
in and started to bathe. Waffles, we found to
be a bit peppery. He was a typical
mini-horse stallion. So it took us a
little bit of time for him to come around. We were looking for
an adopter that would hopefully keep them together. – We bought this little
farm a year ago. Because my dream all my life was to have my horses
in my backyard. When I saw that
Waffles and Hemingway were up for adoption, I was like, “I have to
put in an application.” I never heard of a
goose and a mini-horse being best friends. I had heard that Waffles
was feisty. and it reminded me of
my horse, Peabody. I was like, automatically
drawn to him for that. Case in point. I immediately put it through,
because I was so excited. When I saw them, I was like, “Oh my gosh. They’re about
to be part of the family.” And then my next thought was,
“Oh, please like me.” – Waffles and Hemingway
are now yours. All right! Hemingway does get a
little particular when Waffles is gone. – My biggest hope for these two is that they spend the rest
of their days together. You will be all right, buddy. I know. He’s like,
“Where’s my horse?” We loaded Hemingway
onto the trailer first, and we wanted to make
it more comfortable for Waffles to get on. There you go. Easy. He was nervous, because
Waffles didn’t get right on. Good boy. – As soon as we walked him out, and he saw his buddy was
already in the trailer, he literally jumps on. And then Hemingway, like,
immediately relaxed. Oh, Hemingway’s so happy. That — he’s such a
good little horse. He jumped right in. I think Peabody is
really gonna like him. It’s just me. I’m just
gonna say hi. Hey. I want you to go with– I know.
I know. I know. Yep. I know, I hear you. His little poops are so tiny. I’m not used to tiny poops. Dude, this is your new home. This is it. Okay, ready? You — I mean, the day
we brought the goat– I’ve never heard
him make a noise. I think he loves it.
Oh, I’m gonna cry. All right. You’re
gonna go walk by your new big brother, Waffles. What’s this, Peabody? Yep. And then there’s the goats. This is Waffles. Hemingway’s back there. I know, this is all so new. Very new. Oh! Well, we did just sweep
this floor, Hemingway, but it’s okay. Okay. What do you think? I love this goose. I just — I love him. Waffles was only around birds, so I don’t think he’s
ever seen other horses. It’s new surroundings. But we knew they
were best friends and they loved each other. – And they were just
happy to be together. – I’m gonna take Peabody down
to see Waffles and Hemingway through the stall. ‘Cause he is very, very excited to have new members of the farm. Um, Buddy, they’re a little smaller.
They’re in here. Peabody, you have to look down. Oh! There we go. We found ’em. He’s scared of — of Hemingway. How do you feel about them? He keeps getting scared because Waffles is
kicking shavings out from under the stall. Waffles, we’re gonna
get you out, buddy. I took Waffles out
into the dry lot. Hemingway was fine on his own. Look at this. I think he likes it. Look
at his cute little run. He started trotting,
which made me happy. He was like, excited.
He was checking it out. He just came across
either a smell, or a taste that he
wasn’t too sure about. He went over and he sniffed the sandy area where
the other horses roll. Oh, maybe it’ll be
his new roll spot. You’re allowed to roll there, dude.
Go for it, buddy. He’s rolling! In the
sandy spot, guys! Guys, he gets it! Good boy! You can do it! Good boy. That makes me happy. Seeing him roll made me happy. ‘Cause that already
means he’s feeling comfortable enough to do it. I want to bring
Hemingway out quick. Hemingway, bud, we’re
coming for ya. It’s all right. I
know, I’m sorry. But we wanted to make
sure it was safe for you. You want to go see your pool?
Okay, let’s go. I think he likes the farm. Yeah, where are you going?
Don’t leave. This is where you live now. Look, Hemingway! You can do it. It’s a little high, but
he can probably — he can get in there, right?
Look at him talking to everyone. Yeah. Is it just a
little high for you? We can help you with that. Wanna try it? Oh! Oh. We’re all soaked.
How do you feel? Well, cool, because
I — I — yep. I feel very refreshed also. – There you go. – Oh my God. – He’s like, ooh! I never thought I
would have a goose. This is the closest I’ve ever
been to a goose in my life. And this guy is pretty cool. Oh, do you like that? Oh, does that feel nice, he says?
Oh, that feels nice, he says. Oh, I like it, he says. See him moving his mouth
around like that? That means we found
an itchy spot. Humans aren’t so bad, little buddy.
Humans aren’t so bad. Yeah, let’s — ah, there we go. That looks like
we’re about done. Come on, Hemingway.
He’s so funny. There we go. Night, guys. I love you.
I love you. I know. We witnessed it firsthand today. They truly are best friends. When we adopted Waffles
and Hemingway, our hope was that they
would settle in well, and they would become
part of the family and get along with everyone. And that hope has
become realized. And now Hemingway has
Peabody to take care of, instead of just Waffles.
And Waffles is on his way to becoming a therapy horse. They’ve been a joy to us, and we hope they can be
a joy to other people. He’s having such a good time.

100 thoughts on “Rescued Goose, Mini Horse Are Inseparable — Watch Them Get Adopted Together | The Dodo Adoption Day”

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    ps thank you to the dodo for not going too far into their past so i didn’t bawl my eyes out 😂

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