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River Treasure – I Found a HUGE Silver Ring, a Working iPhone 7 (iPhone Returned to Owner!!!)

River Treasure – I Found a HUGE Silver Ring, a Working iPhone 7 (iPhone Returned to Owner!!!)

Good morning, everybody! Here we are at the river as you can see right down here Well, you can’t really see it right here. It’s a beautiful day. Look at this. I have a feeling the water will feel awesome But I also think we’re gonna find a lot of river treasure today. So let’s go ahead and jump in and take a look I’ve got my trusty dive portable lungs here with me today Well That does not look promising but it’s possible that they have a Memory card in there which might have their pictures so that might be worth it to get it back to them So I will try to return this back to the owner if I can find them Oh my gosh! This thing looks like gold look at that. It’s gonna cross on there it’s got some heart, and then on the inside, I don’t know if you can see that Think this thing is gold. This is a nice ring, holy cow! Well, that was not a bad day at all If you guys enjoy seeing me return lost items like these four phones I found today, let me know by hitting that like button! Guys if we can hit twenty five thousand likes by the end of this month, then I will… be so happy! It is a lot of work to try to find these owners, but I love seeing the look on their faces What’s up, you guys here? We are with this phone I’m going to try to power it on and then we’re gonna try to find the owner. Oh it’s an iPhone 7! Sweet, they’re gonna love to see this thing back. It looks like it’s perfectly dry That’s gonna make their day because I don’t think it’s been down there very long So hopefully they haven’t gotten a new phone yet. It just powered up his or her phone is blowing up with text messages She’s gonna be so excited to get this thing back Hi, I actually run a YouTube channel called Man + River. I found your phone down there and it luckily Well, yeah. Luckily you’re smart and you stick it in the lifeproof case. Oh Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Well, hopefully we can help you out and cut some costs by getting it back to you including the lifeproof case. Oh No, you don’t you don’t have to pay it’s okay, this is my job so this is yeah this is my favorite part of the job is getting it back to the owners and seeing their happy faces, when they thought they were gonna never see it again, so So after the river tragically ate my phone on vacation, The moment of truth is here And Dallas has sent me my phone back And a T-shirt, thanks Dallas! Please let me know in the comments what you guys think, thank you for liking commenting and subscribing Let’s hit 25 thousand likes by the end of this month, that would be just incredible you guys. Thanks again We’ll see you on the next adventure

100 thoughts on “River Treasure – I Found a HUGE Silver Ring, a Working iPhone 7 (iPhone Returned to Owner!!!)”

  1. Do you find very many vintage or antique bottles that's what my brother and I like to hunt for whether it be in rivers or old bottle dumps

  2. The thing u found u sed it's a horse shoe it's not it's a ceiling fan blade the metal part bolts onto the motor

  3. I like the WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOo ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hey i lost my iphone 7 and i srarted crying and i dont have a back up phone and heres where i left it parker canyon lake

  5. Dallas finds something good: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO
    Me tries finding phone or something(finds croc) AGHHHHHHH AGHAHHAHHHHHHHHHH

  6. I can't stop watching I'm dying to know what you're going to find next. What do you do with the things that you can't return? Do you ever sell any of the jewelry that you can't return to the owners? You're awesome dude

  7. I randomly stumbled onto your videos a couple days ago and Iโ€™ve been hooked ever since. Thereโ€™s just something so addictive about watching you find treasures in the water. I love hearing your woohoos whenever you find something really cool. Itโ€™s weird watching some of the older videos before you started doing that more lol I think itโ€™s so awesome what youโ€™re doing. Most people would just keep all those things you find, like the iphones, but the fact that you take the time to find the owners is awesome and inspiring. It just makes me love you and your channel even more. Youโ€™ve definitely gained a new subscriber here! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. 925 silver means there's 92.5% pure silver and the rest is other metals. So it's Sterling silver not pure silver.
    It'd be awesome if the owner of the ring turned up! People are generally very attached to their jewellery

  9. Me:*fills a plastic pool hoping something would summon in it*
    In the pool me:*sees a cockroach instead, almost drowned after seeing cockroaches can swim

  10. binge watched your videos for the whole day! ๐Ÿ˜Š not only that you help cleaning the river, but you also fixing and kindly returning the phones that you found to their owner! not to mention that youโ€™re having fun and enjoying what youโ€™re doing while making peopleโ€™s day ๐Ÿ’“ honestly best channel ever, hands down!!! god bless you and all the people that you loved! ๐ŸŒผโœจ

  11. The ring is a James Avery men's religious statement band called Forged Faith, Hope, & Love Band and will run you $110 before taxes and even more if you have to order it bc of shipping.

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