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Rodent Control Overview – How to Kill Rats & Mice

Rodent Control Overview – How to Kill Rats & Mice

At Do My Own Pest Control dot com, you’ll
find a wide selection of professional do it yourself products for rodent control including
baits, bait stations, traps, lures, and rodent control kits. Mouse and Rat baits are made with a blend
of optimal food grade ingredients to make them attractive to rodents. Baits are available
in pellet, blox, pack, cake or liquid form. Baits are typically used outdoors to control
rodents before they move indoors. While bait can also be used indoors, be cautioned that
rodents might move into walls or other inaccessible spaces before dying, making it difficult to
remove them. Whether you are baiting indoors or outdoors baits should never be placed in
areas accessible by children and pets. Instead, always secure the bait in tamper-resistant
bait stations. Bait Stations are specially designed boxes
that can be filled with any kind of rodent bait, keeping it dry and fresh longer. These
come in larger sizes for rats and smaller sizes for mice. A good bait station will also
include a special key for added safety where children or animals are present. These bait
stations can blend in with the surrounding environment or fit underneath appliances. Traps are a great alternative if using rodent
baits is not desirable in a home or business . Rodent traps come in three basic varieties.
Snap Traps, Glue Traps, and Humane Live Catch traps. Snap Traps consists of a spring loaded mechanism
that is tied into a space where bait of any kind can be placed. When the bait is removed
by a mouse or rat, the spring will fire, snapping the trap shut quickly killing the rodent. A Glue Trap is covered in sticky glue that
can be placed against floors and walls where rodents travel. When the rodent tries to cross
the glue it will become trapped, leading to its eventual death. Humane Live-Catch Traps allow you to catch
multiple mice or single rats without harming them and then release them at a far away location. Rodent Lures are paste-like attractants that
can be applied directly to rat and mouse traps. Using a lure in conjunction with your traps
makes them more enticing and draws larger numbers of rodents to the traps. All-in-one Rodent Control Kits. contain carefully
selected baits and bait stations that will help you take control of your mouse or rat
infestation. This option also saves you money over purchasing the products individually. And it’s that easy with the expert from Do
My Own Pest Control dot com! Make sure to subscribe to our channel for
more instructional and product videos.

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