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Ryan Gravenberch – Bij Andy in de auto! (English subtitles)

Ryan Gravenberch – Bij Andy in de auto! (English subtitles)

You’re the youngest debutant out of all the big names. Unbelievable, right? You should be proud of it!
-I am. Alright, I’m on my way. How’s a going?
-I’m good, how are you? What a shitty weather. Whats’up?
-I’m fine, and you?
Here’s some water. Your dad required it. Staying healthy. Well… Yesterday against Heracles, did you play? I did… What are they doing here? Lighting on ”De Toekomst”? Unbelievable. Back in the days it wasn’t like that. That field over there is terrible. They had to fix it. Back in the days it was… So this is a school now, right?
-Indeed. Have you been to this school?
-No, it was over there. Oh, it’s in the back?
-There’s one for… I don’t know, Caland college and Calvijn college. This one is for the girls. And the other one, is the other one. For how long has it been around? Not so long, right? A few years?
-Like 4 years or something, pretty long. I didn’t know. He needed to check whom I am. Doing his job. Did you get inside? Of course. His teeth are in here. So you needed to stay longer today? Yes, we just did some power training and recovered a bit. I’m a bit annoyed by my lower back. I always sit like this on chairs. Relaxed.
-Indeed, now I experience the effects. I also sit in the car like this. Relaxed. So you have to treat it, right? They checked it, and now it feels better. How is playing on artificial grass? Annoying, huh? I can’t handle it.
-Yes. I don’t like it either. It’s bad for your back. Especially if you have trouble with your lower back. Back in the days you didn’t play much on artificial grass, huh? I believe they already had artificial grass at Heracles. But indeed, not so much. Abroad they’re not even familair with it. Only grass. They need to adjust it. Here?
-Yes. Every Eredivision club has to have grass. It’s much better.
-Indeed. It’s more fair as well. You don’t have a car, right?
-No, I’m only 17. Do you have a drivers license?
-I do. Do you wanna drive?
-Nah… It’s not allowed. We’ll get in trouble. Or you need to sign me up and stuff. Like this mentor pass?
-Yes. But how are you? Everything fine? I’m good.
-Making your debut and stuff… 2 years ago, right? 2018?
-No, it was last year. Last year against PSV when we lost 3-0. That was my debut. Was it tough? I only played for like 8 minutes. But I did ran like crazy.
-I also played only for like 10 minutes, but I was broken afterwards. Because of the nerves, right? PSV played a little more defensively, so. So there wasn’t much to do.
-More attacking, huh? I was exhausted. Do you make long days here on training days? Like during the youth. Indeed! You had to like… You had to arrive at like 9 AM. Then you’ll do practice. School, eating… Training again, afterwards another period of school.
-Seriously? That’s how it was back in the days. So you arrive at 9 and go home at 8. Those are long days… Back in the days it wasn’t like that. You were picked up by busses, which isn’t no more, right? No, now you’ll get a free card for public transport. So you have to go by yourself. And then you have to walk all the way to Strandvliet where it’s cold, huh? To Bijlmer. And do you live here in the Bijlmer as well? How’s your brother? Dordrecht, right? He currently plays at FC Dordrecht as a striker, so. He has scored recently, so it’s going well. How’s the couch at home? What do you mean?
-The couch, you have a new one, right? It’s fine. You always lay comfortably on the couch? Me too. And Snapchat? I’ve heard you’re the Snapchat king. I’m… You know what it is? Like chatting wise. I’m not recording myself all day. Ah… Selfies and stuff… You’re relaxed, right? At home as well.
-Indeed. Calm. And your brother? Is he more an extrovert? No, he’s more like me.
-And how’s your dad? The same. Your dad’s name is also Ryan, right? Nice.
-He’s a chill guy. Is he?
-Yes. I like that type of people. I’ve read a bit about you. Straight to the point?
-Yes. He just tells you how it’s like. If you start a conversation with him he’ll be relaxed as well, so. Against who did you score at first? Against an amateur club, right?
-Ter Werve. For the cup. That was the first goal, right? It was… For the cup. But we won’t count that one, right? The game ended in like… 8-0? I don’t even know anymore. It was just a practice game. Against who did you score your first goal in the Eredivision? Was it Vitesse? I did score against Vitesse. But your first was against?
-ADO The Hague. That was your debut goal, huh?
-Yes. Do a lot of people compare you with Rijkaard nowadays? Maybe in the media but… People around me don’t. How is it possible you’re only 17 and that strong? It’s unbelievable, right? It’s not usual. You’re the youngest debutant out of all the big names. Unbelievable! You should be proud of it.
-I am. And scoring… Youngest goalscorer ever as well. It was against Ter Werve.
-Oh, so we do count that one! We’ll rewind. And what do you do on a daily basis? Well, recently I bought ”Call of Duty”, so that’s what I play nowadays. But, I’ll be honest, FIFA… I’m better than my brothers, But for example, when playing at Ajax… ? Is he good? He’s good. So when I’m at Ajax, I just play calmly. Otherwise I’d be emberassed.
-Who’s the best in FIFA? Kenneth does well.
-How about Ziyech? I never played against them. Promes always has a big mouth. Nice guy. But is he good?
-Well, he… Can play for sure. Who’s the ”class clown”? Hmm, the funny guy?
-Yes. Who’s always loud and stuff? Promes? Well, Bruno for example. He’s loud. Yes.
-The goalie? He’s funny. Quincy as well. So the goalie talks English? You don’t, right? My English isn’t very well if I must be honest. Really?
-It isn’t. You must learn if you go abroad soon. You’ll need to take English courses. Do you go to school? Or do you just have tutoring?
-Yes. You have to indeed. What is there else to do? Currently it’s just practice in the morning and afterwards I’ll relax some or train alone. Do you work out besides the regular practices as well?
-Yes. What do you do then? Cardio and power. Well done. So you started at Zeeburgia? I’ve played a lot against them when I played at Ajax. It was tough.
-Did you ever lost? No, I don’t think so. We had a pretty good squad but it surely was rough. If you had to go there you’d think: ”Zeeburgia, it won’t be a walk in the park.” You played wild, didn’t you? Them? Yes, kicking and stuff. High pressure and always talking shit. It was nice. Those Amsterdammers. They never want to lose. No indeed. It’s a fun club to play against. What are your future plans? For how long do you plan to stay at Ajax? Or don’t you look ahead on long term? What is your plan? I mean… You’ll surely stay at Ajax for a few years, but afterwards? What do you find a beautiful league? England?
-I do like Spain. Spain?
-I really like the way of playing there. Even at the small clubs, every player has a good technique. That’s what I love.
-They surely do play real football. It’s not endless running and stuff. It’s lovely. And you get more freedom to play football. I do like Spain. And the weather as well… If you go to England you’ll have this weather all the time. Today… The people outside, when they come inside they’re soaking wet. Shoes and everything. They want to shake my hand, theirs is all wet and cold. They want to give me an hug and stuff. Crazy. Do you like messing around? No, I’m just chill. Do you dare to say something in the dressing room?
-I do. How was it in the beginning?
-Well, then I were quiet. Indeed. Like: ”Oeh, I don’t dare to say anything.” I know how you feel. I think everybody is like that in the beginning. Yes, but especially at your age, you’re actually just a child when you’re 16. For example, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is twice my age. You almost can’t say anything to him. How is he like? Is he a smartass?
-No, not like that. So it’s you who doesn’t dare to say anything against him?
-Indeed. I recognise that feeling. When you arrive at the main squad, you don’t dare to say anything. I just sit in the dressing room and look around at what’s happening. What did you say to Klaas-Jan? ”How’s a going, sir?” That would be… Or: ”Here’s your cane!” That’s what you should’ve said against him. ”Hey Klaas, grab your cane and go home.” He wouldn’t talk to me anymore. Nice… And when you get to hear that you’re going to train with the main squad, how was it? Like, when they tell you you’ll have practice with the main squad. It was… It wasn’t last year but the previous one before that one. We had a game against AZ and I played for the U19 squad. And then I got picked out early because I had to go with the main squad. I was 15 back then. So you were 15 when you had practice with the main squad? So I had practice with them, at like the end of the season. When I heard it I was happy. Happy but nervous as well, right?
-Indeed. When you play in the U19 squad for Ajax you have to bring your own clothes. But then, you do this and that, you pick up your basket… And wait in the dressingroom, thinking like: ”I’ll be on the field soon…” Back then you had Hakim… Frenkie de Jong… Do you also have those moments where you get the ball and think: ”Just play simple.” ”Get rid of it! Don’t pass to me!” You just pass the ball. But the coach especially made me the man open during practice. So I had to. So you couldn’t hide. Asking the ball and participate.
-Indeed. It actually went fine. It’s for the better. Who was the coach? Ten Hag.
-Is he already that long at Ajax? Time flies. Look, that guy shitted himself.
-Look at how he walks. Or he’s drunk, or… he had a little accident. So you live with your parents?
-Yes. Do you have a girlfriend?
-I do. For a long period of time? 2 years. Well done. So it’s not only eating peanut butter. For two years straight eating the same peanut butter sandwich. I have to. There’s a lot of police here when I’m driving with you. My neighbourhood is safe. South east?
-South east, ”Bijlmer.” But I do like Diemen. My brother lives here. I’ve lived here as well. When I played in the U14 my mum and I got an apartment here. It was nearby. I had a ”Cita”, it’s not of your time anymore. Cita. The people will know what I’m talking about. It was a moped. It was hot back in the days. So I went through the Bijlmer to the Arena. Also in this type of weather? I had to. Or I drove to Amstel Station and went on the subway. And the Dutch national team? Me? Youth squads, right? I was in the U19 squad. Do you think the Dutch team will accomplish something this summer? Yes. I do have faith in them. Do you think they’re gonna win the championship? They can. They’ve shown it in the qualification games that they can beat big teams. Which striker should play? Because Depay is injured. Maybe he’ll recover soon enough, but still… Do you think so? He’s strong but he needs match experience. True. Malen, injured as well. Against who did you play in the youth whom are famous footballers nowadays? Not much, huh?
-Ihattaren. Really?
-Yes, same age. Since the U9 team I play against him. He’s doing good, huh?
-Indeed. What a player. Boadu too. He also played in the youth at Ajax. No, AZ. Only AZ? I thought he played in Ajax’ youth. I believe he played at Buitenveldert. Even back then I played against him. Was he already that good?
-He was like 3 metres taller than us. Really?
-Yes, he was strong as hell. He’s an African guy, isn’t he? Look, he drives through a red light. We also stood on the wrong position on the road. So he was right. Don’t judge. So, the Netherlands have a big chance. I think they’ll reach far. Who do they play against? Austria? Czech Rebublic I believe, no not them, I don’t even know anymore. Me neither, but they don’t have a difficult group. Afterwards we play against the big guys. You probably have that car, don’t you? How do they call it?
-Biró No. My dad picks me up all the time. He brings you and picks you up?
-Yes, my dad, my mum… You live nearby, right?
-Yes, I live… 5 minutes away.
-Do you want me to drop you off at home? Then your dad doesn’t have to pick you up. Now he can lay on the couch. He asked me earlier on: ”Can’t Andy drop you off?” Just ask. It’s no problem. I’m driving for 20 minutes already. You’re slow, I could’ve been home. ”13:30 I’m there.” Goddamnit, it’s 3 o’clock when you got in. I already had back pain. How long have you waited? An hour and 30 minutes? Well, I was there at 13:30, as you told me to. I always arrive on time. That’s why I get annoyed when somebody is late. For me as well, when I’m the one who’s late.
-Me neither. But I’m not always on time, if I must be fair. How come? Like, when I meet up with friends. When I have to go to Ajax I’ll be on time but, when I meet up with friends- For example, Myron. With him you shouldn’t make appointments. I do,
-Do you hang with him? I know him well.
-You should send him a message. I did, but he goes like: ”Friday, wakka.” So I misunderstooded him thinking he said: ”Nevermind.” You should tell him. So you hang with him?
-Yes. Like, when you make an appointment with him, For example, we’re downtown at 3 P.M. He’ll join at 4 or 4:30. Myron, you know it!
-He sleeps a lot, right? He’ll probably sleeps a lot. Or he’s busy with girls. Working on his condition. He does great. But in the second half of the season it’s not going well, huh? He needs to start scoring again. I think he wears winkers. What do you do besides football? After football?
-Yes. Like when you get home. Well, I’ll meet up with my brother, or my girlfriend. But I don’t do a lot. Just relaxing and recovering. It’s good. If you train a lot and play many games, that’s important. But you’re a fashion guy, aren’t you? I already heard it… I’m relaxed. Just some pair of jeans, a hoodie… Indeed, a Moncler jacket… 500 euros… Look at the car you’re driving! Indeed. I don’t care. What did you buy with your first paycheck? Did you also checked constantly if they already transferred it? Honestly? I did!
-I didn’t. I did actually. What did you buy with your first pay check? I can’t remember. Probably some clothing or something. Me too. Just clothes. Oh, actually I bought a game case. So you can bring along
-Your playstation?
Indeed. That’s what I bought with my first paycheck.
-With your Ajax salary, really? I wanted it so badly, but eventually I don’t even use it anymore. When does your contract expire? Next year. So there’s contract negotiations going on right now?
-Yes. So the intention is to stay, Just need to see where the dot will go. So you can say: ”Alright, I sign.” For 5 years. The salaries are huge at Ajax, damn… Ajax has… A lot of money. They received a lot, so… So you’re negotiating currently? Who’s your agent? Is it Raiola?
-Yes. I know Mino for a long period of time. Here and there I call him. I live here. This guy lives here as well. He’s from FC Utrecht. What is his name again? He has played at Ajax too. Emmanuelson. Does he live here too?
-He lives right here! It’s your neighbour. I didn’t know.
-He’s the guy who’s trying to burglar your house. I swear. He lives right here. I didn’t even know. So you don’t own a car? Not even a car from the club? Not until I turn 18. But your dad can drive you? That’s what I wanted to. You had to go left, I’m sorry. You have your drivers license, so your dad can drive you, right? You can put him on such card so he can drive. The club won’t give you a car because they will registrate it on your name and it’s not possible if you’re under the age of 18. Otherwise I’d surely have car. Who’s the player who definitely caught your attention when arriving in the main squad? Who guided you? Hakim.
-Hakim?! Hakim. He was kind. He’s chill. Dope car does he have.
-Pff, unbelievable! The Lamborghini. If you hit the gas…
-It’s unbelievable. You’ll have to fuel your car inmediately. Do you live in this neighbourhood? Back in the days these were all flats. They got rid of them all. A lot of people who lived here had to move to Almere. Straight ahead?
-By the van, to the left. They moved them all. I don’t live here that long. No?
Back in the days I lived in Ijburg. And now here? Why did you move? Is that your Range Rover?
-Yes. You had one of those, right?
-Indeed, they’re dope! So here’s your car? Your dad thinks: ”I’ll leave the Mercedes this one is much better!” So your dad drives that car?
-Yes. Nice. And where do you live exactly? That scooter is also yours, huh? That Vespa. You don’t have a match shirt? Oh you do!
-Of course. You can sign it. My signature isn’t really pretty.
-It doesn’t matter. If it’s worth money, it’s okay. Do what you do, thanks. It was fun! Take your water with you otherwise your dad will be angry. Greet them for me.
-I will. Take it easy! Shitty weather. Yes guys, that was Ryan. Relaxed guy. Unbelievable actually, he just turned 17. When he was 15 he got to join the main squad. You’re still a little child, it’s crazy. It says enough. Fun guy. You can win his shirt. I’ve not told who won the shirts the previous episodes. Because I moved and I thought I lost them but I found them again. So soon I’ll start announcing the winners. So follow me on Instagram to know, @andyvandermeije7 and then it’ll be alright. Thanks for watching and we’ll go on to the next one. See you later!

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