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Safe Quetzal Taming in the Air, Ark Survival Evolved

Safe Quetzal Taming in the Air, Ark Survival Evolved

Hello, My name is Fresonis and welcome to ARK Survival Evolved, this time not a video of me building something but it’s a taming
video I came across this level 108 Quetzal above my bases you see in the
multiplayer server and I asked my friend Tim I tried made if you want to take it
is one of them or not and he wanted to show in this video I gonna show you will
help them quit school safely in here and sorry for being naked I don’t be forgot
to grab my arm with me so that’s my naked body in dark and yeah I will start
following this wetzel as you can see it flying really low really close to my
base and my plant species 6 don’t like it so as you can see it’s getting shot
likely it is flying away from a base so it’s safe him doesn’t get hurt anymore and I
needed to wait until tomorrow which is correct on occasion top of it I followed
two squirts all and I try to block it as you can see I’m flying in wings or
inherit trying to block it but it breaks free and I needed to try it again and
again and yes sorry for commenting this video after its because you can’t record my
voice during day time because construction workers are busy near my
house so a lot of noise so i cant got it so I record my videos during daytime as
much as I can afterwards I need to record my voice and it’s getting dark already so later
on I will adjust again otherwise we can to you anything as you can see it breaks
free again and I’m writing down where it’s flying flying to a base of someone
so I move around my block it again and bury my head is stuck in it not my head
of the terrorist talking the acquittal so I gotta blocked and now I had to wait
till FEMA rose to receive the moment and he used them arriving at my spot with
his quotes on a gate on it one side is open where you see the
preparer and he will move around adjusting his angle so you can grab the
rats all indicate and she does have a break for your way and I will be outside
the cage you can now also life slowly and grab the question which you and
taking it to another place chapel blaming it on spot in your base but you
can’t fly far you have to drive slowly otherwise it will break free and I’ll
fly around a little bit so I can show you that site that was open to all snow
and icy yes yes to start shooting for its all
time getting the right angle so you’ve noticed Patera out of the way and you
will be standing on the platform so weekend wrap stuff and give it to the
other question asking if he can hit ahead we’ll stay dere otherwise it will
be hard getting back to the platform again so you’ll start shooting from that
position and a quick call center in Iraq but it will not break out into you just
you know yet team is going to start shooting this
thing which is trying on and darts darts but tries to break out but it can’t so
it will be in place turning around now captured in her well
after 10 minutes shooting darts at disgraceful finally settle down as you can see and
it’s loading a little bit India moving a little bit on a platform but that’s okay
as long as you don’t touch you don’t start flying on the kind of stuff
because then it’ll all fall down onto the ground even root in the water so you
don’t wanna hear it safe over everything and since it’s a high level where it
will take four and a half hours for also stuck there for four and a half
hours the poor guy sacrificed himself for this video of course in the science
of learning you guys out democrats linear and told her to do it and then
did a good job so tank tops up for them and you’ll see that I’m ineffectiveness
at the beginning of the taming so let’s see if FEMA still alive after four
novels timing and what is claiming effectiveness is dead luckily for us and now the question will
take his last cables and then it’s complete finally after four and a half
hours isn’t it in I’m glad you did it right and now the people at home
watching this video also know how to democrats linear so that’s it thank you
for watching this video I hope you liked it I hope this helps you take me to quit
also safely India cause you need to quit before you can
take another question India so good luck with it and let me know what you think
of it in the comments below leave a like a team claiming this wetzel regarding this week guys and don’t
forget to subscribe if you already did it thank you very much if you have and that
footsteps of prime modern isn’t maniak and you can see more of me in future
thank you very much and I will see you guys in the next video by

42 thoughts on “Safe Quetzal Taming in the Air, Ark Survival Evolved”

  1. how are you able to move it ? every time iv tryed to do that the quetzl goes right through the walls when i move my quetlz

  2. That's actully one of the clevest things ive seen on Ark so far , but how do you tame it when you dont have another Quetzal ?

  3. You can actually solo it (unless it has been patched). Tamed 5-6 quetzals that way. The "closed" part of the cage must be in the front – you chase it from behind, (your Q needs to be faster), and it will clip through the walls and get stuck inside. Then you build walls to close it inside and shoot.

  4. There's a better way now btw. While you're on your own Quetz, a wild Quetz, Argent, Ptera or Tapejara will glitch through a box on your back so you can just start with the box fully closed. Once you hop off the rider seat wild dinos will not fly out again, VOILA! Now you can tame it and not have to scramble to build the walls/doorframes/etc in the open spot. I actually trapped a Quetz in a box that was 3 doorframes high on a 2×2 of foundations with ceiling closed completely so it was 32 structures total which puts you well under the Quetz's limit of 40.

    All you do is fly into the Quetz so it's in the box and hop off the pilot seat. 🙂

  5. The devs haven't made a patch that prevents wild quetzals from being trapped like this have they? I want to try this out after work

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