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Saumya Interview, uttrakhand civil servises topper, सौम्या गुरुरानी, आई पी एस उत्तराखंड टॉपर 2017

Saumya Interview, uttrakhand civil servises topper, सौम्या गुरुरानी, आई पी एस उत्तराखंड टॉपर 2017

It’s a matter of great happiness and pride for me I could illuminate the name of my city There was a lot of challenges in this journey I also had to face the setbacks I have not been able to get many times despite all the effort It was a big challenge to emerge from May I suggest that I will not be I made up my mind not to quit Will continue your effort The result is in front of you today Question – how did your family support you in reaching here I had full support from the family I quit engineering and made preparations for civil services, all welcomed my decision. Whether it is financially or emotionally. All supported me with full support Because i failed i this exam twice All of them have full support, I have to face all these challenges. Question: Where did your initial education happen and where did you take higher education? I have studied up to 12 years with the Kurarmachal Academy Almora After that I have done B Tech Roorkee Engineering College In the final year of graduation I decided that I have to prepare for Civil Services I always had a tendency to do this and that can work for the common people Can solve their problems The only way to fulfill this dream was to be civil services. Everyone used to say that this is a challenging test, because of this my mind was also
That’s why I chose this path Question – At the moment, candidates who are preparing for the exam Anyone who is preparing for the exams, Keep trying and never give up Keeping your hard work, I have seen from my experiences that you have never seen hard work, you never get the result of it. Keep patience till then And do not get disappointed with the failures Failer this stepping stone to Succes And whatever you are trying in, you will definitely get success This is the wish of my God, for all of you. And especially for girls, I will say Performance of girls has become quite popular today My appeal to their parents is that they give them a chance to move forward, with them in their every decision So that girls can walk with the shoulders from the shoulders with the boys Question: What do you think you can do to help the common people? I will complete my decision completely Nowadays, the distance between the administration and the common man has become my job. Talk to them in front of them to solve their problems The purpose of my visit here is to help the problems of the common people Examples of poor children preparing for exam Through the internet you can do your best You do not need any coaching Many toppers will be interviewed on the internet There is no shortage of guidence, there is no shortage of metrial Internet is a great way for you all to use it right

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