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Screaming Eagles – Battle of the Bulge – Sabaton History 026 [Official]

Screaming Eagles – Battle of the Bulge – Sabaton History 026 [Official]

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  1. NUTS! This episode is about the Sabaton Song Screaming Eagles. We would like to thank all of you who are loyally watching, liking and commenting on our videos. We are extra grateful for those who support us financially on Patreon, as they are the driving force behind this channel. I hope you all are well and manage to keep your heads cool! Stay hydrated!

  2. Love you guys! Thanks for the laughs, the lessons, and something my grandfather and I can watch together and that i am getting my brother into.

  3. 11:51 JackBlack-iness intensifies xD
    Guys, I love yall so much for covering this song in the channel! Way to go! m/ <3

  4. Only one newspaperman was in Bastogne with the 101'st. For the story read Fred McKenzie's account called"The Men of Bastogne"! Also they gained a nickname,"the battered bastards of the bastion of Bastogne"!

  5. You see the german attack was halted by there not being enough frenchmen to surrender to them this time around.

  6. 13:0 I tought you'd actually add in some screaming eagles to support the enthusiasm of the production group 😀 😀

  7. Please help out Knight SGC, his channel created Sabaton music videos and made millions appreciate your music, Youtube has now taken down his channel for the 2nd time. Please do all that you can to raise awareness for someone who juat wants to pay tribute to the fallen

  8. "Band od Brothers" for guys 25 – 30 years old only?
    Bullshit! I am 55 and I have seen this series at least half a dozen times.
    And I am going to watch it again!

  9. Throughout history battles are won by scaring your opponent with horrendous eagle calls. True story -Indy Neidell. (No, not really)

  10. Indy, you need to watch the Pacific. Definately has a different feel. But as you know, it was a different fight too

  11. Watching this while eating was almost a bad idea. 15 seconds in and I almost spit my food over my desk and keyboard

  12. I talked to a vet from 101st airborne ww2 he has a book called nuts it has him on the cover of the book he could of ran in to my greatgrandpa in a tank he in the battle of the bulge

  13. I was never a "Metal" fan growing up. I'm in my 60s and try to have eclectic tastes in music but metal didn't do it for me. Until SABATON!
    Your inclusion of military history into your songs is so inspiring. BISMARCK was my introduction to you and this channel is just frosting on the cake. I look forward to all your songs and history explanations.
    Thank you for your work. And in the words of my generation, YOU GUYS ROCK!

  14. My great grandfather was with the 104th Infantry during the battle of the bulge. His unit helped encircle the Ruhr pocket while supporting the 3rd Armored Division.

  15. Sabaton and Indy, we need your help! We need y’all to call out and condemn the atrocity committed by YouTube in how they banned KnightSGC. KnightSGC works hard on making music videos that give both historical context to each all y’all’s songs, and promotes y’all’s band, and yet YouTube decided to strike him down for “hate speech”. This should be alarming as they considered his video on Ghost Division to be inciting hate. That tells me a few things. One, YouTube doesn’t give a shit about history and how it can be used to inform the masses. Two, YouTube considers y’all a threat, and believes y’all’s music is hate speech. Three, YouTube know’s y’all exist now and can easily take down both Sabaton and Sabaton History. All it takes is one video of a topic they may not like, and they can strike y’all down.

    Please, I beg of y’all, to stand up for KnightSGC and other history channels because y’all, and everyone history channel, has the power to help improve the future. Y’all help steer us away from repeating history, and if y’all are gone, there is nothing that can stop another WWI, WWII, or Holocaust.

  16. The 1st august 2019 was the 75th aniversary of Warsaw Uprising… Im little disapionted you didn't talk about it.

  17. Hey guys, just wonderin, How much are the tickets for the Febuary concert in Gothenburg, and are they still available/Have they been released yet?

  18. Iive in a small town in Italy and on the graveyard we have a memorandum to the fallen soldiers in the first World War and they all fell in Gallipoli, can you tell us the story about it ?

  19. The only thing I wish was included was even a hint about the 10th Armored Division that was also at Bastogne.

  20. My grandpa served in D-Day and Bastogne as a 101st Airborne paratrooper. I have his jacket and hat. He passed away like 7 years ago. Anyone know how I can find out what his specific regiment / battalion is and all the specific places he was at? I don’t even know where to begin searching. Just googling his name and 101st airborne pulls up no results.

  21. Small correction: The 82nd and the 101st were not the only Allied units available for immediate reinforcement. Part of the US 10th Armored was also available, and Combat Command B of that division were the first reinforcements to move into Bastogne, before the 101st.

  22. Shortly after the war, René Miessen or better known under his artist name Bellor created a postcard about the answer Mc Auliffe gave to the germans.I recently bought an old poster on cardboard with this design.René was a Chasseurs Ardennais and also created the famous boar logo. Resist and Bite 🙂 I posted this on the Sabaton FB page as well 🙂

  23. Holy shit i didnt realize that Band of Brothers is almost as old as I am, im currently 20 serving in the US Marines. Band of Brothers and The Pacific were both shows that i loved watching with my dad.

  24. I was brought here by a WW2 Veteran of the 101st Airborne! PFC Jim pee Wee Martin 3rd Battalion 506th G Company!

  25. man i,ve been following indy since 2017 i didin't know you guy's were around till now my kind of music and i love ww2 you just earn a sub brother's keep up the badass work

  26. I need to watch the Pacific again, because all I can remember from it is the “Your name is ‘peaches’!” Scene 😂

  27. Incoming.
    I thought Band of Brothers was pretty one-sided, hollywoodish, mildly exaggerated and boring.
    It's not really new, but I have watched a lot and I mean a lot of WW2 films and I might be just not impressed by this genre anymore.

  28. In school we learned, that the Soldiers at the front constantly warned the high command.That the Nazies were up to no good in the forrest,high command didn't wanna listen and told em it was just Germans retreating

  29. My great grandparents both served in the war, (Grandma as a nurse) Grandpa in this division. None of us really knew until very recently when he opened up while we were visiting, and then I made the connection later while listening to the song. It's cool to learn about it since he doesn't like to talk about it very much, Thank you! <3

  30. I actually visted Bastogne about 8 or so years ago with my Great grandfather. He fought in the battle as a foward artillery observer. It was a extremely emotional trip for him to go back but he was glad he got to go back before he died

  31. Germans: You Americans must surrender. We got you surrounded.
    101st "Screaming Eagles": NUTS!
    Germans: What does that mean?
    Guard: It means "Go to Hell!"

  32. both of my grandfathers were in pattons army during the battle of the bulge. one was a combat medic they other in the was a mechanic. neither would ever speak of the battle. so its crazy to hear this story. thanks sabaton

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