100 thoughts on “Screech Owls & River Otters w/ Jack Hanna, Jeff Goldblum & Marlon Wayans”

  1. All the captions that appear for Jack Hannah should have a – at the end because nobody but Jeff Goldblum is cutting Jack off.

  2. 5:54 I really hated this bit jack Hanna was trying to say some interesting facts when James interrupted him, I feel really bad

  3. James Corden and Jimmy Fallon are the most annoying hosts whenever they have this animal section in their shows. How is it so hard to be respectful and let them talk, you don't have to act like a fool to be funny. Geez.

  4. 6:08 that shit was just plain rude and disrespectful. You can see his face fall as James talks over him for the 10th time or smth

  5. Let a man speak for god sake. I feel so sorry for jack he’s just is trying to talk and James is being the biggest dick towards him.

  6. What really annoys me is how disrespectful the people are on the talk shows to the animal people and to the animals. They always scream and flail their arms and try to be funny. Especially the black guys (sorry not trying to be racist) are always getting scared and being super disrespectful. At least Conan O'Brien is at least respectful to the animals. And he is somewhat more respectful to the animal people than the other talk show hosts.

  7. Okay, since he brought it up, I have noticed that Black People aren’t keen on being too near wildlife. Not that they don’t appreciate wildlife but they don’t care for being too close. Why is that? Obviously it’s not universal. I’m not suggesting that.

  8. Again James:')))

    I thought this would be better then 2016, it's kinda worse. LET HIM SPEAKKKKKKKKK. Ur not giving him any respect :((

    You guys, you can clearly see the disappointment on Jack's face.
    Why James ? Why ??

    He brought and animal, talks for like a second, you interrupted, when he did talk much u didn't bother to listen (idc if it was meant to be funny by that, it's rude), you cracked jokes when he was talking, and then ask for another animal.

    Dude. Show the man some respect, let him speak. Seriously I don't even know what else to say :'))))

    Semangat James, semoga bisa makin sopan dah, tolong. Mukanya juga keliatan kea ngolok banget. Dia salah ngomong sedikit kamu kesel, ngomel sama pasang muka gitu. Lah kamu ga hargain Jack, Jack nya nahan. Nanaonan eta ?

    Semangat dah, moga makin baik lagi kedepannya.

  9. Umm where did they pull this ozzie from, doesn’t seem to know much about animals where did he get his credentials from

  10. "What is wrong wit u people?" – No Man…whats wrong with you…it's an Otter, not a gigantic toxic Spider…wtf

  11. "Don't be alarmed. This is not a live animal here."

    Oh phew. Okay. Well that's good. For a second I thought that animal skull was alive. Now I'm at ease.

  12. My family once helped rescue a river otter from a beaver trap. Also I had a leamur reach out of a cage at the zoo and touch my hand. It was magical.

  13. I've never watched Corden and never will but I've just been watching all these visits by Jack Hanna and Corden is by far the worst talk show host I've ever seen. Like it isn't even close. How in the hell did he get the job? How in the hell does he keep it? He is abysmal. This is painful television. And Jack Hanna is one of the most entertaining guests ever and has been for decades. Yet on this show it's just painful, bc the host is so god awful. Very unpleasant and mean-seeming (and reportedly really is mean, berating staff all the time in front of audiences), horribly unfunny, and there's just this awkward hostility and poison tone in all of these.

  14. Ik its probably other races who act scared but Why is it almost Always just the black folks on these talk shows gotta play that "we don't fw animals, thats for white people" stereotype ????🙄 its so annoying. It doesn't even have to be that scary and mfs will still hop out they seat, yell(which probably stresses the animals) and just act like whatever it is, is trying to kill them, whilst the animals themselves are literally just chilling, trying to play or looking around out of curiosity. Get some people on the show, that ACTUALLY like animals. Especially some black ones like damn.

    If they are scared they should have to leave the stage, so that no animals get Hurt and or stressed because someone is acting a fool.

    Shii get my black behind on the show so I can meet these animals. I love them!!

  15. I never understand when these guests pass up the opportunity to be up close with some of these animals. I understand not liking wild animals but these are clearly not super dangerous but they always act like these animals are gonna kill em

  16. This whole interview was a bit of a mess, James was being a bit rude every time Jack tried to talk and it was kind of weird how Marlon kept saying that's white guy stuff…

  17. I love and hate these segments at the same time. Love because I love animals, hate because the hosts are always interrupting and being scared of the animals including the guests, it's getting cliché. If you're scared of the animals, which you shouldn't be because there is a trained professional there, then get the fuck off the stage and go somewhere else until the animals are gone. It really pisses me off and makes me want to stop watching these segments all together.

  18. I love it when they bring animals on this show because no one talks over the guy, however on the jimmy Kimmel show everyone talks over everyone

  19. Marlon just had to say this was "white guy stuff" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ lol leave it to the black guy to bring up race because hes scarred of unusual animals

  20. I miss the days when people shut the hell up and let Jack teach. The penguin episode will almost drive you mad. Jack is also funnier just talking about animals than the comedians lmao

  21. I'm in a Conan with animals marathon and just came here to compare since everyone is saying that Conan is dealing the situation well compared to other and I must say, they are correct. I love how the previous one I just watched was with Conan AND Jeff Goldblum and they had slugs, spiders, and another creepy crawly. Jeff there looked more at ease than in this video.

    Here's Conan's segment: https://youtu.be/Zt26800k7Oo

  22. Jeff was the only one actually paying attention to jack.
    Marlon was too scared.
    James was making jokes the entire time.
    I feel so bad for jack, not just him but the entire of the animal talk shows. Everybody is just like awwwwwww or laughing.
    And then they want to keep on going on to the next animal.
    Jack's face whenever he is interrupted is so sad. 🙁
    Manners matter guys
    Look at 6:24 hes trying to speak and gets cut off by james and then his poor face when he gives up is so sad.

  23. I love you to death Cordon, but it's almost disrespectful the way you were doing Hannah.

    I do love how Goldblum was acting and finding the animals fascinating.

    Waynes,…. Always a clown.
    ¯_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
    ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻

  24. Why are we applauding Marlon… He's rude and ridiculous and disrespectful. I'm so over this scared of the animals bit they put on.

  25. Maybe you guys should stop bringing these animal guys to talk shows if you’re gonna insult them by interrupting them like that, and that goes for the audience as well. Let the man speak dammit! This particular video was way worse than any other I’ve seen. Jeff Goldblum was the only person who was actually interested and respectable to Jack in that room.

  26. Jack just want you love ALL OF THAT animal! You can see it AND He try hard to tell you a lot of information but he can’t! Please listen and respect him.

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