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hey mom yes green earth dies there el
killer well I don’t know what’s a serial killer a sociopath who commits a series
of murders what what where did you even hear about that the Me’s am of human
history of course the museum guys said that humans would
kill other humans first psychological and sometimes sexual gratification well
if it’s sexual you can rule your father out why just know that your father isn’t
murdering anyone okay I would know I’m not sure you what the FBI’s that serial
killers often seem normal and usually had families who never knew their loved
ones were dismembering people in their basement well we don’t have a basement
honey what about dads male cave you mean the guest bathroom the only thing your
father’s killing in there are my plants well what about the fact that serial
killers often have three names just like that his parents were indecisive and
serial killers were mostly white males just like that he’s mint honey he only
gets white when it’s warm out they could be quite charming just like that you
haven’t seen him dance sweetie they peed the bed into adulthood just like that
that’s just how he sweats cream we all hate him for it they have trouble
staying employed just like dad well it’s hard to get a job when you sweat pee pee
isn’t it sweetie well what about the fact that serial killers always needed
to be in control just like dad that’s the male thing in general your dad’s not
special there so you really don’t think dad would kill anyone
listen I know we want our parental units to be more than they are that’s natural
but your father can barely make breakfast let alone devise elaborate
murders without us noticing what do you think he does every day wake up after I
go to work and hover around town until he finds an unsuspecting victim putting
supplies in their hover car then what he sneaks up behind them drugs them with
some sleeping agent puts them in the cargo hold and takes them home where he
cuts them apart in the guest bathroom then what he cleans the bathroom with
sell remover and stores the limbs and airtight containers to dispose of the
body one section at a time so the victims corpse has never fully recovered
that would be truly insane Oh you

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