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Shiva – Full Episode 6 – Gold In The Dam

Shiva – Full Episode 6 – Gold In The Dam

This one time… …I jumped into my village’s river
and caught a 20 foot long fish. Without a fishing
stick or bait. I didn’t use anything.
Nobody believed that… …I can catch
such a big fish. We also can’t believe it. But, we are sure… …that let alone
a 20 foot long fish… …you can definitely catch
a 40 foot long fish, Mr. Liar. Help! Shiva! Help! Hey! Why are you scared? You can swim in the water and can
catch a 20 foot long fish. Quickly, catch a fish. Shiva! Help! Oh! Sorry! Oh. Look at those two men. They are sneakily going
behind the bushes. Something is not right. What is in those bags
which they are hiding? I will be back soon. Friends, let’s go.
Shiva might need us. Shiva won’t need us. He can handle everything on his own. Are you telling the truth? A person like Shiva
won’t need us. Let’s take another way. Okay. Doggie, you are also here. Sniff it and tell me
what is inside this bag? Why are they taking so
much risk for some clay? I should inform Inspector
Laddoo Singh about this. These are only 5 bags. Only 5 bags. Where
is the sixth one? Dr. Bang, a boy was following us. So, we were going very fast. So, one bag fell from the
bicycle because of that. The world is scared of Dr. Bang. And you got afraid of a boy. The word ‘fear’ is not present
in Dr. Bang’s dictionary. Scared people are dead people. Raka. Dr. Bang, I don’t
want to die. Mom! No! No! The word ‘fear’ is not present
in Dr. Bang’s dictionary. This is Dr. Bang’s scientific
miracle. Nobody knows that there is gold
in the soil of the Vedas river. Only I know about this. My mission will fail… …if somebody will
find out about that. Mr. Laddoo Singh,
how come you are here? Shiva called. He wanted to come to the
police station to show me soil. I was near your house. So, I told him to bring it at
home. I will check it here. Mr. Laddoo Singh.
– Yes. What is so special about
the soil in this bag? What? There is only mud
inside it. Two people were running away
with it from the Vedas dam. Nobody will make so many
efforts to get mud. There is something. Wait a minute. I will
sing the song of earth. So, this mud will
reveal its secret. Kids, sit down and watch carefully. “Earth, tell me.” “Earth! Earth! Earth!” “Earth, tell me.” “Earth, tell me.” “Earth, tell me.” You always interfere
whenever I sing. I didn’t interfere with you. I
have brought the sweets. Kids, have some sweets. Shiva, this is nothing but mud. Nobody can dare to do dirty
business in Laddoo Singh’s area. I am famous for a reason. Shiva, I am leaving. Now, I will have to
bathe, again. Oh no! Shiva, I don’t understand… …why would anyone make
such efforts for mud? We have to dive into the
river and find out… …what’s hidden there… …that they are taking
such a big risk? There’s nothing special, here. Come with us, quietly. We will shoot you with
the laser guns… …if you won’t comply with us. Nobody will survive,
if I will start shooting. Do you understand, kid? Don’t call me a kid. Come on! Surrender yourself, or else
your friends will be killed. Oh! So that’s the case! There is gold in the dam’s soil… …which you are extracting. Good! Very good!
You are a smart kid. But, you are not wise. You wouldn’t have interfered in
my work, if you were a wise kid. Now, you are in trouble, kid. Don’t call me a kid. My name is Shiva. This gold belongs to
the citizens of Vedas city. You can’t take it. The word ‘no’ is not present
in Dr. Bang’s dictionary. So, change your dictionary. The word ‘no’ will be
included in it very soon. Petu, lock them in the
lock up and guard them. The rest of you, come with me. Now, I will have to make
some changes in the plan. Yes, Dr. Bang. I must find out about their plan. Now, these kids
have found out about it. Their parents will come to the
lake, when they look for them. If anyone will find that bag… …then everything will
be connected… …and our plan will be ruined. So, what should we do? Destroy the Vedas
dam using explosives! That place will become useless,
if that dam is destroyed. And I will buy the land
from the government… …under the pretext
of my research. I will make the government… …an offer to make another dam
somewhere else, free of cost. They won’t refuse this offer. We need to get out of here. We must save the Vedas dam,
somehow. There is no network here. We are too deep under the ground. Doggie! Doggie! Good boy! Doggie, look over there. A man is sleeping over there. There is a key around his waist.
Go, get it. Doggie, go! Go, Doggie.
Go, get that key. The key is over there. Go, get it Doggie! Good boy, Doggie! Good boy! Mr. Laddoo Singh. Quickly
come to lake Vedas. Some goons will destroy it. How can somebody
destroy lake Vedas? It’s not something that
can be blasted or blown away. The goons will destroy
it using the explosives! What? No! How did he come here? Finish him! Can’t any of you stop that boy? What are you waiting for? Go! Laddoo sir, please help Shiva! I will. Definitely, I will. Go and install that last bomb. Raka, go and finish Shiva. Shiva, now you can’t do anything. The bomb will blast
in 15 seconds. Bye bye! Shiva, run away from there! The bomb is about to blast. No!
– Shiva, be careful! He is going to get the bomb. Shiva! Yay! You have ruined my entire plan. The entire world is
afraid of Dr. Bang. And you destroyed Dr. Bang! Don’t worry, nobody can
harm you when I am there. Now, I will get you punished. Pedharam. – Yes, sir.
– Arrest him. Leave me! Leave me! I am Dr. Bang. Treat me with respect. Thank you, Shiva! You have saved the gold of
Vedas city from being stolen. I will get you rewarded
by the government. Thanks, sir! Anyway, my doggie
should be rewarded. All of us would have been in the
lock up, if it wasn’t for him. Get him some juicy bones as a
reward from the government. Yes, Shiva!

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