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Side by Side in the Countryside | Adirondack Adventures

Side by Side in the Countryside | Adirondack Adventures

what’s up guys
Rabbit here and you’re watching Rabbit1124 and I got Brandon here with me
what’s up guys we’re out here on the conservation roads out in Scarry New
York um just poking around it’s beautiful day out so we decide to take a ride on the
side-by-side and see what the hell I can seen a few critters out today yeah we
already saw some turkey and geese and deer and chickens and ducks and partridge and all kinds of sh** Wow what tracks are these?
i dont know but they look old though, don’t they? yeah looks like they’ve been there for a
while it’s weird how it runs, almost like a gallop
like a martin or something it’s a nice day out
yeah it is a nice day out i’m getting it all muddy
what? i’m getting it all muddy look at them all line up
(turkey call) Those are big male right there
(turkeys gobble) (laughing) they are all pumped up ready to fight are those wild turkeys?
yeah (turkey call) look it, he’s coming right for us (turkey call) bang!
(laughing) look he’s mad at me (more turkey calls)
(turkeys gobble) what! just some turkeys hanging out
no big deal that’s pretty cool. yeah, it’s a nice little spot, see where i brought my little car out here the other day? oh, you brought your R/C car out here?
Yeah, i got it stuck out there. oh sh** i almost fell in! (laughing) yeah, i’d get a running start up here and fly out there, got doing donuts and got snow in the tires and it got all bound up, so i had to get the stick and walk out and get it oh yeah, this would be nice for a little R/C car
Yup, and you got some fresh beaver activity Beaver activity?
oh, yeah fresh beaver tracks chewing up all the wood are you coming out?
i’m not coming out you’re crazy brandon!
it’s good ice do you know how deep this is?
no, how deep is it? i don’t know, i was asking you.
(laughing) i can tell by the color, it’s thick
maybe 5 to 6 inches yeah what happened last time you told me
the ice is okay to walk on? your fatass probably fell through.
yeah, i did fall through. (laughing) 120 pounds of meat fell through.
no, i’m like 135. I don’t know really have any out here or
whatever but I’ll say just a couple you can see where they’re coming out
everything else is all covered in ice right up the bank
the only reason there’s no current or nothing in here so it’s got to be
activity that keeps us this spot open and you can see where his little sticks
he’s coming up here whatever he cuts he’s dragging over here
I see this the sticks up underneath the ice it all been chewed no bark on them
that’s what he’s feeding on that’s what the beaver eating so I put he’s doing
he’s coming up here and the other spot over there crawling up onto the bank and
eating whatever little sticks he’s gotten so I see the pile of them over
there that’s the only reason a spot like this would even be open this time of the year
activity or current no beaver dumb beaver dumb well must have that damn party animal
okay look at all this a bow is noon I know those are for shotguns if you guys
don’t know yeah beaver we’re dealing with here it’s obviously you got beaver
chewings and shotgun yeah ironic huh yeah it’s definitely fresh cuttings from
not too awful long ago all this there’s other ponds over on the other side on
the other part of state land over there so I think he’s going up I think he’s
probably got a den or something over there but he comes to visit this this
area here quite a bit because there’s no Bank cans or anything around here yeah
so you see where he comes up here where the ice is all broken away yeah and you
can actually see this pack that’s the only reason why it’s like that that’s
because he’s not gonna come up here for one twig you know what I mean I bet you
he makes his way all the way up and over and around to the other ponds because
I’ve trapped the other ponds that I got the beaver out of there before so this
is probably offspring or something look at this here they’re from earlier
or yesterday their little grouse tracks they look like small turkey tracks it’s
like you got one print that kind of goes like this and you got two other ones
that come like that here here here is going down to the water they love the
spruce and the pines and stuff like that so this is like pretty good habitat for
them like the grass that we saw earlier they’re out of season right now so
they’re lucky you see that over there it’s they come up and they load gravel
on to it and stuff and it actually shakes the rocks off and they all go up
the conveyor belt and stuff like that and drop off so just kind of I don’t
know what you’d call it let’s go over there and check it out is it suppose safe doesn’t it sir rebar
as they are and say that metal will catch your cliff great there yeah it’ll
cut you up good good slide down yeah sly on down Brandon slide on down if you guys haven’t yet make sure you
guys check out my t-shirt shop rabbit 11:24 Spreadshirt calm I got some really
cool designs there I think you guys would like

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  1. Apart from building dams, I don't know much about beavers so its good to get a lesson on them, still looks dam cold there if this is a recent record, quality mate and good to see something new from you

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