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Silicon Valley: Season 6 – The Final Season | Official Teaser | HBO

Silicon Valley: Season 6 – The Final Season | Official Teaser | HBO

We’ve been asking the gentlemen
from Facebook, Google,
and Amazon about the security
of their users’ data. -(CAMERAS CLICKING)
-Senator Shizaki suggests you have
a different view on this. (COUGH) Did the screen just freeze? It’s a dramatic pause.Like Sir Winston Churchill.BERTRAM GILFOYLE:
He looks like a child
in a messy custody hearing.
But, like, you don’t
feel sorry for him. You just want him to go away
and not have any parents at all. ♪ (“OLD WAYS”
May I– May I pace? -I just–
-MR. HUBBARD: Yes. …think– think better
on my feet. Great. -Mother of God.
-(MICROPHONE FEEDBACK) Sorry, does this come out
a little bit? Perfect. Oh, fuck.♪ We only here for a little
So I’m somewhere in the middle ♪
♪ And I’m right back
To my old ways ♪
I promise you,
I will end this tyranny… What the hell is Amazon, anyway? Is it– Is it a river? Is it supposed to be
a giant woman? It’s not clear. RICHARD HENDRICKS:
…by creating an internet
of the people…
You’re not doing anything…
illegal in here, are you? Yes. …by the people… -(YELLING)
-(WAILS) RICHARD:…and for the people.♪ What goes around comes back ♪Oh, Jesus! So help me, God. (CHEERING)♪ I log onto my closet
That shit is Karmaloop ♪
(GRUNTS)♪ Right back to my old ways ♪RICHARD: Uh, “You… -licked ass”?
-What? “Dicked ass”?
-I dicked ass? -Kicked ass! Kicked!
-Oh. Why were those
your first two guesses? ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES)

100 thoughts on “Silicon Valley: Season 6 – The Final Season | Official Teaser | HBO”

  1. They knew from first day of shooting that the silicon valley people are going to harm the world and they didn't tell us.

  2. Why do all good things come to an end?! This show is amazing. I just finjshed rewatching it and it was even better the 2nd time thru

  3. Ratings are weird. All my friends watch Silicon Valley yet I don't know a friend or family member that watched Big Bang Theory.

  4. Are you fucking kidding me why is this show ending? Oh yeah because they want to kill it before it morphed into a sad parody of itself like got

  5. Silicon valley: 6 seasons is enough. time to stop while we are on the top

    Chuck Lorre: this man is delusional, take him to the infirmary

  6. sigh sooo many of my favorite shows have gone off this year: this, VEEP, G.O.T, Baskets, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt… It's just too much to handle 😢😢

  7. идите нахуй в ад амедиа что не дали кубикам переводить этот шедевр(

  8. After Ehrlich left show it was doomed to end this early. Other actors are still good but Ehrlich took cherry off the cake.

  9. Без озвучки Кубика в Кубе этот сериал смотреть не получается, а очень хочется)

  10. Needs to be 6 more seasons. One of my favourite series which is ending too soon imo.

    I suppose, end on a high rather than work it into the ground but still… gonna suck when that final episode airs.

  11. Love the series and I’m sad to see it go, but the episodes can only be golden for so long. Felt a little repetitive towards the end, but still golden. I think it’s a good thing it’s being ended so unless they pull a game of thrones it will stay an amazing rewatch able show!

  12. I thought the last season was the finale.. I mean they ended it that way. It's good that we are having one more… Love the show

  13. Big bang theory ends. Prison break ends. Than Spiderman gets out of marvel. Then fucking GOT ends badly. And now this. Do not end this show. Please.

  14. Monica is SO HOT!!! They couldn't have filled that cast member with anyone other than Amanda Crew. The whole cast is phenomenal. Better than Big Bang Theory as far as the 'geek comedy' segment goes.

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