– That is my boy. (cheering) – Day three, Lincoln’s tired. But we have a meeting
here with Nickelodeon. Remember, we did that
video with Nickelodeon, the green slime on our channel? That was super fun. So we’re gonna meet with them. But we’re the first one’s
here, how ’bout that? I don’t know what today holds, other than Lincoln’s being tired. That’s a lot of balloons. – [Balloon Man] A lot of balloons. – [Dan] This, we’ve got balloon
making right in front of us. The professional, at the Denny’s across from Disneyland, right here. (slow upbeat music playing) There you go, bud, there’s Mickey Mouse. – Thank you, friend. – [Dan] That’s impressive. – Alright. – [Dan] Nice job. (traffic light noises) – It’s telling me to wait. – We’re on a mission. – A mission. – What’s our mission, Lincoln? – To get a bow. – [Dan] To get a bow, what kind of bow? – The big one. – To be specific, JoJo
Siwa, if you don’t know who JoJo Siwa is, here’s a
two second clip of her video. ♫ Imma come back like a boomerang So that is her. My daughters London and
Claire are obsessed with her. So, we got the opportunity, at 2:45, thanks to our friends at Nickelodeon, remember the people we had
breakfast with this morning. And they said yeah, come on over at 2:45 and you can meet
her and get a autograph. I hear that she sells her bows in Walmart and I did not remember to bring the bow for my daughter to this. So, off to Walmart. (upbeat guitar music playing) Alright, let’s go in. – [Greeter] Hi guys. – [Dan] Hey, how’s it going? – [Greeter] Good, how are you? – [Dan] Where would I
find girls’ hair bows? – [Greeter] Um. – I’ll admit, I’ve never bought
a girl’s hair bow before. I’m not ashamed to say it,
this is the first time. So, apparently, The JoJo
Siwa brand head bows that are ginormous ones that my daughter wears all the time, you can only buy them
at Walmart or Claire’s, at least that’s what I understand. So, we came to Walmart, and if it’s not here, we’ll go to Claire’s. We have like an hour and
a half until the meeting. We gotta have the bow. Bags, hair stuff, shampoo, umbrellas. Little girl’s clothes. This is getting closer, I
feel good about this, Lincoln. Why is this so difficult? Bows, girl’s hair bows. Bows, bows. They say JoJo Siwa on it. That’s not JoJo. What even is this? This is terrible, this is terrible. Why are we at Walmart. Wait, wait, wait. Bows, bows, no. Oh, no, they don’t have them here. Okay, let me tell you
something that is really nice, that you would not
appreciate unless you’ve been what we’ve been through
for the last two days. We are in Walmart, nobody’s
asked us for a picture, nobody’s asked us for an autograph, which we like when people do it, but it’s kind of
interesting and refreshing to just take a moment and just walk and be a normal person,
because when you’re there, you feel kind of like a rock star, right? You feel kind of fancy. – And I feel exhausted. – And Lincoln feels exhausted. So much smiling. So, we’re gonna go to Claire’s now. Sorry for that side note that had nothing to do with JoJo about us being happy to be at Walmart,
but Claire’s, here we come. Mall, we’re at the mall, let’s go. There it is, Claire’s. Hi, do you have JoJo Siwa bows? We found it. Boomerang, it’s at Claire’s. Okay, yes, Lincoln. – I’m dead. – [Dan] Okay, we’ve gotta pick one out. We should probably pick one
out for Claire and London. – Okay. – [Dan] Okay, these are all JoJo’s. Alright, the pink one? That’s a good one. – Probably a blue. – [Dan] Does Claire like blue? – Yeah Claire will. – [Dan] Okay, pink and blue. Is this the where we pay? – [Cashier] Yes. – [Dan] JoJo Siwa. Yes, we made it, we got the bows. – Perfect, you got it,
mission is completed. – [Dan] Mission step one: acquire bows, step two: get back to the
Anaheim Convention Center by 2:30 and step three: meet JoJo and get our picture with
her and sign the bows. (upbeat guitar music) – Sort of bear. – That’s how you know
we’re back at VidCon. We see some random bear
costume guy walking around. (jibberish) We’re back, it is 2:04, we’re
meeting with her at 2:45, I think we’re gonna make it. (upbeat dance music) – Lincoln, What’s up guys? – [Dan] How’s it going? High fives. Picture time. (crowd cheering) – You guys, in 15 minutes,
my new music video, Kid in a Candy Store is going to be live on my YouTube channel. – We’ve made it to the Nickelodeon booth. JoJo is performing right now and then we’re gonna talk to
her in like 10 minutes, so. – There’s kitties. – Lincoln likes the kitties. This place is pretty wild. She threw out tons of bows, I’m like why did we even come, why did we even go buy bows, they have so many, so yeah. – Woah, magical door. – It’s a door, wow. That is where they keep all the cats. Skills right there, look at that. That’s intense focus
right there, boom, yes. This is not turning out the way I thought it was supposed to be, ugh. Here’s what’s going on. We found the Nickelodeon slime thing. You know how Lincoln got slimed? – By you. – So now it’s like my turn, apparently. So now I have to get slimed but JoJo is supposedly going to do it. I know I was saying I was
a little disappointed, but I’m actually super excited, because getting slimed is awesome. (upbeat dance music) Alright, this is it, I’m doing it. – You’re going in? – Wait, wait, wait. – Say hi to my daughters really quick. – Hi. – She’s wearing a bow, always. – Are you going in? – Yep. – You have to bend down – I’m going in now, what about the poncho? Yes poncho or no poncho? – No poncho. – No poncho? (crowd cheering) – It’s coming off. – That’s my boy. – You take my phone. – That is my boy. – Here we go, turning my shirt around, moving the Nike logo. – [Lincoln] Do a lot
on him, do like, a lot. – Alright, you got this? We’re going, JoJo. – You want me to do a lot. – Give me a lot. – Drench him, just drench him. – Alright, one rule though. – Yes. – Face up. – Glasses on, face up. (clapping) – [Lincoln] A lot, a lot. (crowd cheering) – Lens fall of your glasses? – Check that out, my lenses
came out of the glasses. That’s how powerful slime is. – Looks good. – Thank you, JoJo. There you go. This is awesome, it tastes good, actually. I wouldn’t eat it, but it tastes good. I’ve always wanted to be slimed. This is how you clean
slime off of your clothes. That was fun. – [Woman] Perfect, okay, one more time. – It’s everywhere. – Slime water balloons, done. – Nice, I just want to walk
through VidCon like this. And see what it looks like. So we’re gonna head to the hotel, but that’d be good, thanks a lot. – Careful, you’ve got some
slime around your eyes. – Yeah, yeah, I think I’ll
just leave it right there. There you go, there’s
slime tips from JoJo. I’ll mind it in my ears and my eyes. – I think I’ve gotten slimed
like three times, four times. – We’re gonna go find our hotel now, I’m just gonna put my
glasses on and head out. Here we go, picture time. Yeah. What’s up, guys? Yeah, I just got slimed by
Nickelodeon, it’s everywhere. I don’t know, what else should we do now? Like, how do we top that? It felt really cool when I did it and I was walking around and
there were people everywhere, but now that it’s just Lincoln and I, walking down a random LA
street, I feel a bit awkward. Was it good, though? – Yeah, it was good. – Are you proud of your Daddy? – Um, I wish they
would’ve gotten you more. – Kids are never satisfied. Checking it out in the mirror, we got this big gooey one and the one on my ears, this shirt underneath
here used to be white. It’s green. I couldn’t really get the clothes off, so I’m taking a shower in the clothes. It feels really weird, I’ve never taken a shower with socks on. I’ll see ya. (door latching) I feel so much better, I’m clean, I’m dry. That was the longest shower. I squeezed out all of my clothes and I did pretty well, like most of the slime got out of it, that was cool. Lincoln has added to the
list, day three of VidCon – I don’t even know
how many there are now. I’ve lost count. – Well, maybe if we can
fill up the whole page, we’ll add them up and see what it is. We’ve taken a lot of
selfies, this is super fun. We’ve had a blast. JoJo Siwa was super cool, we
talked to her for a while. And I hope the shot was good,
you guys already saw it, I had a blast doing it. The girls were on Facetime,
London is a huge fan of JoJo. And then we also got, yeah, we also got these bows that she signed. The bows are signed. – Okay. – These are the ones. – Everyone say, everyone
get super mad at my dad in the comments because
I cannot eat this cookie. – He had pancakes for, what did you have? Oh, he had an omelet
for breakfast at 9 am, it’s 4:37 and he hasn’t
eaten anything else. I’m not gonna let him eat a cookie, that’s not good parenting. I’m not the greatest parent, but can do okay at this. – Okay, is this called
setting good example when you eat a cookie
for breakfast yesterday? I’m eating it. – No, don’t eat that. – I’m eating it. – Don’t eat it. – See, get mad at him. – Hashtag parenting.

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