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Some Dude Painted this French Castle YELLOW!?!

Some Dude Painted this French Castle YELLOW!?!

(dramatic music) – Good morning, I’m waking
up in a medieval castle. This is amazing! Check out this view. (upbeat music) Today is gonna be pretty epic. We are going from here in
Carcassonne, I think that’s how that’s how you say it, I
don’t know, in this medieval castle, and we are
heading towards Barcelona. It’s about a six hour drive. (upbeat music) It’s time to go get our
car and head out of here. What a beautiful place this is. I would love to spend more time here, but we gotta hit the road. We gotta get to Barcelona. Goodbye most beautiful scene
of a castle in the world. Look at all these Mercedes
lined up everywhere. They’re so cool! I’m gonna give you a
full review today of how the Mercedes 2018 G-class is on the road. Which one’s ours, Zack? – Red one over there. – [Daniel] Who’s driving today? – You drivin’ today. – Looks like this one’s ours. Oh, yeah, look at this car! I’m still kind of
laughing because it’s like who says no to this? “Hey, would you like to
go and drive our brand new “not released $150,000 car through “the south of France to Barcelona?” Who says no to that? Not me! (upbeat music) Just pulled over on the
side of the road because it looks stinkin’ beautiful. Look at these giant trees up here! Look at this bridge
right here, raging river. Look at that bridge up there, too. Here’s the car behind
me, we got Zack in it. This car is beautiful! This is a great way to see France! (upbeat music) I had the great idea
of clamping the Go Pro on the front of the car. The problem is I forgot about
if it rains, it does this. (laughs) So whatever that shot looks
like, here it comes again. This is gonna become like
a Peter McKinnon pro tip on how to film things. – What’s up, everybody? Peter McKinnon here. – With your camera on the
windshield wipers and turn it on. And that will be a great transition. (laughs) (upbeat music) So we’ve now just stopped
in the middle of this forest that’s like pine trees,
giant pine trees at the top, like I don’t know, it’s
interesting the higher you get in the elevation, the
different types of trees. This is one of the
white G-500s right here. These guys are stopped, and
we’re getting some photos. That was a smart move ’cause
that looks pretty epic. (upbeat music) I hope you guys enjoy these
shots, just B-roll shots. Such a cool trip! (upbeat music) This is the part of the trip
where it gets really rainy. These roads are different than in America. Like on American road trips,
their roads are super wide, there’s lines on the roads,
like I’m riding in the middle of the road right now, and I
still feel like I don’t have enough room on both sides,
like if a sheep came out or a cow jumped out, we’d be in trouble. – Hate it when cows jump out
in the middle of the road, just leaping. (moos) – [Daniel] Hey, Zack, you
remember the yellow graffiti on the castle? – [Zack] Yes. – [Daniel] It’s actually
art, OK, are you ready to have your mind blown? – Yeah. No! Dude, we should have gone over there! – [Daniel] I know, I
didn’t know this was there! I would have totally gone there! – That’s so cool! – [Daniel] It’s amazing! – Wow! – That is not just some yellow graffiti. This is really, really cool unique art. All right, Leslie, this one’s for you. I know your favorite
thing in France to eat is a chocolate croissant. Zack’s never had one here,
so we’re going to split this chocolate croissant and try it. (dramatic music) – It’s pretty good, though. – All right, we’re heading
back to the car now on this rainy day. Next stop is going to be for lunch. – I like to eat! – Somewhere down the mountains
a little bit further. I’m really curious to see
what it’s gonna look like when we hit Spain. What does the border crossing look like? I have my passport. (upbeat music) Are you ready to see something ridiculous? First of all, look at
the GPS of this road. That’s a bit windy. But that doesn’t tell you the true beauty of where we’re at now. Now, it is raining out
there, so I’m gonna be quick, but I need to show you a
couple of things out here. This is the road. It comes down here, it
winds down this way, look at that, vroom, vroom! There are just waterfalls everywhere on the side of the road! This is so beautiful, I’m so
grateful to be here right now, and I have this awesome car
that we’ve been driving in. All right, time to get back on the road. (upbeat music) So I just pulled a very
illegal U-turn on the very tight road, and right as I
was in the middle of the road, the police came behind us. (dramatic noise) So, yeah, they don’t have their lights on, so I think we’re good, but… (upbeat music) All right, we found some
type of little town, so that’s good. We’re out of the mountains for now. This is a beautiful little town. (upbeat music) OK, we’re turning it into
sport mode, and now we get to hear the roar of the engines,
so I’m going to roll down some of the windows here, here we go. (engine revs) Woo-hoo! (laughs) That is the way to do it! There’s inside of the car,
it’s not quite as loud. Now they did a good job
with the sound dampening in this car, but on the
outside, you sound like a boss. You don’t get that sound
with an electric vehicle. This is the longest tunnel ever! Here’s the deal, guys. We have no European money. I know, we’re terrible Americans. Maybe they take credit card? Price, six dollars, but it’s
green, should I just go? Or should I… (car revs) (laughs) Sport mode! I love sport mode! (upbeat music) (speaks foreign language over radio) Ah, that was a good joke! I have no idea what he’s saying! (upbeat music) I have this weird thing for sometimes, I just like to go around the roundabout. (laughs) Just listen to Zack! Oh, my gosh! I once got pulled over after
going around five times. It’s true, it’s a true story. ‘Cause nothing against the law about it! It’s a roundabout, you can drive around. – Guess who’s driving on
the next leg of the journey. We’re not gonna go round
the roundabout four times. (laughs) – Apparently, this little line in the road right here is Spain. We just went from France to Spain. Just pulled over for a pit
stop on the side of the road. We saw these cool buildings. Sorry, I’m eating taffy. There are these old houses,
and some of them have fallen apart, it looks like some of them they’ve taken ’em down. It looks so pretty! So, while we’re taking a
little pit stop, Zack is going to fly, whoa, the drone! (laughs) (upbeat music) Wow! People just live up there
in those rocky things. There’s some nice people
from Spain that came over, and they wanted to see the
drone, the dad and the son wanted to see it, and
then the mom just started yelling at them, (mumbles) and
like pointing at her watch, so they like hurried
and ran over to the car. (upbeat music) We made a wrong turn, and
now we’re over here by this big old dam, so there’s your update. We’re getting really hungry,
it’s been really long today. I don’t know, I think we’re
more than halfway to Barcelona. ♪ Oh, we’re halfway there ♪ Right now, we’re driving on a dirt road. We showed up to the lunch
spot, and they’re like, “Yeah, I think we may
have some warm food left, “everybody’s going to do a
photo shoot, if you wanna go “with them you can, so…” We’re not gonna go eat
alone, we’re gonna go cruise and see where these people are. Three kilometers down
this dirt road there’s some kind of photo shoot. ♪ Oh, livin’ on a prayer ♪ We’ve just been rallying
along these cliffs. We’re all kind of backed up here now. Now it appears we may
be in the wrong spot. We’re just gonna leave
our cars down there, at least some of them, and then
just walk up to this place. Supposedly, it’s like a
church with a lookout, I don’t really know. I think we totally could
have made it right here. We definitely could have made that turn. This path is becoming more
and more narrow as we go up. It’s just this little pathway, look at it. And then look where it ends. I love that we were thinking we were gonna like go up here and park the cars! (upbeat music) All right, that was pretty epic! Zach was flying his drone
and almost crashed it into the church, but we were
like in the car driving. – He crashed it into a tree. – He literally crashed it into
a tree, he almost crashed it into the church and some
people at the church. – Fake news! – Fun story
– You are fake news! – Fun fact, Zach actually
has a viral video of crashing into a tree. (romantic music) This is quite the garage
right here, check it out. All these super dope cars, and
then this is where lunch is. Check out the trees. Are those not pretty? (upbeat music) (horns beeping) Welcome to Spain! (cheers) It’s like a little kids
soccer team or something, and they must have won
something, and all their parents are just following ’em. (upbeat music) We have reached the end of
our drive, our long drive, and we’re at the very end of a pier. You are in the heart of Barcelona. – Exactly where I want to be. – I really hope we’re not last again. (upbeat music) I was planning on getting
like a 30 minute time lapse with the clouds going over,
and then this ferry boat just pulled up right in my spot. Well, I was in his spot, clearly. OK, this place is pretty sweet! They’ve brought all of
the G-classes inside. They have a giant TV here,
we’re going to watch some movie where the G-class is featured in it. This is where we’re going to
be sitting to watch the movie, and then here are the cars. And of course, they’ve
got fancy food set up. It’s like they just went to
Instagram, and they’re like, “Let’s get the best looking
food pictures we can, “and let’s make a whole
table full of that stuff,” ’cause that’s what it looks like! Zach is out here finishing up his video. He’s somewhere down here, way down there, taking selfies, nice selfie, Zack! Go to Zack’s video and
say, “Nice selfie, Zack!” Deal, deal? Nice selfie, Zack! Go to his video and put that
in there, and then’s he’s not gonna know what the
heck it is until he watches this video and sees it! OK, I just say something awesome! I did not recognize this earlier, but our prayers have been answered. Burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and a bikini something. I just ordered you something. – Okay. – Bacon cheeseburger. – Done, do they really have that? – Yes, I just ordered it! (laughs) I hope you like this
road trip through Spain and through France. Having a luxury vehicle
that can go off road is really something unique,
so while I didn’t go through the detailed specs of the
car, I hope that you at least know that I had a great time with the car, and it’s a fantastic car. I’m not sure if I’m gonna film
my day tomorrow of traveling home, but I might, but we’ve
got a couple of really cool videos coming up. We’re going to San Francisco,
we’re going to Alaska, and we’re going to
Prague, and possibly D.C. Like, this month of May
is ridiculously cool! Thanks for watching guys, you are awesome! (drone buzzes) – Gosh, why didn’t it turn off?

100 thoughts on “Some Dude Painted this French Castle YELLOW!?!”

  1. Dan, I live in England and have a holiday house just outside of Carcassonne, it burnt down last year and has just been rebuilt. You are more than welcome to stay in the house and visit Carcassonne, it has a great atmosphere at night in the square.

  2. Dan doesn't pay a parking ticket because he didn't want to, and now he doesn't pay a toll in France. #rebel haha

  3. That Yellow art will be for the Tour de France, as it passes through Carcassonne in July. The tour brings tons of visitors and is seen by millions worldwide on TV, so some areas go all out to be seen.

  4. I thought Europe was a drive on the left side of the road and the steering wheel was on the right side of the car? I I am probably just ignorant.

  5. Love the Bon Jovi reference I just saw him in concert a few nights ago! Plus you two should really do Amazing Race together. That would be some fun tv 😉

  6. Hi Dan! I am doing a school experiment and I Want your advise/help. Can you make a video about thermometers? Topic: What’s inside them as well as the temperature difference between a hot and cold Item. Heat difference. 0C=-459.67F=273,15 K degrees.

  7. if you want a insane roadtrip, drive to CADAQUES in northern Spain…the salvatroe dali inspired town…

  8. The G-Wagen is a great car, but they kinda need to restyle the whole car, not just the headlamps and taillights.

  9. the only reason you would say no to that is if you were so rich you didn't need to go there. you could just buy one.

  10. Your U-turn wasn't illegal. In Europe you can make U-turn anywhere, unless there is a sign that says you can't do it or you "cut" through full line on the road.

  11. Hey what’s inside!!! Big big BIG fan here! I had a cool idea I really think you guys would love to cut open. Ready? Drumroll. Ok well you can’t hear the drums but anyway,what I think you should cut open is A Jibo. A Jibo is a home robot personal assistant. Kind of like a Amazon echo show but motorized. And looks a lot cooler. It is 900$

  12. That was a pain au choc, a chocolate croissant just has chocolate inside a croissant, it isn't wrapped around the two pieces.

  13. the yellow-red flag was the flag of Catalonia, a province of Spain.
    But seems a nice ride through there. The Streets in Europe are way smaller than in America, sometimes too small.

  14. 6:19 You don't get that sound with an electric vehicle? Seriously? That's what you think about when buying a regular car over an electric one? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater or anything, I love this channel, but come on…

  15. Just FYI for anyone, I lived in car as one for half my life, it is not a castle but rather a walled city built during the Stone Age, currently referred to as la cité de Carcassonne, glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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