Step by Step – How to Draw a Kawaii Popsicle with Maddi

my name is Maddie and today we will be
drawing a quiet popsicle this you will need a piece of paper a pencil I find
mechanical works best and some coloring pants so let’s get started now let’s get
started on the first step you will need to draw an upside-down U shape to this
so like that now maybe just try to make it
but equally the usual you over something but that’s how that’s money now
you gonna join up you make sure there’s a curved corners so right back now that some of them might be darkovan of
us but you will raise the pencil later now you’re going just stick a u-shaped
pretty much just a bit longer you know if you want you can erase that
line but I like to do it like this I’m going to make edges a little darker
so why don’t I color okay now you’re going to the fun bit you’re going me I
draw a few of these lines to make it like two different colors like that and
sometimes when I color I go and add in a few more for like Philly code now you
want to just kill this if you’re running out space I’m going to draw face you
doing jewel it and over and pull your energy to over and you go into your face and do it again make it really the same
size and you can go and make more space but I’m making it like that you can make
fake and there’s some eyelashes or you’re right
I think I’m going to make it as a girl and just make it not at all
cute so two eyelashes open if you have to raise and you smuggle it but it’s
also okay it’s when you color your caring and pen to attire then please
cover up next step is took your just go over some other details maybe use a fine
point pen but first you need to angle the light or a mover and a bigger one
over it now you can’t stop time but before you do that you go make four
edges with me fine point pen I let the bass disappear we make do it
back in later so that’s okay now your color now that you’ve code is twice all
the pencil answers face so what if you used fine point pen so I’ll try knit go
and add in the face again I’m just changed my face right now know it you’ve done that if you want
to do any shading you can if you don’t don’t
but when you cover make sure that you going over a little bit to make it look
like a popsicle as we have the little bit of in the middle because they going
blind know you have it your popsicle welcome to managers of the popsicle

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