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The Amazon’s Boiling River Kills Anything That Enters

The Amazon’s Boiling River Kills Anything That Enters

(atmospheric music) – Imagine a river, hot enough to kill you, said to be the home of a powerful Amazonian water spirit. That place is real, and I’ve been there. It’s the Shanay-timpishka, the
boiling river of the Amazon. (lively music) My name’s Andrés Ruzo, and I’m a geothermal scientist and conservationist. As a boy in Lima, my grandfather told me this crazy story about the search for the lost city of gold. (speaking in foreign language) But there was a detail in that story, about a river that boiled. I certainly imagined it, but never really dwelled on it, it was just a detail. It’s getting much hotter. It turns out this place is real. So the boiling river’s located in the heart of the
central Peruvian Amazon. (bubbling water) The hottest temperature I’ve measured was over 210 degrees Fahrenheit. To put that into everyday terms, the average coffee is roughly 130 degrees. It’s hard to physically imagine that much hot water. You stick your hand in, and you will see second and third degree burns in a matter of seconds. I’ve seen a number of animals fall into the boiling river, everything from birds to reptiles. (falling water) Complex organisms like us, we don’t do well at
those high temperatures. We literally start to cook on the bone. Feeling that heat come into you, breathing in this thick hot air, where you can feel the air heating you up inside your nose, you can feel it going into your lungs, you can feel the presence of your lungs because of the heat of the air. It still gives me goosebumps. The true name of the boiling river is Shanay-timpishka and that means, according to one of the local shamans, boiled with the heat of the sun. It’s spectacular. This place has totally redefined what it means to be sacred for me. I think once you’ve experienced something that’s truly moved you, you love it. And you can’t let that go.

100 thoughts on “The Amazon’s Boiling River Kills Anything That Enters”

  1. Jahannam or hell is real, fear Allah and recognize that there is no god but Allah. May Allah save us from the punishment of hellfire.

  2. Its not an incredulous river. That means that the river does not believe something. A better word is incredible. That means that the river is so unusual that it is hard to believe.

    And yes, that river is amazing!

  3. People saying they want to boil ramen noodle lol what you going to use your hands you going end up fried 😆👉🏾☠️

  4. I'd seriously get my kitchen stuffs and start cooking here with endless boiling water, I could've cooked soup, noodles, and anything related that makes anything warm inside lmao

  5. My country there fire came out from water, i mean the water u can fire it using lighter, u can use lso for cook like gass

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  7. Wow, I do really appreciate the way that man talks. You see, he has different way of constracting a sentence especially in choosing words to use. It is really good to hear something different. ❤

  8. The locals should be educated
    that .the heat comes from under.
    Good that's big body of running water..if trapped or dried ground.. the heat under could melt rocks, emit fumes and later spew the charcoaled rock or pyroclastic rock fragments which i experienced falling on us just recently (jan 12, 2020)when taal volcano here in the Philippines erupted. Of course the process takes decades or 100 years or more.
    In 2019 64 different bolcanoes erupted and 22 are new eruptions and jan 2020 ..7 volcanoes recently erupted including taal volcano in the philippines.
    That's how hot under the earth is.. (hell getting ready???.. just a thought)

  9. its stupid but if i was there id be so desperate to put my pinky finger in just to feel it even though i know itll hurt like hell.

  10. bro stop acting like seeing a hot river caused by valcanic activity really makes u feel more spiritual jesus christ who gave this millennial a camera

  11. Well its gotta be a geo thermal vent. It could be that its heating up the water from below. There could be lava close enough to the surface that the heat vents through the ground into the water causing it to boil. The Sun couldn't boil it this way.

  12. is this safe to drink?,
    can we use it as for coffee?
    next time convert it to celsius, cause where not ALL white.

  13. Please don't reveal everything to the human race …not for real ……wherever the race goes destroyes everything like that never existed ….that greedy we are

  14. Informasi yang bagus,ada bau belerang tak disana?..selalunya kolam air panas ada bau belerang,cuba kaji bahan galian apa yang terdapat disana?..OK,layanzzzz°

  15. for you who lives outside the flat earth 210 degree Fahrenheit is equal to 98.889 degree Celcius. and yes it's larger than two football fields..

  16. Scientist : The water temperature is 200 degrees…
    Me : wait what? But how?
    Scientist : … Fahrenheit
    Me : damn american

  17. Me: switches into an archaebacteria to survive in harsh environments

    “Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?”

  18. If You guys are so mad then research more about the topic lol you guys are so used to one video telling you all you care about

  19. this video came out after watching the hilarious interview in uganda regarding LGBTQ.. i was like oh this is where the pastor can cook all his vegetables and pasta that he brought during the interview.. confusing🤔🤔🤔

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