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The Discourse – Drifter Data Vaults Reveal Footage Of Unknown Vessels

The Discourse – Drifter Data Vaults Reveal Footage Of Unknown Vessels

Capsuleers have begun recovering corrupted trinary data vaults from damaged Drifter fleets appearing across New Eden. These vaults, already partially decrypted, contain trinary file headers for embedded recon footage from camera drones. While the footage is still being compiled, it appears to be a gestalt recording of Drifter forces engaging unfamiliar vessels. Who the aggressors are, or where the recording was made, is as yet udetermined, but the technologies seen are unlike anything known to the peoples of New Eden. The CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency leak uncovered earlier this month appears to be from similar Drifter wreckage data retrievals. DED spokespeople have made no comment to confirm or deny this. We go now to data encryption analyst Nomistrav for more on the effort to decrypt or reconstruct the trinary data. Decryption is an art form. Many ciphers have associations and commonalities with one another. This creates a level of redundancy that can ease efforts toward decipherment. There are commonalities present in this symbol set with our universal alphabet. Those common signs, being more frequent than others, can offer clues toward how a text is written. What few remaining obstacles there were were easily overcome by brute-force algorithms. It is important to note that the obstacles provided do not seem to be meant as a means of interfering with interpretation of the messages, and thus two theories arise: Either we were not intended to read the messages, and they did not expect us to do so, making little attempt to keep us from decrypting it, or we were intended to read the messages, and the obstacles were knowingly made easy to overcome. Now that we have had the opportunity to catalogue the symbols, the difficulty in translating further messages is much reduced. We may even begin communication with the Drifters, if they are capable of engaging in such an exchange. Meanwhile, a number of key questions remain unanswered. Were the Drifters routed by this unknown force? Are the Drifters unable to communicate, but attempting to provide information to Capsuleers? Analysis of the reconnaissance footage is on-going. The Arataka Research Consortium has requested that pilots with intelligence on the location of major Drifter fleets pass this on to ARC personnel. Bounties are also being provided for the physical recovery of new corrupted trinary data vaults. This is Elinari Rhodan, and Cyrillian Voth, reporting in Sirppala for the Discourse.

8 thoughts on “The Discourse – Drifter Data Vaults Reveal Footage Of Unknown Vessels”

  1. Super awesome video, keep them going
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  2. There are a couple of things that bother me with the Drifters. Are the fleets we have been seeing, for some reason, looking for a place to berth and repair? Are they running? Or do they suspect New Eden of spawning a threat?

    To suggest they are running could make sense, badly damaged ships regrouping in New Eden to provide mutual defense against any incoming threat, but at the same time being relatively small and mobile to try and avoid detection. Which is a good thing, imagine a Deathball of 1000's of Drifter ships. I doubt even the Imperium's super fleet would last long in an open battle.

    And what is the significance of the Triglavian to the Drifters?

    And it may not matter too much, but have these deathballs been reported in J-Space at all?

  3. Oh wow!! I can't wait to see more information, tin foil hat time again guys!! Are you planning another lore panel for tinfoilery – New players just catching up with the lore know little about drifter history, and I am all for listening to that kind of stuff for hours.. ^_^ Fab work again team. You rock

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