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The Disturbing Ingredients Hidden In Your Food

The Disturbing Ingredients Hidden In Your Food

100 thoughts on “The Disturbing Ingredients Hidden In Your Food”

  1. Oh well…. *Thinks about how much sushi I ate in my life* I think I'm dead (I ate about a million bec I love sushi)

  2. The 19 maggots in a CAN of mushrooms is fake for my country cause we don’t have cans of mushrooms we have freashly harvested mushrooms in your face America

  3. Rhett looks exactly like me except his eyes and link has my exact eyes so who do I like better? I they were to split up and make new channels, who’s would I watch more often?

  4. wow lucky me i dont consume much of these foods or drinks! ive never had nor will i ever drink anything like red bull! i knew when they 1st came out they were bad for you and i bet they taste bad too! Kudos to you dudez, you guys eat and taste things i wouldnt put in my shopping cart let alone my mouth! >:~)

  5. I’m never eating peanut butter ever EVER. Again, I will also never eat mushrooms, I was on the edge of throwing up because I (used) to love mushrooms but after this NEVEAH! 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮

  6. I’m just trying to figure out why putting bugs, animal hairs, and animals in our food products is necessary.

  7. The beetles used to produce natural red number 4 are cochineal beetles. I do believe these are either ladybugs or related to the ladybug.

  8. Taurine in red bull is not directly produced by bull bile. Taurine was isolated from bull bile in the 1800's and is now commercially synthesized. So this is kind of a trick question.

  9. i got the clean sweep cause i was like there's no way nail polish remover would be in frozen dinners nor would there be fertilizer in jawbreakers. anything you could possibly die from eating would not be in the foods xD

  10. Taurine is not cow bile. Nor is it made from it. Nor does cow bile have a notable amount of taurine. Most of your "facts" are barely close to true.

  11. There is actually a statistic that is scientifically proven that each person eats an average of 7 spiders a year, in their sleep

  12. i am a wild mushroom picker. they are filled with bugs a lot of the time. u gotta assume ur eating them every now and then. those mushrooms would be chopped up into itty bitty pieces otherwise


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