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The Doctor Enters The TARDIS |The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who

The Doctor Enters The TARDIS |The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who

-Are you new?
-We can’t hang around waiting. He could be ages. Yes, he’s probably off
rebuilding a civilisation, or defeating giant robot fish. -We’ll just have to steal it.
-I’m sorry, what? The hopper is really close. We would be
out of here in less than ten minutes. -I need time travel. I need this TARDIS!
-I’m sorry. The word steal… somebody said “steal”. Yes, we’re going to steal this box.
Hush, you wouldn’t understand. -You can’t.
-Why can’t I? -You can’t just steal a TA… a box.
-Why not? -Look, it says Police.
-I have a key. Okay, this Damsel person, he sounds… He sounds pretty dangerous… ish. It’s a… time… machine. I can take it, do whatever I want
and pop it back a second later. -He’ll never know it was gone.
-Yes, he will. How? -He’ll just know.
-Well, he’s never noticed before. Maybe… he’ll notice now. I’ll see you on Temple Beach. -I’ve already picked out your swimwear.
-Okay, but be careful. Absolutely not. You, with me. Bring the head. Please, look after her for me. Oh, before you come in,
you’d better prepare yourself for a shock. It’s not as… snug as it looks. Finally. Finally? It’s my go. Oh… my… God! It’s bigger! -Well, yes.
-On the inside! -We need to concentrate.
-Than it is! I know where you’re going with this,
but I need you to calm down. -On the outside!
-You’ve grasped the essentials. My entire understanding
of physical space has been transformed! Three-dimensional
Euclidean geometry has been torn up, thrown in the air and snogged to death! My grasp of the universal constants
of physical reality has been changed… forever. Sorry. I’ve always wanted
to see that done properly. Would you like a drink? Aldebaran brandy. Help yourself, but don’t tell Dad. What’s that noise? It seems to have powered down,
conserving batteries. It’s an in-built life-support system.
I’m not sure what powers it– -I really don’t care. What’s that noise?
-I don’t know. A signal? Distress call? -Homing beacon.
-Possibly. -So, the rest of him’s coming
-He must be cross. He’s lost his head. Time we were off, then. -You’re doing it wrong.
-I am certainly not. Not those levers. Hush. -You probably want to press that button.
-Why? That evacuates the waste tank
on deck seven. -Does it?
-What is wrong with you? Better avoid deck seven, then. Something’s interfering with the engines,
which is technically not possible. -Maybe.
-How would you know? Maybe the engines
are interfering with themselves. Wild theory, but what if this machine
had certain safeguards. For instance, maybe it can’t take off
when a life form registers as being both inside and outside
at the same time? Head and body. Which would mean, and again
I’m just wildly theorising here, that the door would not engage properly. Of course.
It can’t seal the real-time envelope. Hence it can’t take off. Not when someone
is in and out at the same time. That just wouldn’t be good manners,
would it? -You’re very quick.
-Yes. For a Doctor. Yes! Seriously? Don’t forget to subscribe to
the official Doctor Who YouTube channel.

100 thoughts on “The Doctor Enters The TARDIS |The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who”

  1. "My entire understanding of physical space has been transformed! Three-dimensional Euclidean geometry has been torn up, thrown in the air and snogged to death! My grasp of the universal constants of physical reality has been changed forever."

  2. Peter had the best chemistry with River.
    "well he's never noticed before"
    Bitch glare "Well maybe…..he'll notice… now"

  3. the best comedy bit out of the dr who universe lol
    My entire understabding of physical space and been transdformed lol

  4. River: carefully explains how she's going steal this box
    Doctor is standing right in front of her. It's his box.
    River: You wouldn't understand.
    Doctor: UMMM OKAY

  5. Doctor: "Maybe he'll notice… now."
    River: laughs

    Doctor: "Yes…. for a Doctor." gives knowing look
    River: "Yes!" totally brushes that comment off
    Doctor: "Seriously?"

  6. River was so convinced she knew every face of the doctor, it literally never crossed her mind that Twelve could ever be the doctor, no matter how many ways he tried to imply it.

  7. The chemistry between Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi is the best Doctor/River relationship. The other ones really didn't work.

  8. River: "You better prepare yourself for a shock. It's not as…snug as it looks"

    Doctor: hold my sonic screwdriver

  9. "Sorry, I've always wanted to see that done properly."

    I love it when you can't tell if it's the Doctor or Peter Capaldi speaking.
    Christopher, David and Matt have a few moments like that too.

  10. Yes, this definitely feels like Moffatt wrote this. Sadly, this is probably head and shoulders better than what Chibnall is currently doing.

  11. One thing I have never understood about this episode! River can understand the tardis, so how come the tardis didn’t just tell her, hey he’s the doctor!!!

  12. I come back here from time to time to remember what a good episode looks like. I can barely understand what is going on in most of the new ones.

  13. I find this hilarious, because Peter Capaldi reminds me of Tom Baker, but because River didn't know the doctor that long ago, she can't see it.

  14. No one is talking about how the TARDIS just lets River take her and she doesn’t even tell The Doctor about it, maybe it’s just girls night out

  15. It seems like River and the Doctor are trying to state the "Obvious" to the "Oblivious"!!!

    The Oblivious (Obvious) leading the Obvious (Oblivious)!!!

    River: We need to "Steal" it… (Obvious)

    Doctor: What do you mean, steal it? (Oblivious)

    River: He won't notice it. It is a "Time Machine" (I have done it multiple times – Thinking). (Obvious)

    Doctor: Maybe he will notice it "Now"!!! (Obvious)

    River: Laughing, (Thinking, No he will not). (Oblivious).

  16. He was so good at being The Doctor, too bad the writers didn't give him good scripts, too bad the BBC fired him for being too much of a white male.

  17. I'm not the most well versed in the Who-verse, but how in the universe could River Song not recognize The Doctor? I understand that part of the regeneration is a new physical form as well as (some) personality changes, but shouldn't The Doctor still have a recognizable "aura" or whatever you want to call it to someone who knows him that well? Forgive me if I'm wrong but even enemies he hasn't met for (re)generations knows him (almost) instantly, shouldn't his wife do the same?

    His "bigger on the inside" monologue and the closing line at 2:18 is just beyond brilliant though. I'll almost forgive the topic of my rant for that speech alone.

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