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The Fur Trade in North America

The Fur Trade in North America

FN bois helped and loaded goodies while FN gallies made some weird meat jerky and boatie bois the bois also collected animal skin (oh no) and brought them back to trading posts and sold them to strangers πŸ™ at switchy-switchy posts in the summer of SIXTY-NINE- wait, nope its 1701 the bois and the baguettes signed a peace thingy *crunch* *crunch cruynch crinch crunch* *cruncher chrinchle* *chrinkle churnch crunch* *quiet crunch* *slap-crunch* this was so the baguettes wouldn’t stab any more native bois v i l l a g e s and the trappy bois and switchy switchy bois wouldnt die from wallking this peace thingy was the
T R E A T Y O F M O N T R E A L FIRST NATION GALLLIES DIDNT KILL AMINALS but BRUTALLY RIPPED THEIR SKINS OFF OF THEIR BODIES in the canadian summer//winter to everyone else FN bois would KILL the poor aminals once they had thrown away all

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