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The Grind: Whaling in the Faroe Islands (Full Length)

The Grind: Whaling in the Faroe Islands (Full Length)

at the air choke on whatever sort of slacked I’ll release the title aunty had held every Nautilus like that we had in the blower very good question I’ll hear the flute blowing shoulders these are the Faroe Islands a small archipelago in the North Atlantic this autonomous country in the Kingdom of Denmark has stark fjords a population of only 50,000 and centuries of history there is little agriculture here so the Faroes have always relied on the ocean to survive yet one of their oldest traditions has attracted criticism from many around the world if they’re always call it the grinned a pilot whale slaughter that usually takes place in the summer but has no set date or set season the word grinned can refer to the accent on the whale meat or the whales themselves the tradition has endured for nearly 1,000 years but in recent times has been challenged by animal rights activists who claim the practice is inhumane a grin can happen at any moment so far this summer there hasn’t been a grinned I’m Martin I live here in own turf you’re practically all the fish we eat I I fish myself well the grins it’s a tradition that I don’t want to die faris survival has relied on on whales whale hunting in the Pharisees very old there’s not much else here as you can see there are no no no forests not much of a wildlife well we only have sheep and otherwise we have to rely on the on the sea whatever the sea can bring us fish and whales it’s not just for tradition or for show or whatever or for our own pleasure it is for food that’s the reason we were given many Faroese across the islands proudly defend the tradition I was 14 years old the first time I killed the whale and I was taught by an old Baker in my village he said to me Huck no you come here I’ll teach you how to cut the throat of a whale that I was quite good at it actually it’s always been in the Faroe Islands like that the ability to hunt has been passed from one generation to another but that is not the same anymore the world is going through an urbanization and we are also a part of that organization and the values imposed on us it makes me feel a bit sad actually really does we all speak at virtual delivery it’s more honest to go out in the oceans and provide the food that you need it doesn’t make sense for me to buy a carrot spinning sail under here thousands of miles I think it’s good to have some pilot whales instead of doing something that is only pretending to be organic the green is barbaric it’s beyond our barek when you kill an entire group an entire family of highly sentient and conscience beings Sea Shepherd is a marine conservation organization the objective is stopping the dream defend the whales this summer what we are here my name is Lamia is somebody I’m the leader of the offshore crew here in the Faroe Islands for the green stock campaign and I’m also president of sea Shepherd France during the summer of 2014 hundreds of sea Shepherd volunteers from around the world descended upon the Faroe Islands to attempt to stop the grinned they called their campaign operation green stop who watches he pilots worse we would try to make sure that they don’t come anywhere close hunting bay Sea Shepherd tries to drive the whales back out to the open sea many people here tell us that this is not the main threats on pirate Wells and it’s true pollution overfishing global warming loose factors kill much more whales than the Greens itself but at the same time these are things that are very difficult to stop what’s happening here is something that’s easy to stop anywhere it’s a matter of will if we cannot stop willingly killing pilot whales I don’t see how we have any chance to stop the accidental slaughter that’s being provoked by all the human actions no to the meal my worst fear is that a green happens while we’re here our main objective is to find a wealth before they do damn you girls we stayed with the pilot whales for a while until they actually got away from the fuel now they are back out and they are safe out of the fairest people and pirates Wells are very very social creatures they have very strong bonds with each other when they are being driven to to a chilling day they wouldn’t leave the ones that are injured they wouldn’t abandon them because of the strong bones they all died the killing itself is not the worst part of it the worst is actually for the last whale to die because that will have seen over family died and they are drowning in each other’s blood this is the worst thing in the green as the Shepherd’s campaign continues tensions begin to mount across the islands you have no business in violence well that’s your opinion you’re entitled to it but we have coming into this country you’re are terrorists okay that’s your opinion thank you I don’t think you’re doing meanwhile the Faroes feel the ire of Sea Shepherd’s vast army of online supporters are you proud of yourself for sitting on my whale you should be ashamed of yourself supporting those murder you stupid they come here sitting and watching for a plot evil whale war every day for today there’s no thing like that we have a lot of animals here we we kill them then or she’ll a lot of people living in big countries they’ll go to the grocery and they’ll see a picture of a smiling pig or something like that and they buy it and think it comes from it’s my Olympic that’s not reality it’s a fixed random iron page all his life and this Layla had a long good life technically I think that’s more human than having a cow never seen sunlight or grass field or anything like that hermano partially I believe popomon optimal altar of the Ottoman judgment everybody the Grinch has always been non-commercial no one in the Pharaohs is a whaler by profession with v3 which are plugged into the home on Turkish news with the grievous ishka and often dr. Almada our an epicenter power system producer affair we strive to ensure the sustainability of the grid and don’t hunt every pod they see the wreck of the McClendon or so wherever there are centers and center out there domestic television recently coming I thought our feature we verify the travelers who yeah and we allow the Faroes have kept detailed records of the grinned for as long as it’s been done it’s the oldest unbroken hunting statistic of any wild animal the meat is distributed according to a highly regulated system among the hunters and the people in the town where the grinned occurs the grinned is legal in the Faroe Islands despite being under Danish rule the pharaohs are not part of the European Union and therefore European whaling restrictions do not apply all regulations law on Grint is fairly slow the Danish Parliament can’t interfere that in any way Quint is a part of much bigger bigger picture also so we only have the sea to depend on I mean we can’t accept that the word goes in the direction that we can’t use of some sort that’s a simplicity to put things in perspective the Faroe Islands has a population of just under 50,000 Paul Watson the founder of Sea Shepherd has over half a million followers on Facebook alone I don’t give a damn about people’s cultures or race or ethnicity or their nationality if you kill whales illegally we’re going to oppose you not surprisingly the Faroes feel underrepresented in the online debates surrounding their lifestyle specifically Sea Shepherd they give a completely wrong picture of us it looks really and there’s a lot of blood in the sea but it’s only emotions and they use it to to to gather money they can throw that around they always throw that around but I’m not making any money in this at all anything that involves cruelty and slaughter should not be part of anybody’s culture the new trend is by local eat local we hunted local emanated law and the eat local folks that that must be very close to perfect you are from the now you’re liable they’re undercover we’re on this okay we don’t we don’t try to kill you and we just kill them to eat we have to eat something No as the Faroes wait patiently for a grand sea shepherd keeps a vigilant watch for whales I am willing to die to save a whale or a dolphin sea turtle – now I’m willing to die to save animals I’ve been following Sea Shepherd for a while now I’ve been putting them on Facebook Twitter on their website and also on the series they put on TV opinion for this my 16 and it was easy to go via and I didn’t have to be like afraid to go on a Russian prison like we heard about the Greenpeace ship and we got the information that this killing Beach it’s not in use anymore I want to get some sand from this beach a souvenir this is the campaign jacket for this year and if you see the rock there that’s exactly the rock and foam that you’re seeing across there dramatic the sea Shepherd volunteers are excited by a visit from a well-known supporter family under Cisco me we’ve been out here since these guys have to make sure if I spot any whales that obviously they can either bring them in here or they can take them down the field so this is a very dangerous spot for us just because they’re so close to the open ocean and really yeah really good just about done before they do yeah cuz you know they’re telling me how it’s not for entertainment and not for but it’s like that rush like that dopamine kind of blast it’s like what people get from those violent video games and sexual where it’s a weird stuff like I keep on worrying about kids I don’t do you miss the Grand Theft Auto or whatever like what do they think normal you know relationships are like pretty soon you know you’re hurting animals you’re killing people I just think it’s Sea Shepherd’s set up a press conference with Pam Anderson to open a face-to-face debate with the Faroes on the issue of the grinned and there’s so few brutal things like this happening in the world that I think that this is just a bull fight of the sea so I don’t understand if it’s not for consumption it’s not a commercial industry that it’s you know that it’s not for survival then what is it what is it for is it the fields of its event like a sport it is for consumption and I thought that would bring something to you but I think would not be appropriate you mentioned bullfight no one here in the Faroe Islands or any hunter would like to call it bullfight for what’s on the leader of the sea Shepherd has described us as a nod says how was your attitude to that he’s a very passionate man he’s very poetic he’s trying to explain in an in a poetic way and also in a way that people can maybe respond to I haven’t met one person in the entire world that thinks this is cool it’s just a primitive the people of the Faroe Islands primitive world this specific thing is very barbaric the Faroes fiercely defend their right to live off the natural resources of their islands but the tradition of the grand might be endangered for reasons unrelated to sea shepherds activism the feral Islander that paying a high price for the human pollution of the Seas for every gram of pilot whale meat you find 2 microgram of magma cream this is quite serious pollution dr. Paul Vai has conducted a study on the Faroes population examining subjects from birth to determine effects of mercury from eating grinned he follows up on his subjects and regular tests throughout their lives and we saw mercury had a negative impact on their memory reaction time language so we made a recommendation to stop eating a pile of real meat and lava AUSA has been a subject in dr. vise studies since before she was born she is of the Faroes minority who believes the Grinch should end due solely to health concerns I don’t eat well myself and my mercury levels were like really low because I haven’t eaten it and I don’t think there’s anything wrong and how we do it because it’s humane and it’s sustainable and everything about because it’s not food anymore then I don’t see any point in doing it this black part here this is the meat well the blubbered almost busting freeze so you can take it out of the freezer straight away and it’s edible I don’t believe consumption has been a part of our society for hundreds of years I have been available when I was a young man then sometimes you have to give things up the weekly recommended amount is around what we just add there and pregnant women should need it at all a lot of people reacted in in a way that they said well we don’t want to eat it anymore after a long summer of anticipation whales are finally spotted near the southern island of Santo oh yeah as I turn into the bay I’m here to to save the whales but at the moment the Navy boat arrived and they arrived at full speed behind us went full speed trying to get away but they eventually managed to arrest us what we have seen there was that there was a big crowd of various people some of them were just clapping ironically others some of them most of them were laughing the most of them were happy that we got arrested and at that moment I was really close to actually a cry I can say it and I was thinking you know that the word is upside down for several reasons but at this point you really it’s clear you know it’s the ones who trying to save lives are handcuffed and arrested by the police and the one who are killing animals are free to do so and protected by the Danish government after the whales are pulled to shore the community comes together to divide the harvest and then they tell how many people divide it and the boats were about to get more and these records of the Grand will join the others in the archives the whales are brought in to the warehouse where they are gutted in field teeth samples are taken for scientific studies the locals and the hunters gathered to butcher the whales and systematically divide the meat among each famine close it off and thirty three whales died in this grinned far less than in previous years this was the only grinned of the summer very nice take good in Dallas this you can do anything you fry it oven grill sea Shepherd all got caught up like yeah I’m gonna shout victory and open a bottle of champagne on my hands someone says they’re savages that killed endangered specie that animals it’s just yeah it’s all such a bad lie it’s the whales were really endangered they would stop yeah try it on slow heat should be good Facebook is being spammed by by Sea Shepherd pictures of Sea Shepherd being arrested welcome to hell apparently this is us so much hate from both sides that’s incredible the sea Shepherd volunteers spend the night in jail they’re charged for the offense of interfering in the grand we were six people against a crowd that was basically possessed I’ve never seen anything like it it was just absolute and utter bloodlust I know that we drove wells away and that does well may have been killed if we hadn’t the figures speak for themselves 1300 whales died last year starting June to September 33 this year from what I can read in social media and that we think that there are 45,000 barbarians here which is really not the case people here are among the most hospitable people that I’ve ever met even some of the guys who kill whales are very nice people I still think that the green is barbarian and useless but I may have changed my perception of why it goes on I think that the majority of the people who do it just do it out of habit and it goes back centuries there are so many traditions here and I’m just hoping that the day will come where the fairies people will realize that it doesn’t make them less fairies to drop this one young people specially they got really interested in grins now now we have something – I wouldn’t say fight for but we have a common enemy you know we are forgetting what it is to be Faroese we live so far away from everything else we live in the middle of nowhere to me I think it’s important to remember where we’re from and what we are the things that we are seeing is maybe kind of a symptom that the urban way of morality is like being imposed upon a lot of smaller cultures in the world and why that is I don’t know maybe because of globalization and things like that I look down here and I see out to the ocean area on the east side here and if I was lucky I would spot a pot of whales and would go out on the boat or participate in the in the killing at down the beach here and I can see my house I can see the old hospital where I was born in 1968 and I can see the graveyard where I’m going to be probably be laid to rest everything I need is within the sight of the eye you

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  4. GOOGLE SEA SHEPHERD VIOLENCE and PAUL WATSON CRIMES and you will get a long list of crimes and violence made by that cult

  5. With a lot of pilot whales stranding themselves an dying starvation an these folks eating them eventually they will be extinct. Nice job folks. Whale starvations is due to Fukushima melt down in 2011 which is killing all life in the Pacific Ocean. All you fools should be concerned about nuc plants as well. Remove your heads from the sand.

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  9. They should really focus their efforts on the corporations. These islanders aren’t trying to exploit whale meat is one of their limited options for food sources. They even have the receipts to show how practically all of the meat is distributed to be utilized (I highly doubt corporations can say the same).

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    You bunch of donkey go elsewhere and take on big corporations who's messing the whole planet … !!

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  18. Any kind of meat consumption involves this nasty business in some form. Most of the time it happens in a slaughter house, away from sight. People live their lives, thinking not a thought of where it comes from. In this case it's open for all to see, and pretty much everyone on that island knows what was done to get that meat onto the plate.

    Is there a bit of sport and blood lust also involved? Perhaps. Are traditions, and history excuses? Possibly.

    Is it a problem to eat whale meat? Not in small quantities. Is it a problem to kill big groups/families of animals? Possibly.

    Can people eat less meat? Absolutely.

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  20. This is some sick twisted Shit!
    This is nasty and no need to kill them at all! They was so trusting of you all and you killed them!

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  22. Gotta love this onesided commentsection. I dont have to think twice to know every single comment is biased cancer. This kind of thing makes me want to actively hunt people, cut out the best parts and throw away the rest. With all the intelligence we have, some people have stayed at the mindset of a 3 yearold. Our race will not be long for this world, we've been here a miniscule time compared to many of the species we hunt and we are one of the biggest causes of the planets deteriation. Not before long nature is gonna strike down this cancer ass species called humans. 200k years was all we could handle, smartest animal to live on the planet kills itself because they couldnt say stop to barbaric behaviour. And before you reply, im fully aware of the circle of life, sometimes you have to kill to survive but there is a wrong and a right way to do it. Go watch some japanese whaling vids if you want some reference. What these people are doing is pretty similar.

    And something even more funny is that our new way life here, has barely existed for a millenia and we are already extinguishing our resources, we have eradicated more than 100 times or even more than the natural amount of species that die off naturally "That analysis revealed that before humans evolved, less than a single species per million went extinct annually. Applying the same statistical approach to extinction data revealed a rate of 100 to 1,000 species lost per million per year, mostly due to human-caused habitat destruction and climate change". We are garbage and we will always be garbage based on how people comment to this video and the way the people on the video reacted to opposition.

    Enjoy reading my rant and please keep ruining the enviroment so we can die faster. Go Go Nuclear war. And btw the first step in our next evolution is achieving world peace but we cant even reach that, cause we cant even respect the other humans we live with on the same planet not to mention the other creatures we share the planet with. This shit i figured out at the age of 15(Not my current age) and you guys are still like "ugh ugh eat rock" at the age of 30+.

    If you got some more insight at the wrongs of the world, good for you, now just realise you cant do shit as the monkeys around you are sealing OUR fate. And if you didnt get why i did this rant idgaf since we are all dying within the next millenia. Peace out, or i mean WAR IN. mic drop

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  25. I understand them…. there is no tree and tall grass… how can you farm there? They need to survive that’s their culture… i think they eat without rice or oatmeal

  26. Teaching children to be disrespectful towards nature, just breeds more ignorance, I simply do not understand this tradition.

  27. This is disgusting , disturbing this is a very bad representation of there country . They should be humiliated by their actions 😤

  28. What's the difference between and a slaughterhouse in Nottingham the only difference I can say is somebody has filmed this and not the slaughterhouse if you eat meat then animals have to be killed

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  30. I think if humans worldwide still took part in hunting culture, the emotional response this sparks wouldn't be so aggressive. I've witnessed goats killed and I'm sure some ppl out there would be angry about that but as in this case its to feed the community. But the urbanization if the world has really shut that side of the human life out. Ppl eat meat and don't consider what went into that so when they see things like this they're not used to they get unnecessarily angry. Though i hope the Faroes ppl stop so they don't poison themselves


  32. Sea shepherd should worry more about genocides and issues like gaza and famine in Africa and leave the Faroese alone to continue their way of life. If anything at all, they should rather focus on ways to help the faroese hunt in a more sustainable way.

  33. Just playing Devil's Advocate, if I came to this island and decided I wanted to hunt human for food, would that be okay? I've been hunting people for many years but it is look down upon here in the United States. I'm just curious if I move to this island would I be welcome?

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  38. This isn't five hundred years ago. The oceans are suffering due to pollution, overfishing and the ridiculous killing of sea mammals for food. Its difficult to believe these people would go hungry without slaughtering  hundreds of whales. People live on islands all over the world and don't resort to eating sea mammals. The starvation song and dance is total bullshit. The truth is they can't retire a custom that has long outlived it's usefulness. Anyone, including Sea Sheppard who helps these people realize the error of their ways, is contributing to the overall health of our planet. IF THE OCEANS DIE, WE ARE NEXT!

  39. If these idiots keep  eating whale meat at the rate their going  the problem will self correct. Two micrograms of methyl-mercury per gram of whale meat is enough to kill horse over time. It also causes mental retardation. Bon appétit.

  40. The methyl-mercury tainted whale blubber consumed by Faroe islanders over the centuries has obviously taken it's toll on their mental capacity.  These idiots are poisoning their own children!

  41. This sea shepherd should get out from that place. We all eat meat. We eat sea turtle 🐢 everything we eat is part of our culture. If you dont eat meat fuck off. Leave this people alone. Watta stupid group of cunt bother people culture.

  42. They can have beer from stores but for food they have to kill harmless innocent sea mammals. What a bullshit. And they call themselves the civilized people of first world countries.

  43. I hope that guy can fulfill his dream of “dying for a tuna” he’s a little late tho killed 67 of them out of coos bay Oregon last week and boy they taste good

  44. The Faroese hunting whales or dolphins is not the problem. As long as they make full use of their kill(s) and don't let the resource go to waste (which it seems they do). I agree with others who say it is not for us to judge. My only issue, is this: Is there a way to kill the animals faster so they don't suffer for minutes or hours? Such as shooting them or electrocuting them, or something other than [eventually] stabbing and slicing them (where they are already in terror for up to a half hour or more? …before they die). Environmentalism is a double edged sword.

    I believe groups like "Sea Shepherd" do good work. But they also probably do bad work (radical environmentalism). There has to be balance. And that "President" lady of the Sea Shepherds (France), had seemingly changed her thought process a little by this experience and talking with the people. But like most leftists (and I will make that assumption), she is ignorant and brainwashed (like the vast majority of us), with the Global Warming and "AGW" fallacy and criminal scam.

    There is no more "organic farming/harvesting" than the way the Faroese do it. They have to survive, and they have to be able to provide for themselves. They have to be able to harvest their natural resources. So I can understand the old man being pissed off, and cursing at her. And I can understand Denmark and the EU leaving them alone, to their own way of life. I can also understand their culture and tradition (which we are loosing in the Western European/Caucasian world (this is intentional and not by accident as well). That is a harsh environment. And they have to be allowed to provide for themselves.

    The only issue again, is reducing the suffering of the animals being slaughtered. That should be something that humans aspire to accomplish in perpetuity, always improving their methods and "sustainability" using technology/technological advances. It is difficult to watch the animals being essentially suffocated and dragged ashore, struggling. But until there is a better way formulated which the Faroese can agree to/get accustomed to, maybe there is no "better way".

    I think it's a very interesting and relevant comparison, to compared them to the Japanese, – a culture and nation that also still hunts and eats whales, dolphins, sharks and everything from the bounty of the Sea; And is also being persecuted by environmental or animal rights groups and interfered with. It's also worth noting that the Japanese (along with the Faroe Islanders also probably), are one of the healthiest populations in the world. But as they become more industrialized and urbanized, their health deteriorates somewhat.

    We in America and Western cultures are increasingly unhealthy from massive corporate factory farms and slaughterhouses, bacteria, diseases, chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, preservatives, vaccines, highly processed and refined foods, soils where the nutrients are depleted, monoculture, etc. And we are not adapting. All these things, and many other different things are destroying America and our European heritage and culture (which also used to be heavily dependant upon seafood and the oceans).

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