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The Outsiders – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

The Outsiders – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

What up y’all? This week we takin
it to the STREETS with The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Fo’teen year old Pony Boy Curtis
jus’ walkin home one night, minding his own damn bidness when all the sudden- “Break
Yo’self Fool!” Five hoods from West Side crew roll up and start layin a whoop on my boy
when “HOLD UP”- Pony Boy’s East side bruthas drop in and shake dem haters off.
See, fo years there been beef goin on between The Socs, or the West Side rich kids, and
the “Greasers,” the East side po’ kids. Pony boy livin’ in the slums with
his two brothers Sodapop and Darry. And when Pony on da streets, he and his bros always
rollin deep with some otha’ Greasers- Johnny, Steve, Two-Bit, and crazy white-boy Dallas
Winston, or Dally for short. Later, Johnny, Dallas, and Pony Boy
chillin at da drive-in when they start throwin game at these two soc biddies named Cherry
and Marcia. When Dallas bails and Two-Bit shows up, da boys decide to keep it gangsta
and offer da ladies a ride home. While they rollin up to the hoopty, tho, da girls boytoys
Bob and Randy step to em afta’ poundin’ way too much crunk joose. Mad-dogging ensues and da
sh** bout to go down when da womenses break it up and head home with their men. Dat night, Pony boy and Johnny pass
out while they soakin’ in dat night sky, so when Pony get home, Darry all like “Muthafuka
where you been? I been stayin up all night waitin fo yo ass.” Darry get all riled up and WHACK- gives em five across da face. All to’ up
bout it, Pony Boy books it to the park where he meets up with his boy Johnny. Just then
“Oh Damn!”- Outta nowhere Randy, Bob, and da rest of dem Soc haters jump our boys!
It’s almost lights out for Pony Boy, whose ass bout to get drowned, til Johnny whips
out his blade and shanks Bob. WOOOO he dead! Buggin like crazy, Pony and Johnny
hit up crazy-ass Dallas, who throws em a piece, fiddy bucks, and tell em to get outta town
and lay low in an abandoned church til things cool off. Bout one boring-ass week later, Dallas show
up and take em to a Dairy Queen and tell em what’s goin down in town:
The Socs and da Greasers bout have an all-out rumble in da streets. Cherry on our side now
actin’ like a spy, and da law is ridin’ Pony Boy and Johnny’s asses HARD- even got
they descriptions in the paper. Johnny decide he gonna turn himself in pleadin’ self defense,
but errybody head back to the church first. When they get there, it straight BLAZIN wit
lil’ kids trapped inside! Johnny, Pony, and Dallas keep it clutch and save all the
churrin, but when da roof caves in, Johnny’s back gets fu**ED up and he dies at da hospital. Dallas gets so crunk bout Johnny dyin’ that
he boosts some sh** from da grocery sto’ and now he on the run from the 5-0. Pony and
da boys try to help a brutha out, but da fuzz get to Dallas first and pump him full of lead. Pony Boy sees da whole thing go down, and
realize dat Dallas’s heart been shat on so much, dat he probably wanted to die. With all this messed up sh** goin’ on around
them, Soda get Darry and Pony to stop bustin’ eachothers asses all the time, cuz they all
they got left. Pony Boy gets straight with the law, but he havin’ trouble at school.
Teach hooks him up and say he can write a paper if he wanna pass English. After thinkin’
bout all da mess dat went down with Dallas, he realize dat people need to hear da truth:
The world ain’t JUST a whack-ass place. There’s good in there, and otha’ people
stugglin jus like you. So keep a lookout for peeps who need a hand, and don’t judge a
book by its cover. Pony actually start writing a book which ends up being da book you just
read… Even though Da Outsiders was written fo’
adolescent kids, it sho as hell pissed off a lot of adults.. Matta’ fact, this book
keep it so real dat when it came out, parents were trippin dat it describe young people
talkin mess, smokin’ cigs, and dodgin’ the law. But what really make dis work so
legit, is how Hinton don’t shy away from da beef between the social classes. See at first Pony Boy and da crew thinkin
dat they so different from da Socs cuz they born with phat stacks, whereas da Greasers
gotta bust they ass for a livin and ain’t got sh** to their name. A life full of empty pockets and no opportunities
can make a man cold as ice- like Dallas. And when you on the struggle like dat, da only
thing you got is yo pride to keep you strong, and yo gang to get yo back. “We’re all we’ve
got left. We ought to be able to stick together against everything. If we don’t have each
other, we don’t have anything. If you don’t have anything, you end like Dallas…and I
don’t mean dead, either. I mean like he was before. And that’s worse than dead.”
(176) But eventually Pony-Boy realize dat whether
you got swole dollas or no dollas, errybody got problems- even the Socs. And in that way
they ain’t so different. Cherry help him understand dat when she say: “I’ll bet you think
the Socs have it made. The rich kids, the West-side Socs. I’ll tell you something,
Ponyboy, and it may come as a surprise. We have troubles you’ve never even heard of.
You want to know something?’ She looked me straight in the eye. ‘Things are rough
all over.’” (34-35) All throughout this book Ponyboy feelin’
like he an Outsider- even when he wit his own crew. But no matta’ how tight you are
with someone, there always gonna be differences between one person and anotha. And even if
it’s a fat-ass social gap like da one between da Greasers and da Socs, there’s always
a chance to build a bridge and pave it with gold, playa. In fact, da poem “Nothing Gold can Stay”
by Robert Frost gets a shoutout in da book dat schools Pony boy real good. “I’ve been thinking
about it, and that poem, that guy that wrote it, he meant you’re gold when you’re a
kid, like green. When you’re a kid everything’s new, dawn. It’s just when you get used to everything
that it’s day. Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony. That’s gold. Keep that way, it’s
a good way to be.” (178) There’s gold inside erry homie, and dats
what you gotta get at if you wanna be able to connect wit’ people. So stay gold by
pre- ordering the Thug Notes book. We been workin’ our asses off on this bad boy. It’s
got breakdowns of the 16 most assigned books made of 100% real talk. So click the link
in the description and throw down some change fo’ yo boy Sparky. Thanks for watchin’
y’all. Peace.

100 thoughts on “The Outsiders – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis”

  1. Please do that was then this is now by se Hinton. Way better than the outsiders and it’s my favorite book. Pls consider it

  2. I wonder how it would play out if you did "erasure" by percival everett. A book an educated black guy who struggles to sell books, while posers claiming to be from the ghetto write best sellers, so he makes a fake persona of the very offensive ghetto stereotype he hates and writes a book about being in the hood to become a best seller (even the chapters are spelled won too tree fou faif) but then his fake-ass ghetto persona starts taking over him in his real life

  3. I can finally understand a book without having to read all the pages and actually being entertained while learning about it

  4. You forgot the part right before Dallas dies where all three Curtis brothers, along with their friends go to the abandon field and beat the hell out of the Soc. This whole episode just took me back to may Freshman year in high school, because that's when we had to read this.

  5. This summarized perfectly in 6 minutes, what took me 4 weeks to read and "analyze" as my teacher says.

  6. You were horrible at reviewing movies you only focused on the book you even left out the rumble and even talked about the movie

  7. @SparkySweetsPhd can you do a Summary & Analysis of A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again by by David Foster Wallace.

  8. I remember my mom got me to read the book and watch the movie way before we did in Jr. High so I didnt have to do much during the reading and testing about the book xD, also was funny watching the girls have no interest in the book until they saw Ponyboy in the movie xD

  9. Just finished 'The Goldfinch'. I really appreciated your review. I disagree with your conclusions about Theo's pessimism, though.

    I found Theo's reflections at the end of the book very hopeful, actually. He didn't have anything he thought he wanted and basically says, Life/Fate/God is unfair and cruel, but you never know the future purpose of times of suffering. I found him not to be pessimistic, but finally realistic about Life. It's neither "A Bowl of Cherries," nor "…Sucks and then you die." Rather, the best we can hope for is not to give up when it sucks but persevere in the hope that through our tragedy, a greater good will occur.

    The symbol of this is the theft of the Goldfinch by Boris from Theo (who also stole it) led to not only it's return, but to the return of other lost pieces of stolen treasures. That neither negates Theo's, Boris' or Pippa's suffering, nor does it provide a cliche happy ending. It gives Theo pause to consider that life is not easy and MUST be wrestled with. To paraphrase Boris: "sometimes good comes from bad and sometimes all the good you can do will never prevent bad from happening."

  10. This book is one of my favorites, she could capture so well how alienated people feel when they are coming out of age, and how some of us cant break free from this grasp and realize only when its too late.

  11. I was totally distracted by the pictures of the guys. I kept seeing Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillion, C. Thomas Howell and Leif Garrett. Let's not forget Diane "Cherry" Lane, the you know what on top. Yeah, yeah I remember them all. I'm an eighties baby. You got a problem with that??😎😁P.S. good analysis btw!

  12. From Tulsa! You can visit the old houses… everything was here except the church… however, it's SOUTH side socs, always has been, still is,and NORTH side greasers. You can also watch a movie at the Admiral Twin Theater, just like and exactly where they did! Peace and Love to the Thugs!

  13. It's funny that S.E Hinton is SUPER against people thinking that any of the characters are gay or in love with eachother.
    Some people think Johnny loved Ponyboy and was willing to kill someone to keep him safe. Or Dallas was in love with Johhny and when he passed chose death as well. Ect.
    And obviously they were in the 60s where they probably would repress their sexuality to the grave. I think it's interesting looking through the story with an lgbt+ lens. Even though the author is against it.

  14. Yours is the most real breakdown I've ever heard. Dead on. Spot on. And so, so true! Found you by accident, but subscribed on purpose! Can't wait to see what else you have done. Peace and blessings.

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