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The Queen attends VJ Day memorial

The Queen attends VJ Day memorial

Arriving at a church service to mark the 70th
anniversary of VJ Day, when Japan surrendered and World War Two ended. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were joined
by Prime Minister David Cameron and former prisoners of war at St Martin-in-the-Fields
in London. To remember the sacrifices of British Second
World War forces who fought and died defeating Japan. After the service, the Queen and the Duke
of Edinburgh chatted with veterans and former prisoners
of war. Now in their nineties, they represent the
last of the last of a dwindling band of World War Two veterans. David Cameron said it was “hugely important”
to remember the sacrifices they made. “Thousands of people died, thousands of people suffered appalling injuries and torture during this conflict and it is right that we remember, it is right that we thank them, it is right that we recognise that they suffered for our freedoms. And perhaps, particularly on this 70th anniversary, with the participants now well into their 90s, it is particularly poignant that we stand with them and think of what they went through.” In Japan, commemorations have also been taking
place. with the country’s Emperor expressing his deep remorse over the conflict. Today may have marked the final chapter of
the Second World War. But the memories clearly aren’t forgotten.

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