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The Time Zack Morris Unleashed A Plague Of Rodents

The Time Zack Morris Unleashed A Plague Of Rodents

♪ Zack Morris is Trash ♪ (bell rings) – [Narrator] Zack Morris is studying? Don’t see that everyday. Zack is cracking his first book as he needs a B on the midterm
to go ski with his dad. Everyone laughs in his dumb face, since he’s incapable of
average achievements. Instead of joining the class review, Zack gets a great idea. In Sweden they give grades before exams. – Usually a B. – [Narrator] So students
can be relaxed for exams, a lie that makes no sense. Ms. Bliss tells the class
about her Ms. Bliss challenge, the team that scores highest
on her quiz bowl midterm review wins cool shirts and pizza. Because of these
innovative teaching methods Ms. Bliss is nominated
for School Day Magazine’s Teacher of the Year. She’s got it in the bag. Zack is setting one of
his signature mope traps to fish for Screech’s hallway sympathy. He needs help postponing the midterm so he has more time to
not study for that B. – The one time I need you. – The last time you said that to me I ended up on a bus wearing
nothing but my boxer shorts. – [Narrator] What the fuck? Zack wants to unleash Screech’s
beloved pet rats in school so it gets shut down, delaying every midterm so he can ski. Screech refuses until
Zack dangles a promise of a double date with
twins, total fiction. Zack saunters over to see if Screech set his plague of rodents free. Screech is in spiritual free fall after going along with Zack’s bidding. Lisa saw a rat in the bathroom. Screech is in pain. Zack tells her to go report it. Someone took a bite of Mikey’s Twinkie. Zack says it looks like the work of a rat. If anyone knows rat work, it’s Zack Morris. Zack kicks his domestic terror
campaign into full gear. He commends Ms. Paladrino
for keeping her cool with all these rats running around. Zack savors his fear mongering. Mylo’s ready to serve these tiny guests so Louisville justice. Is this a catch and release operation? Uh-uh, extermination. Screech is paralyzed, having sentenced his friends
to get their brains bashed in. School Day Magazine is here
to interview Ms. Bliss. She details how much she
cares about her students and she takes every opportunity
to nurture their success. Mylo interrupts, Belding we have a problem. Belding announces, due to rat infestation school is canceled for a week. Zack celebrates while
Screech is distraught over the imminent, violent
demise of his furry pals. Zack, not listening, puts
on his cool guy shades. Jesus Christ. Zack hears Ms. Bliss won’t
get Teacher of the Year since her interviewer needs
to observe her teaching and can’t reschedule. Zack hogs the middle of the
stairs like a selfish pee hole. He’s shocked his actions
have consequences, and confesses his bubonic plot. Nikki scolds him for
thinking an extra week of dicking around would
make any difference and guilts him into coming clean. Zack sulks away to do the unthinkable act of telling the truth. Ms. Paladrino checks in on Ms. Bliss, who is devastated her hard earned moment of finally being recognized for an otherwise thankless
career was robbed. She cries out to God. Enter Satan. Screech is a wreck, facing this heat. Zack has zero remorse or empathy. School is back on tomorrow, but if they want their detention reduced, they need to be good students, and help Ms. Bliss win. Zack ignores this, and when Ms. Bliss starts
her trivia challenge, loudly mocks her. Zack is dead weight
dragging his team down. No surprise there. When he finally dings in, showboats down to the buzzer
on a softball question. As the interviewer arrives Zack signals everyone to overact, then shoots a creepy smile
that sends her scooting. Now, instead of answering questions, all the class is doing is
transparently kissing major butt. Zack is giving banal speeches
for orchestrated applause. Zack pats the interviewer,
much to her horror, like that will help. – Never touch me again. – [Narrator] Not the first or last time Zack will hear those words. Ms. Bliss stops the madness. This visitor is distracting
from their review and needs to leave. She won’t be able to
reschedule her observation. Ms. Bliss is fine with
that and sends her off. Her students come first. Zack revels in a B on
an eighth grade midterm like he just got into MENSA, and thanks Nikki who
carried his ass to that B. He caps off his thank you
with more cool guys shades. Are you fucking kidding me? Ms. Bliss won Teacher of the Year, no thanks to Zack. Let’s review. Zack Morris pissed away study time, then falsely promised female
proximity to coerce Screech into rodent based terrorism, so he could delay a midterm
he’d still fail later to go skiing, and never cared or considered
this would end in slaughter! When his scheme crushed
a selfless educator still had to be pressured
into doing what was right. Then did everything that’s wrong and almost cost her the award, and had to be dragged to achieve his comically attainable grade! Zack Morris is trash. ♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (bell rings)

100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Unleashed A Plague Of Rodents”

  1. Not surprising how many of you clowns misspelled Z A C K when it is clearly spelled in the title of this series…

  2. I remember having a crush on Nikki (heather hopper). That look she gives zack @ 3:48 was every kid’s dream and as far as i was concerned the best looking of all the girls.

  3. Just wondering when you guys are gonna do the episode where Zack dates Lisa, knowing full well how long he's had a crush on her. I need to see it. Please.

  4. Wow, that that interviewer could immediately spot a psychopath in a middle school class, deserves some praise. Too bad she probably fucking killed herself

  5. I think the implication of Screech on the bus in nothing but his boxers is that Zack sold him to a pedophile. Then after getting raped, the pedophile wouldn't even give Screech a ride home.

  6. "Last time you said I needed you, is when I ended up on a bus nothing but my boxer shorts"

    Narrator: WTF


  7. I'm currently re-watching all of Saved By The Bell, and upto season 3. You don't realise how much Zack Morris is Trash, until you watch these lol

  8. Why. Just why. Screetch deserves better, the teachers, the students, literally everyone but Zack deserves better. Especially Miss Bliss, and Screetch.

  9. When saved by the bell, boy meets world, and the facts of life had whole classes disappear after the first one or two seasons…never to be seen again.

  10. Everyone needs to ask how a school named Bayside in Indiana in Season 1 becomes a school named Bayside in Los Angeles in Season 2 complete with the same principal AND student body😂😂

  11. I don't recall that cute brown haired girl in any episodes and the whole idea of this show was that Zack was a sociopath with charisma wasn't it? Kinda like a Bart Simpson..

  12. I’ve actually never watched Saved By The Bell. I’ve only watched this series and I think I can say this series is better than the actual show.

  13. That's 2 Zack is trash videos where screech brings up being almost naked on a bus bc of
    I wonder what the story was..

  14. You eventually have to do the last Miss Bliss episode, if only to point out the school moving from Indiana to California, and that Miss Bliss probably fucking killed herself.

  15. imagine if zack died from his stupid stunts what would anyone say at his funeral… He had potential to be a felon?

  16. The title of this youtube video should be, Zack Morris releases himself 🐀🐁 on the unsuspecting secondary school – poor high school students

  17. Zack Morris sounded like a girl but, he's not – he's a mule – actually wouldn't even hassle a mule as a animal doesn't know the difference between right and wrong

  18. I'd love to see Weird Al write a song about Miss Bliss to the tune of that Faith Hill song 'This Kiss.'

  19. When I watched SBTB on tv, I thought Zach must smell like "Polo" (the official cologne of the1980s for pretentious rich assholes. .and those who want to appear to be.)

  20. Detective , Martin riggs within the original lethal weapon movies is basically trash as well

  21. I wish Jessie would have kicked Zacks ass. I know that doesn't fit with her role model archetype, but damn it would have been satisfying.

  22. Based on Screech's line, he's referring to (possibly) the FIRST time Screech ends up naked on a bus. It apparently happened a SECOND time, judging by a line in an episode during the Tori period.

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