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The Wonton Don | Goose In My Basket [Official Music Video]

The Wonton Don | Goose In My Basket [Official Music Video]

my old school bike with my bitch

100 thoughts on “The Wonton Don | Goose In My Basket [Official Music Video]”

  1. Donnie you're funny as fuck just wondering what kind of camera you use for your videos man? High quality shit you'll be much more famous soon & best of luck!

  2. Fun clip, them chicks…BUT that first chick on the back of the motorcycle looks more like a korean than a chinese ;D Grey Goose, throwing money in the club, tipping 'dem booties with 1 kuais, a flashback of my experiences in China. Fellow followers of this video who have never been in China :  This is the real deal. No hollywood, no fakin'. That's how life is like over there ! 😉

  3. "You ain't got goose in your basket!" <—– my new favourite line. Could only be directed by a true China veteran! Notice Conrank is the musical brain behind. Well done DON! 

  4. "All them other gooses dead or incarcerated." Hands down the best laowai rap track. Almost hate to even put it in that group because it's so god damn sick and goes far beyond that. This is my holiday jam. Thank you thank you thank you

  5. I have no idea what this is guy is really doin over there, these videos are hilarious though u deserve way more views man

  6. will you be staying in China until summer ? Cuz me and my friend will be there in June and rule the city ! come meet us! one love from

  7. "Talking no butts, like they out of excuses / But it's hard to complain when they trained masseuses / So I get my nut, then I chuck up the deuces"


  8. Hey Donnie, zenmeyang ?

    Are the lyrics somewhere on the Internet ? I can't seem to find them anywhere. Especially the parts in Chinese, my putonghua level got completely overwhelmed.

    As a former Shanghai dweller, your videos really hit something in me, deep below several layers of baijiu-induced shameful memories. But that feels rather nice, somehow.

  9. I love this tune,it is no joke!The lyrics are fire,especially when you get to know Donnie's back story.The video is cool too.It should have 8 million views.

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