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Top 5 Regional Rodents For Pokemon Sword and Shield

Top 5 Regional Rodents For Pokemon Sword and Shield

Among the kinds of Pokemon we always encounter
on the first route of a new region, we of course do have the regional birds, but we
also have the regional rodents. The regional rodents for lack of a better
term are the early game normal type Pokemon that tend to be used as HM Slaves. They always have a two staged evolutionary
line, and aren’t that great competitively but still remain to be a staple within every
region. However since Generation 4 I feel like Gamefreak
have been trying to add more to the regional rodents to make em more unique and sometimes
even better in battle. They’re still not the greatest Pokemon ever
of course but because of these new additions, we can definitely experiment with dual typings
and other cool aspects with our Top 5 list. So without further ado, lets get on with our
Top 5 list and think about what kind of regional rodent we can see in Galar with our Top 5
Regional Rodents in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. #5: In my last video a lot of you guys were
saying how I shouldn’t have to worry about having to exactly match Pokemon and their
real world counterparts in terms of geographical identities. After all if Pancham and Pangoro can be native
to Kalos, the region based off of France or Paris, then a rodent like Capabara from Pokemon
Sage whos based off of South Americas largest rodent the Capybara, can still make it into
a region like Galar thats based off of the United Kingdom. Capabara keeps things simple as it’s just
a pure normal type Pokemon, and is really just a cute Pokemon that we could start off
with. By looking at it you can tell that it’s
not the strongest thing in the world, but at the same time, it still looks like a good
Pokemon and one that could possibly help trainers out early game! Which is a much better impression than the
one that some of the other regional rodents give off. #4: Earlier I mentioned how the term regional
rodents is what I’ll be referring to these Pokemon as, for a lack of a better term. And that’s manly cause not all of these
Pokemon are exactly based off of rodents. They are all based off of mammals. But if you ask me, more people see these Pokemon
as rodents than mammals so since thats the common perception of them I think it’s okay
to have a Pokemon like Martal from ReallyDarkandWindie whos based off of a Marten be on this list
even if a Marten isn’t necessarily a rodent. Cause just like all the other Regional Rodents,
it still has the Route 1 features and vibe to it, and still manages to look like a rodent! Martal’s normal and fire typing will be
a good addition here as well. When the typing was given to Pyroar a lot
of fans didn’t like it, but if its a typing given to a regional rodent then I think they’d
be more than happy with it since it anyway has to have the normal typing and the fire
typing would just be an added bonus to a great design. #3: I think it’s safe to say that most of
the regional rodents are meant to be kinda funny looking. Not many of them are actually made to look
kinda cool, but we can easily change that with Surinari. Smiley-Fakemon’s Surinari would be an Normal
and electric type regional rodent, and very different rodent from the rest of them. As it’s a lot more slender looking, and
is a bit more complex in it’s design with its fur coat and everything. It’s based off of the suricate or in other
words a meekrat which is a part of the mongoose family, and considering that we already got
Gumshoos and Watchog as regional rodents I think it gives suricate an opportunity to
make it into the games as well! I would have this Pokemon be #1 on the list,
but I really cant see Gamefreak giving us a super cool new regional rodent any time
soon. #2: Guinea pigs are so cute, and as cruel
as this may sound, people always refer to experiments or test subjects as guniea pigs,
So if you’re gonna have the evil team of Galar test something out on Pokemon, what
better Pokemon to have than Gunieadillo? A guinea pig Pokemon thats also the common
early game rodent of the game! Okay I don’t think In-Progress Pokemon made
Gunieadillo as a test subject but still I think it serves a pretty good point! This normal and rock type Pokemon has a cute
pre-evolution and looks like it can hold its own early game and possibly even late game
kinda like how Diggersby kinda could. Yeah Armadillos aren’t exactly rodents,
but with the kind of mix and matching Gamefreak does to their Pokemon, I think it’s fine
and makes for a rather unique Pokemon! Honorable Mentions: For our honorable mentions,
we have two more Pokemon from Smilet-Fakemon and they are Geerex and Quillster. Now Geerex is another guniea pig Pokemon that
really looks like it could be a real Pokemon, but one that looks kina like a fusion of Stuntank
and Biberal so I wanted to have something more unique on the list. And Quillster… Isn’t really a rodent but I thought if the
design was changed a bit, it could kinda be a regional rodent! But the main reason why Quillster is here
is cause I think it’d be cool to see a normal and steel type rodent as the new one. #1: Squirrels. As I live in Toronto, squirrels are something
I see quite often. And yeah they’re black up here in Canada. Apparently they’re brown down in America,
but hey color aside these are some super common rodents. But that makes ya wonder… Where’s our squirrel Pokemon? What ya gonna tell me that it’s Pachirisu? We don’t have any kind of legit squirrel
Pokemon yet, and if theres any rodent that a urbanized region like Galar should include
it has to be a squirrel Pokemon like Squake. Yes this is infact another design by Smiley-Fakemon,
but what can I say? The guy has some great fakemon! Squake is a normal/ground type Pokemon, so
it has the same typing as Diggersby, but I’d be fine if it was just pure normal as well. It’s a squirrel Pokemon that looks to be
based off of the red squirrel, and I know I said I wouldn’t emphsaize real world counterparts
here but ya know… The UK does have some red squirrels up there… Sooooo! I think a Pokemon like Squake actually has
a great chance of making into the games, and rightfully so! Thanks for watching guys! I hope you enjoyed! Next time, we have the Top 5 Regional Bugs
for Pokemon Sword and Shield! So stay tuned for that! If you enjoyed be sure to HERO PUNCH that
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opinions! How did you feel about this list, and what
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31 thoughts on “Top 5 Regional Rodents For Pokemon Sword and Shield”

  1. There's gonna be 2-3 different Sword and Shield Top 5's before the upcoming direct cause I've been slacking on these 😛

  2. I love your pick for number 3 because I love Meerkats and to see a Pokemon based on that with the cool typing of normal and electric makes me giddy with delight, also we're both Canadians because I live in Ottawa and you live in Toronto 😄💛👍🏻🌏

  3. My regional rodent for my own region is a Guinea Pig and evolves into a Capybara!

  4. I see all colours in Canada. Black, brown, grey, red. Toronto seems to love the black ones. A squirrel pokemon with colour variations would be cool though.

  5. I had no idea he made this video. But I’d love a fire normal red squirrel Pokémon in galar or even capabarra from Pokémon sage would be cool

  6. A Hedgehog is my guess since hedgehogs are well known in England. The evolution would be a Normal/Poison Porcupine.

  7. In the U.K. they have rodents called voles. Specially one called a water vole. Might be nice to have another normal water type. Something like a kangaroo rat would be cool, making it a normal fighting type.

  8. It triggers me so much to hear them referred to as regional rodents when only 3 of them are based on rodents, and even most of your suggestions aren't either.
    Nonetheless, I enjoyed the video. And I do think a squirrel would be a perfect regional mammal for Galar.

  9. Normal/Steel would be a great type combo — yeah, it’s 4x weak to Fighting, but adding stab Return would be great offensively to a Steel type Pokémon.

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