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Toy Construction Trucks build Beaver Dam | Trucks for Kids

Toy Construction Trucks build Beaver Dam | Trucks for Kids

Hey guys, we found this awesome river, and we’re
going to make a dam. We’re going to make a beaver dam with some
twigs and some branches and we’re going to ask the construction guys to help us as well.
Look where I am. Join us guys, come on.
Where are you, Malakai. Wow, are you balancing?
Cool, are you gonna take the dump truck or back hoe.
Back hoe! Back hoe…!
Hey, dump truck! haha.
Did he want to go in the water. Haha He just wanted to dive in.
Can you get him? I’ll get him.
Woohohh, it’s a little bit chilli. It’s nice and cool and refreshing to be in
the water. It’s muddy.
Ya, it’s muddy. Ah, it’s fun to play in the mud.
Like peppa pig, hey? Right, now we need all kinds of twigs.
Where are we gonna make the dam? We need a deeper place.
This is too… too… Shallow…
Too.. Too shallow…
Too down… Ya, that’s what you call shallow
Hey kids, that side is the deep side and this side here is the shallow side.
That’s where we like to play, where it’s shallow. Nice and safe.
I like the deeper side. You like the deep side, haha!
Maybe over here. We can build it here.
Ok, we need the backhoe to load some branches and twigs into the dump truck and then dump
truck is going to dump them. Here’s a nice big branch, why don’t you dump
that in there. There we go.
I want some sand. Ok, some sand in there.
There we go. Dump it.
Good stuff. There we go.
Digging, digging, digging. Let’s grab this one over here.
Ok, should we dump this? Dee the dump truck… should we dump it?
Beep, beep, beep. Reverse…
Beep, beep, beep. Onto the island.
And there we go. To the place where we’re going to dump it.
Over here. Here we go…. and….
Dump! So we’re going to build it over here guys.
Yeah, let’s push some sand. There we go.
Push it onto the dam. Push, yeah!
You’re so strong, backhoe! There we go, that’s a good one.
That’s a nice heap. Load it, Load it, Load it,
There we go. I’ll use my hands a bit.
See my hand is like a huge bucket Haha, are you driving the dump truck?
Woohoo, wow going under water! Dump truck’s going to back it up.
Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, and dump Woah, there he goes.
Speeding through the water. Such a fast dump truck!
There we go, load it up. And bring it to the dam!
What a strong dump truck kids! Woah, dump it!
There we go. My arms are like a crane.
It’s like beavers, hey…. Beavers make dams like this.
Have you ever seen a beaver dam? No…
No we haven’t actually.. Kids have you guys ever seen a beaver dam?
Let us know in the comments. That is such a cool dam.
Well done construction trucks! Such a great job!
We’re making a race down into the water and then we’re going to finish the dam.
Yeah, so who’s going to race? Dee, the dump truck… and the backhoe.
I’m going to do the backhoe. Ok!
And they’re going to race against each other all the way down the hill. Over there…
And then we’re gonna see who’s gonna be the first in the water.
Let’s go…. Wait, wait, woooah!
Haha, you’re cheating! Woohooo!
Ooooh, it’s a draw. It’s me!!!
Is it you? Did you win? the backhoe…
Well done, backhoe! Ok, this time, Malakai you have to wait for
ready, steady go! Don’t cheat!
Right here… Ok.
Ready, steady, go! Oh, no, dump truck.
Yay, I won! Yes, you won!
ooooooh. The dump truck started to tumble down.
Well done, guys! Well done!
Are you going to race up the hill? Haha.
And go! Ready, steady, go!
Haha, you’re winning. Haha, Malakai is winning the race..
Ok, Ready, steady, go! Backwards, haha, like Mater!
Hey, show the kids your Mater on your t-shirt… on your swimming costume.
Check that Mater out, guys! Haha, like a monster truck Mater!
Now you want to finish the dam? Ya…
Ok. Let’s load up these logs.
That’s Dee! Come Dee!
Dee the dumper! The crane’s gonna load up into the dump truck.
There we go. Big ones..
Those are big logs.. Right, and then dump it over here.
There we go.. Yeah!
That dam is starting to look pretty cool! Hey!
Check it out! Now let’s bring our trucks to the shore …
There… And we can swim!
Let’s swim! Ok, you want to say bye to the kids?
Bye kids! It was so much fun building this dam wall
with you. Guys, join us for some more adventures. We’ve got plenty more adventures coming up!
If you want to find out when our next video comes out, please subscribe!
See you guys next time! Bye!
Bye! Bye trucks!
Bye, see you next time, guys. Hahaa, hey, he splashed me!
Why don’t you guys go and try and find a river and go play in it? It’s so much fun!

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