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Trump Impeachment Hearings – Day One | The Daily Show

Trump Impeachment Hearings – Day One | The Daily Show

For the first day
of the public hearings, the Democrats chose
to call two witnesses– Bill Taylor, the acting
ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent,
senior State Department official and townsperson
in a 1950s musical. And before the questioning
even started, both men emphasized
in their opening statements that they aren’t Team Republican
or Team Democrat. They’re playing
on America’s side. It has been a privilege
for me to serve our country and the American people
for more than 50 years. I’m nonpartisan and have been
appointed to my positions by every president,
from President Reagan to President Trump. I am not here
to take one side or the other. I have served proudly
as a nonpartisan, career foreign service officer
for more than 27 years under five presidents– three Republican
and two Democrat. I represent the third generation
of my family to have chosen a career
in public service. Indeed, there has been
a George Kent sworn to defend the Constitution
continuously for nearly 60 years. Ooh! Three generations of George Kent have been defending
the Constitution. It almost sounds like the only
reason America keeps running is because of George Kents. Yes. If America’s an office,
George Kent is the only guy who knows how to fix
the printer. “It was the toner cartridge! It’s always
the toner cartridge!” I will say, though, there’s
gonna be a lot of pressure on the next George Kent. Yeah. You know he’s gonna be like,
“Screw the Constitution, Dad. “I was born to uphold the law. “I was born to dance! Whoo!” So, both of these men are devoted,
nonpartisan civil servants. So if you hear these guys saying that Trump did
some messed-up shit, you know to take it seriously. And from the sound of it,
Trump did some messed-up shit. Once I arrived in Kiev,
I discovered a weird combination of encouraging, confusing and ultimately alarming
circumstances. According to Mr. Morrison,
President Trump did insist that President Zelensky go
to a microphone and say
he is opening investigations of Biden
and 2016 election interference. Ambassador Sondland
tried to explain to me that President Trump is
a businessman. When a businessman is
about to sign a check to someone
who owes him something, the businessman
asks that person to pay up before signing the check. I think it’s crazy
to withhold security assistance for help
with a political campaign. What did you mean when you said
you thought it was crazy? It was illogical.
It could not be explained. It was crazy. -Hmm.
-(laughter) Unexplainable. Illogical. Crazy. That’s the description Bill
Taylor gave of Trump’s actions. It’s also the title
of Trump’s new memoir. Same thing. Yes. (like Trump):
It’s my full story, and it’s a coloring book, folks. -(laughter)
-You’re gonna love it! And Ambassador Taylor’s
testimony was pretty clear. He testified
that Trump wanted to u… wanted Ukraine to investigate
his political rival Joe Biden. And the ambassador even came
with new evidence that hadn’t been public before. Last Friday…
(clears throat) a member of my staff told me of events that occurred
on July 26. In the presence of my staff,
at a restaurant, Ambassador Sondland called
President Trump and told him of his meetings in Kiev. The member of my staff
could hear President Trump on the phone asking
Ambassador Sondland about the investigations. The member of my staff asked
Ambassador Sondland what President Trump thought
about Ukraine. Mr. Sondland responded
that President Trump cares more about the investigations
of Biden, which Giuliani was pressing for. Okay, this is just unbelievable. Trump’s people were discussing
their Ukrainian plot in public? In a restaurant?
That’s what he’s saying. I mean, first of all,
that’s rude. You’re in a restaurant– you
put your phone away, all right? -You engage.
-(laughter) And also, why is Trump talking
so loudly on the phone that people can hear him
on the other side? He reminds me
of every immigrant father, ever, talking on the phone.
He’s just like, (loudly):
“No, don’t worry, Trevor. “I also had herpes
when I was 16, ah? It’s going to go away.”
You’re like, “Shh, Uncle. I’m with my friends.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Tell your friends
to be careful of herpes, ah?” Now, for the Democrats, today was all about showing
the American people that Trump abused his office
by trying to extort Ukraine. And in response
to the Republican argument that Trump may have tried
to do it but wasn’t successful, Joaquin Castro had
a few questions. So… Ambassadors… is attempted murder a crime? Is attempted murder a crime? (chuckles):
Attempted murder is a crime. Is attempted robbery a crime? Neither of us is a lawyer,
but I… I think anybody in this room
could answer that question. I think that’s right,
and I’ll be … I’ll go out on a limb
and say yes, it is. Is attempted extortion
and bribery a crime? I don’t know, sir. Mm! That’s a pretty effective
line of questioning. I mean, it’s either that,
or Castro’s just trying to get -some free legal advice.
-(laughter) Now, what if I attempted
to steal my neighbor’s Wi-Fi but couldn’t figure out
the password? Is that a crime? Is that a crime? Yes,
I know it’s not his dog’s name, because I killed his dog, which
brings me to my second question. Now, the Republicans
also had their turn to question the witnesses
about what Trump had done. But it seemed like
they were trying to solve a completely different case. Was Hunter Biden a corporate
governance expert? I have no idea. Do you know
if Hunter Biden relocated -to Ukraine?
-No knowledge. Is he the Jeffrey Sonnenfeld
of the Ukraine? Do you know
if he speaks Ukrainian? Given Hunter Biden’s role in Burisma’s board
of directors… Hunter Biden’s added
to the board of Burisma… Hunter Biden… Do you know
whether Hunter Biden offers anything
other than the fact that his dad’s
the former vice president? And also, does Hunter Biden
like flowers, or do you think
I could send him a card? Is he, like, seeing someone? Because I totally think
we’d make a great couple. Are you friends
with Hunter Biden? What the hell was this? Like, here’s the thing, man. If Republicans want to
investigate Hunter Biden, then investigate Hunter Biden, but that’s not
what this hearing is about. Right? You’re just making it
about something else. Imagine if the cops showed up
at your office to investigate a robbery and while
they’re dusting for prints, you pop up like, “Hey, I know
you guys are busy, but could you also figure out
who’s been stealing my yogurt every day?” Like, “That’s not the reason
we’re here. “Well, maybe it should be, okay? That was Ukrainian yogurt.” But Republicans weren’t
just trying to figure out Hunter Biden’s height, weight
and favorite color, when it was
Congressman Jim Jordan’s turn to ask questions,
his big argument was that none of this testimony
should count because it was all a game
of telephone. You weren’t on the call,
were you? The president– You didn’t listen in on
President Trump’s call, -and President Zelensky’s call?
-I did not. You’ve never talked with
Chief of Staff Mulvaney? -I never did.
-You never met the president. -That’s correct.
-This is what I can’t believe and you’re their star witness. -You’re their first witness.
-Mr. Jordan… You’re the guy. You’re the guy,
based on this. Based on– I mean, I’ve seen… I’ve seen church prayer chains that are easier to understand
than this. Mm. That’s a good point. Good point, Jim Jordan. These guys don’t have
firsthand knowledge of what Trump was doing
with Ukraine. So why are they
the ones testifying? I mean, maybe it’s because the White House has blocked
all the people who do have firsthand knowledge
from testifying. That’s a good point, Trevor.
That’s a good point. Thank you, me. All of today, Jim Jordan’s
only focus was making it seem like this entire process
was somehow a sham. But it all backfired when he tried to turn the focus
to the whistle-blower. Now, there is one witness,
one witness that they won’t bring
in front of us, they won’t bring in front
of the American people. And that’s the guy
who started it all. The whistle-blower.
Nope. I say to my colleague,
I’d be glad to have the person who started it all
come in and testify. President Trump is welcome
to take a seat right there. (laughter) -Ho-Ho!
-(cheers and applause) This Congressional hearing was filmed in front
of a live studio audience. You know, by Congress standards, that was a pretty good slam.
Yeah. The only way
it could have been better is if the congressman
was like, “Seriously, President Trump
is welcome any time. “In fact, I’ve actually got
his invite right here. Meh. Meh. Meh. Meh. Meh.” So that was day one of the
public impeachment hearings, and the only way we’ll
find out more about this saga is when Congress kicks off
day two. Or we could just sit next
to Donald Trump’s people in a restaurant and hear
what he shouts over the phone.

100 thoughts on “Trump Impeachment Hearings – Day One | The Daily Show”

  1. Ben Peter Welch!
    We all heard him folk!!!!
    There’s no reason the Whistleblower can not come out and testify and tell us the truth! If Ben is right,why hasn’t the whistle blower came out yet?

  2. All what he was saying was hear say and Noah has concluded that it is true. No proof and you are happy to make conclusions. You can fool some Americans but not everyone in the world. By the way Noah someone told me he heard some people say you are Xenophobic. So you are Xenophobic period.

  3. I miss John Stewart. Seems Trevor's whole idea of funny is to say anything and then add some sexual innuendo or an accent. Which would be fine if he would occasionally say something wise or nuanced or actually funny, like Stewart did. I don't know–maybe get some better writers if you don't know what's funny yourself?

    I've tried and tried to like Noah. The whole rest of the cast is often funny. And I thought maybe he'd eventually get into the swing of it. I give up. There really is no point behind the shallow humor. Gotta have that once in a while.

  4. So Gym Jordan isn't a fan of people without first-hand experience of an event? Perhaps that is why he ignored those students 🤔

  5. The Schifftocrats are crashing along with CNN which is full of LIES (no Republican is in favor of impeachment because it is a joke with no crime what so ever involved) The only people who believe CNN are die hard Hillary fans. Hillary could care less about her fans; she is interested in power and nothing else. President Trump 2020

  6. Convenient how he left out the part about Schiff blocking Republican witnesses too… but this is just satire right? Surprised how many people actually take it as a serious source of news.

  7. day 2 was even better… can't wait for the 'sorry, was there a question?' bit 😁 Jordan so obviously making a fool out of himself 🙂

  8. I keep on looking up hoping it will all become a bad memory. Like when I was a kid at the dentist's office. "Let it be over, let it be over." But alas . . .

  9. Somehow, Nancy Pelosi's description of the word "Exculpatory" in an aside to Trump as "information that could prove your innocence, Mister President", went unnoticed. I expected a great wave of appreciation from the Satirists.

  10. Of COURSE they're not going to reveal the identity of the key witness!
    Trump and the Republicans would have him assassinated if they knew who he was!

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  12. Why are there no "first hand" testimonies? Trump blocked all of them.
    Jim Jordan looked like an idiot after that. He is supposed to being the GOP "bulldog" and instead looked like a poodle who was frightened by a bulldog.

  13. This whole thing is based on hear/say information anyway. Trump will not be impeached and the whistle blower will not take the stand, case closed. This is nothing but an attempt to stop Trump from being re-elected because the democrats know they can't beat him because they have wasted the past 3 years trying to smear Trump rather than focusing on building a strong campaign with better policies then Trumps.

  14. If you really want to know what's being said in the hearings just watch them for yourself. They are easy to understand and it is like watching the ultimate roast fest between liers.

  15. Democrats allways put people in a box . Thats the most racial thing to do. And divide people in sub groups. Thats how you get divition between people. Trump 2020 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱greets from the netherlands. I hope trump gives a chain reaction to europe that people stand up for all this non sense

  16. Fuck Democrats you guys are fucking cunt whores. Fucking Democrats are responsible for the kkk they are also responsible for planned parenthood murder synagogues in black neighborhoods hoods. Fuck you all.

  17. I’ve met him Jordan in person several times and the pure propaganda and garbage that flies from his mouth is impressive. If you ever get the chance ask him about safe spaces and free speech zones. It will blow your mind how stupid people can be.

  18. According to Rasmussen, Trump's poll numbers have jumped 4% since the impeachment hearings started.
    Congratulations liberals.
    On Wednesday Trump was polling at 46% approval, now he's up to 50%.
    Impeachment seems to be working great lol!

  19. It's all hear say why not bring the people who heard the statments to the stand and have the Ukrainian president corroborate what they are saying.

  20. For some reason, democratic shows never show the part where the witnesses turn out to not have any "evidence" of wrong doings at all. Weird.

  21. These are the known facts:
    – Joe Biden corruptly used his position to trade access to the president by a FOREIGN power to further his family wealth
    – Obama telephone tapped Trump in the run up to the 2016 election
    – at no stage has any person been EVER able to say Trump withheld or said he would withhold money (which by the way is his decision) from Ukraine

    The only crimes here are the corruption of Biden and calling Noah a comedian.

  22. When I heard Trump was speaking loudly, I immediately thought , like an old person, he was after all speaking to a person so far away, he wanted to make sure he was being heard. lol

  23. Yes, Rep. Jim "I don't mind if our team doctor molests our wrestlers and referees" Jordan is someone who should be involved in this hearing. Sort of like how Goering should have been allowed to participate in the Nuremberg War Crime trials by cross-examining starving Jewish survivors. Great Goddess, please let him Darwin Award himself… in front of a camera.

  24. Have you ever noticed that most of the POTUS impeachments has something to do with blowing? one with blowing the whistle, the other with blowing someone! LOL

  25. So does Joe Biden and his son get a pass for being corrupt? Yep. This is why Trump will win..again and we will drag you kicking and screaming into the new day.

  26. The president would have been better off withholding the money because he was afraid Putin may take it from Ukraine making it a Soviet Union again!! We would accept that fact, that is if he is on our side#🇺🇸

  27. It's a scary time when a duly elected official can be impeached, just because one side wants too. This is tragic,there are no morals left in congress.

  28. Why Trump attacking Biden and not the rest of the Democrats?
    Maybe he knows that Biden is the already pointed by the Dems? That Biden is the Democrat that supported by wallstreet and the richest in America?
    Americans must choose carefully or they're just going out from crocodile mouth to go to a snake's.

  29. We are in battle of good versus evil. To  support a political party (Democrats) that promotes INFANTICIDE!!!  Is SICK, Twisted, and Diabolical!!  Choose wisely in 2020 don't forfeit your soul!! God has given us a President that stands for LIFE!!
    To choose the other will result in a drastic change in America! And the world.

  30. The Democrat Controlled House: "Yeah! We're going to Impeach Trump!"
    The Republican Controlled Senate: "Should we tell them now, or wait until it's handed off to us?"

    FYI: Impeachment =/= Removal from office
    The House will most likely Impeach Trump, but when it goes to the Senate, the Republican Dominated Senate, it will most likely be that he wont be unseated from the Presidential Office. The Senate requires a 2/3 majority vote to remove him. So while this all may seem like he will really be removed, those who know how Impeachment works will not be as disappointed as those who think that Impeachment means he's automatically removed. These Proceedings could go on until he's out of office. By then he's already been the President and nothing he's done can be reversed except by the next president and Congress. So we are wasting resources attacking him now and not waiting until he leaves office naturally, because I don't see the Republican Senate giving that 2/3 vote.

  31. What a waste of taxpayer cash man. At this point his term is almost over just vote him out next time and save the money and the headache.

  32. TRUMP IS STILL PACKING ARENAS WITH HUGE RALLIES,.. yet somehow the #gop isn't bothering to show up and vote ??? uh huh sure,… Hmm ,..just looks to me like alabma, kentucky, louisiana and others are all craving high taxes and they love democrats right now for some reason ,,… yeah SURE THEY DO,.. So ,..whats happening in all these recent elections is not about the democrats "turn out" ,..its all about the half a million gop's staying home,… Weird,..just looks like a #Soros machine computer glitch , red states are all into democrats and high taxes now suddenly ???

  33. Just like Nazi Germany secret trials against the Jews
    Dems ..the most corrupt Commie Marxist scum of all time. Trevor Homo Noah..desperate to lick Obama's butthole

  34. God and Jesus use quid pro quo.
    It's in the Bible Talmud Torah Koran.
    Almost every page
    You must do…or else !!!!
    Clinton's Obama's do it..but their never investigated

  35. Why are you lying trevor really you use to be my hero but please stop they all admit that they didn't hear first hand information and that their evidence was from the transcript they didn't even interact with President Trump this whole year how stupid is that. I am not an American but I can still see through this bs.

  36. Kinda sad when comedy becomes politicized. As with the News. The best satire is when you insult a friend. When it's an enemy of the party, it just comes off as desperate and petty. Please come back John Stuart. We need you.

  37. These Republicans are sad! It is soooo obvious they care nothing about the country… just Trump. They should all be voted out of their individual states. Vile people!

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