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Trying Castor Oil to Treat Acne (TAGALOG)

Trying Castor Oil to Treat Acne (TAGALOG)

Good MORMING So today is July 2 And maybe my 2nd day I quit smoking cigarettes What made me stop? Look how obvious… Smoking ruined my face Yet more wakeful Thank goodness i found caster oil I saw my sister last night using this not on her pimples but to her eyelashes She said she wants it longer And then, i searched for the other benefits And it’s good to treat your acne ACNE (acneeeeee….ahhh) So I put some last night Smells orange, aromatic Sticky And then you’re feel like you want it to remove I also put some on my brows to make it bushier Then I massage my face with this for my facial hair as well That’s all BYE

16 thoughts on “Trying Castor Oil to Treat Acne (TAGALOG)”

  1. It really works for me, but don't just use a cotton ball for applying, use your bare hands and massage it on your face before u went to sleep. And after that night, my acnes loosened, repeat that routine for a week and not just for one night you will really see the results. ☺

  2. kung gagamit po kayo nyan mag add po kayo ng myra e yung oil po nun ilagay nyo sa loob ng bottle mga atleast 3-4 capsule po kasi yan rin po nag prevent ng acne ng pinsan ko

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