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Uniwigs Topper – Unboxing & Review

Uniwigs Topper – Unboxing & Review

sup I’m Bianca welcome back to my
channel if you haven’t already please subscribe and turn on your notifications
so you can always see when I’m uploading this week I am sick again so I thought I
would do a hair video you guys know that I am obsessed with wigs but today’s hair
is different I was actually sent a topper by Uniwigs and this is a human
hair topper so when I got this it was completely blonde so I’m gonna take you
through an unboxing of how it got to me and also the colouring process and how I
got it to look like this so I’ve never had one of these before I have always
used either extensions or more recently wigs but with extensions I’ve always
found that because the top of my hair is quite thin it’s hard to cover them and
also the front of my hair isn’t very thick so I have these two stupid patches
of baby hair right here that make the front of my hair quite thin so that’s
always been really annoying and I have been looking at these for a while but I
just didn’t know how realistic they would look so when Uniwigs reached out
to me I was super excited cuz then I could finally try one so if you’re
confused about what a topper actually is it’s basically like a quarter wig so if
you imagine a wig goes over your full head this just goes around the top you
can get different sizes they’re good for people with alopecia another hair loss
as well as people that just have really thin hair and want to have more volume
in their hair but who can’t use extensions because their hair won’t cover
them so I’ve been really excited to actually get my hands on this and give
it a go because I’ve seen lots of these online but I haven’t seen many people
coloring them so I wasn’t sure how this would turn out but as you can see it really
really blends in with my own hair like you can’t really tell apart from the cut
I probably need to give this a little bit of a trim but I don’t mind the whole
like a-line vibe so I’ll see I’ll see what I do there so what I might do now is I will go through the unboxing and the dyeing process and then I will show you
how I apply it and style it alright first you get this package and that
contains a box then it’s wrapped up in this tissue paper with a little
disclaimer on it saying that if you cut the lace you won’t be able to return it
so just make sure you like what you’ve got before you cut the lace it also has
these little clips and this just holds the shape while it’s
in shipping and then it’s covered by a little net so as you can see this is
lace on top and then around the lace there are some tracks so you get quite a
lot of hair in this topper and then here are your clips for fastening it to your head
the name of this topper is the Claire it’s 16 inches long and a hundred and
thirty percent density okay now to coloring so I’m gonna put a root in this
and it’s going to be ash blonde and I mix that with 10 vol developer you’ll
need gloves a brush a rat tail comb and some clips and a water sprayer then
you’re gonna bag up your mannequin so she doesn’t get dirty and then pin your
topper on the mannequin head so mixing the toner and developer you just need
one to one so I went a little bit over on the developer but doesn’t really
matter then you mix it to a nice paste and then apply those gloves these ones I
use a lot so that’s why they are a bit stained alright so I chose to do it
track by track I think the bottom layer was actually two tracks because I didn’t
really care that much about the bottom but you’re gonna spray around the area
where you want to dye just so that it kind of bleeds a little bit and looks a
little bit more natural and then you’re just gonna take a little bit of that dye
and focus heavily on the root of the hair and then just drag it down slightly
but make sure the top of the track is really coated so that you don’t have
random blonde bits sticking out and then just keep going up layer by layer I
wasn’t too worried when I got to the lace about dyeing the knots because it’s
gonna be sitting on top of my hair and my roots are quite dark anyway so I
didn’t want there to be random little blonde dots in the hairline while I’m
speeding through this I’ll just give you some more info on this topper so it has a
six by six inch base so it covers quite a large area and the color of this is
613 platinum blonde but there are also nine other natural shades that
you can choose from if you want to just match it with your hair there are two
densities that you can order there’s 130 percent and also 150 percent
and there are two lengths of this topper that you can get which are 16 inches and
20 inches so once that toner has been on for
approximately 20 minutes you’re going to want to scalp that mannequin and then
wash out the hair dye I just use a shampoo don’t worry about conditioner
yet we want to keep those follicles nice and open then I just quickly blow-dried
it and I’m doing a different dyeing technique this time I’m trying the water
color dye so I took a color brite dye in red and then I mixed it with some hot
water these are quite thick so I decided to just dilute it before I put in the
water because I’d done a little test batch and it just did not kind of melt
in with the water as much as I’d like so yeah see as you can see there’s like
little chunky bits so it took a while to kind of get them all dispersed but in
the end I got a really nice color so then I just dipped it in this water is
hot by the way I’m assuming it has something to do with opening up the
follicles and allowing the dye to seep in so I just kept dipping it in and out
just making sure that all of the hair was covered in the water it dyed so
quickly I actually can’t believe it it was probably only two minutes and then
it was done so then I just put some conditioner in it and washed it out and
then gave it a quick comb through and popped it on the mannequin head so that
it was easy to blow-dry obviously make sure that you’re using heat spray if
you’re using any heat on the hair because you don’t want to ruin it
immediately but look at this color oh my god I couldn’t believe how bright red it
was so this is just the root that’s melted in with the red and obviously we
need to cut off this lace so I went as close as possible to the knots I
actually went in and trimmed a little bit more after this but you just want to
get as close as possible to those first knots
what up Here I am so this is my natural hair it is so thin and stupid on the top
this is what I’m talking about by those baby hairs they’ve just never grown ever
since I was really little and that’s on both sides and it’s so dumb and stupid
and annoying but look here is my Savior this is my first time applying one of
these but I just made sure that my part underneath was the same as the part
on the top and it seems to just work really well immediately like I didn’t
really have to do much so what I’m gonna do is just spray it with heat protector
and then section it and straighten it so that it all kind of fits in with my hair
underneath this particular topper retails for $339.90 US but if you want some
money off your order I have a discount code for 15% off you can use that on
anything you purchase on the site just use Bianca15 and you can get some of
that moula off look at how natural that looks you can’t even tell oh my god I
love this thing so much and if you take care of these then they can last ages
and ages and ages just don’t be reckless yaass
beauty shot time all right so final thoughts on this hair
I love it I think it’s great it blends really well into my own hair and it
looks really natural obviously over time I’m going to get better at applying it
and you know you could probably do some concealer along the part to make it look
even better but you know just like this I think it looks really good I would
highly recommend this to anyone who’s experiencing hair loss or has really
thin hair and is really kind of self-conscious about it I know it can
feel really depressing when you have nothing on your head and I know it’s
just hair but hair can make such a difference and if you’re someone like
me that when you get stressed your hair just decides to abandon your head this
is also really good because then it doesn’t make you more stressed you know
when your hair’s falling out it can really affect your self-confidence and
just make you feel awful and scared that you know it’s not gonna come back or
whatever so this is really good cuz you can just put on and you’re like yes I’m sweet and know
that you can’t see you know scalp through your hair and stuff so I
love it and if you think this is for you I’m going to leave a link for this down
below there are lots of different sizes so you can check out a whole range I
hope this has helped some of you if you’ve been interested but not really
sure if it was for you if you have any other questions please leave them down
below other than that I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I’ll see you
in my next video bye

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