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Victorian Wedding Cake Topper | Web Appraisal | Charleston

Victorian Wedding Cake Topper | Web Appraisal | Charleston

GUEST: I brought a top of a wedding cake from
a wedding that took place in Baltimore, Maryland, July 5th of 1888. I’ve done a little research. It came from an estate sale that my parents
went to in 1949. We just found out what the bride’s actually
married name was very recently. And so I’ve been trying to research a little
further because she divorced him probably sometime in the 1890s and took back her maiden
name. So it was a little bit of research to find
out who she married for the short time that she was married. I think they used real lace and you can even
see the little crumbs of the dried… People say, ew, how could this still be the
cake? But it’s definitely the cake is there, just
like a stale piece of bread. APPRAISER: The sugar artistry is something
that’s completely amazing to me, how much detail you can get from this period. Do you know how much your parents paid for
it at the auction? GUEST: I don’t. My mother is still alive at 94, and she said
they bought so much there. And it had to be cheap, because my parents
didn’t have any money. APPRAISER: Collecting wedding cakes is actually
something that people do. GUEST: Oh. APPRAISER: And it started off kind of in a
Victorian tradition. An English tradition is they send you slices
of the wedding cake if you can’t attend the wedding. So sending them in the mail and saving pieces. And also it’s tradition these days to save
the topper for at least a year until your first wedding anniversary. So it dated back to then. This is a spectacular vision. There’s a couple of crumbling parts here and
there, but that’s okay, because cake collectors understand that. Yes. The value of cake collecting, though, depends
on who owns the cake. GUEST: Ah. APPRAISER: So if we have Queen Victoria’s
fruit cake from her wedding, maybe $50,000. If we have Charles and Diana’s wedding cake,
maybe $1,400 to $1,600. But for your lady’s cake, what a wonderful,
wonderful piece this is, auction value today, $500 to $800. GUEST: Oh, that much. That’s good to me.

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