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ViscoSoft Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review – Amazing Pressure Relief?

ViscoSoft Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review – Amazing Pressure Relief?

Marten: Hey, guys, Marten here from Mattress
Clarity. Today, we’re reviewing the ViscoSoft Mattress
Topper. One of the reasons you might want to get a
mattress topper is to add a different feel to your mattress. If you like that slow-moving memory foam feel,
you should probably take a look at the ViscoSoft. I want to talk about its design, my experience
with this topper, who it’s a good fit for and who it’s not a good fit for. Is it the right fit for you? Let’s find out. [music] Marten: I want to talk about the design of
the ViscoSoft but I also want to say, if you want to see a list of my top picks for mattress
toppers, just Google “Mattress Clarity best mattress topper.” We’ll take a look at the ViscoSoft. Starting with the cover, a removable cover. It’s very nice, you can actually wash it at
home in your own washer and dryer. In terms of the design of that cover, it is
a bamboo-rayon mix. It’s going to be knitted, very breathable,
very cool to the touch. It’s supposed to be nice and cool when you’re
sleeping on top of it. On the bottom here, you’ll see an anti-slip
mesh. It’s also going to be breathable, help with
airflow throughout the topper. On the corner, you are going to see these
straps. It’s going to help secure the topper to your
mattress. You probably want to know what’s inside, so
let’s look inside. Again, it’s removable so you’d very easily
get this side off here. This is going to be a very slow-moving memory
foam, three-and-a-half-pound density, very high-density memory foam. It has that slow-moving memory foam feel. It is also infused with gel to help with cooling
and you can see here, it is ventilated for more airflow. In terms of size options you have twin, twin
XL, full, queen, and California king. Let’s talk about my experience with the ViscoSoft. First off, is getting out of my house. I usually want to know, especially with a
memory foam mattress topper, is it going to have that strong chemical off-gassing or not? Also, how long is it going to take for that
memory foam to fully expand so I can actually use it? First, to speak about off-gassing it does
have a little bit of that chemical smell but that did dissipate after about 24 hours. In terms of expansion, this is probably the
slowest expanding topper I’ve ever experienced. That’s not necessarily a con, but it definitely
took about 48 hours to fully expand. You need about two days until you can actually
use this topper. Definitely keep that in mind if you want something
to be used right away. To test out the firmness of the ViscoSoft,
I put it on top of a mattress that was close to a 9 out of 10 in terms of firmness. It brought that mattress down to about a 6
out of 10 so it took off 3 points of firmness. This is a very soft mattress topper. I want to talk about how that made it feel
on different sleeping positions. Starting on my back, with such a soft, tall
mattress topper, three inches thick, I was worried I wouldn’t get enough support. It is a higher density memory foam so it contours
very well to the curves of my body. It actually supports me while relieving pressure
under my hips there, but also giving me some nice lumbar support. A very nice match for back sleeping, even
for someone of my larger size. When I move to my side, again a lot of times
the memory foam mattress topper, I drop right through. This is thicker and it’s high-density so I
sink in, I feel almost no pressure on my shoulders and my hips. Very soft feeling, very nice when I’m on my
side. However — and I’ve talked about this before
— if you are a stomach sleeper, you probably don’t want a very soft mattress topper. You want to have a firmer mattress topper
or don’t go with a mattress topper at all. You want to make sure you’re getting enough
support on your hips. On this, it’s softening up the mattress, I’m
feeling less support on my hips, I’m bowing in there, I’m getting out of alignment, feeling
some strain in my lower back. Again, not the best match for stomach sleeping. In terms of feel, as I’ve said before, it
has that very slow-moving memory foam feel, very slow-moving. You can see here, pushing my hand in it takes
a few seconds to get back into place. It has that very classic memory foam feel. In terms of warmth, a big issue with memory
foam toppers is they trap heat, making you sleep hotter. If you’re looking at a memory foam mattress
topper and you are a hot sleeper, you definitely want to keep this in mind. With the ViscoSoft, there’s a couple features
though to combat this issue. First off, on top you have this bamboo-rayon
cover. It’s going to be keep it nice and breathable,
and cool to the touch. The memory foam inside is actually gel-infused
and ventilated for airflow so I was not sleeping too hot on top of the ViscoSoft. Let’s talk about the pros, who I think the
ViscoSoft might be a good fit for. First thing, it’s a very good option for back
sleepers of many sizes. It’s a high-density memory foam so it’s going
to add some nice contouring. Also, some good lumbar support there while
letting your hips sink in just the right amount. If you’re a back sleeper, definitely check
out the ViscoSoft. It’s also a very good option for side-sleepers. When you’re on your side, you should feel
almost no pressure on your shoulders, on your hips. As I said, I’m a larger person, I felt very
little pressure in those areas. Side sleepers, this is definitely a very good
option for you. If you do like that slow-moving memory foam
feel, this is a very good way to add that to your mattress without having to buy a whole
memory foam mattress. It’s a very good value. If you want to have that memory foam feel
on top of your mattress, take a look at the ViscoSoft. Lastly, if you like a memory foam feel but
you’re a hot sleeper, you’re worried about sleeping hot, the ViscoSoft might be a good
option for you. Again, with a very breathable cover, gel infusion
and some ventilation, you shouldn’t be sleeping too hot on top of the ViscoSoft. Now, let’s talk about the cons, and who I
think the ViscoSoft might not be the best fit for. First off, if you are a stomach sleeper, this
might not be the best option for you. It does soften the mattress quite a bit so
you might not get the best support on your hips. You might bow in there and, like me, feel
some lower back strain there. Stomach sleepers again, you might want to
look elsewhere. Also, if you don’t like that memory foam feel,
this is about as memory foam as you can get so, probably not the best choice for you. It’s very slow-moving, you’ll slowly sink
in. If you want something more responsive, something
bouncier, consider something with responsive foam or possibly latex. Lastly, if you have mobility issues, this
might not be the best choice for you. It is very hard to move around on top of this
topper, it’s very thick, even for someone of my size. I sink in pretty far. I’m not getting stuck so much but it is not
that easy to move around. In the end, I really enjoyed my experience
with the ViscoSoft Memory Foam Mattress Topper. I think it’s a good choice for back sleepers,
side sleepers, and those who like that slow-moving memory foam feel. If you’re not quite sure it’s the right memory
foam mattress topper for you though, they have a 60-day money back guarantee. Try it out for 60 days, it’s not a good fit,
you send it back risk-free. They also have a three-year warranty. That’s about it. If you’re just getting started looking for
a mattress or mattress products, definitely check out Also, I have a question for you. I want to know why you’re looking for a memory
foam mattress topper. Is it extra pressure relief, a different feel,
or something else? Leave your answer in the comments section
below. We’ll see you back here soon. [silence]

28 thoughts on “ViscoSoft Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review – Amazing Pressure Relief?”

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  2. This is the topper you recommended for me and you were absolutely right. Great pressure relief for my sore shoulder and I don't bottom out. It really saved my too firm mattress…and my shoulder. Thank you so much.

  3. As a mostly side and back sleeper I am looking for something to help with hip and shoulder pain. We currently have a natural latex mattress that is extremely firm and have an older 3' green tea foam topper that seems to be out of squish. Would this be a good topper? I do like the memory foam feel.

  4. I’m a stomach sleeper so i might now need a mattress topper like you mention but i do like the fluff and slow moving feel😫💓

    Trying to win that free mattress, thank you lovelies 💓

  5. I really liked the bamboo cover material since its cool to the touch, machine washable removable cover is a plus.Its also a good idea to try this topper to see if you do like memory foam mattress

  6. I was not a believer of a mattress topper till I slept on one. High density memory foam thats gel infused and good ventilation were some of the pros.I'm a stomach sleeper and so this mattress topper would not be ideal for me.

  7. I have an older, firm mattress but need a softer, memory foam bed, so I was thinking a topper would be a good investment while I research mattresses.
    This could be a good match as I am a back/side sleeper and prefer a cooler bed. I like that there's straps to hold the topper in place and a washable cover. 48hrs to expand is doable.

  8. Does the firmness of the mattress you use it with make a difference in how this feels? Do mattress toppers in general prolong the life of mattresses? Finally, is there a topper that makes the bed firmer? Thank you.

  9. Hi. Would like to know which mattress is cooling and good to place on an air alternative bubble pressure mattress for my stroke dad. His heavy and always laying on his back.

  10. Do you just put regular sheets on these toppers or a light mattress pad. Im 5ft 8 160lbs so not heavy. What would you recommend… thanks

  11. I'm in a quandary. My boyfriend and I used to have an old mattress. We bought a 4 in Serta topper and it revived our sleep. We bought a new mattress, no topper.. and it's quite firm in comparison. My boyfriend, who has terrible back pain as it is, sleeps horrible on it. I, on the other hand, sleep great.
    We decided to try the 4 in on the new mattress and he scored his sleep from a 4 on the mattress alone to an 8 with topper.

    Me, while I slept, I wasnt as comfortable now with the topper and this new bed. I'd say I went from an 8 to a 6.

    So what do we do? We are both heavier. He has the need for a topper due to pain. Side sleepers too.

    I'm leaning toward a 3 in viscosoft but there are so many out there!

  12. I want a high density memory foam. I have narrowed it down to this one and a TempurPedic. I just don’t know? My mattress is firm and I need it to be softer. I have a bad back, knee and shoulder. I like that it is not too hot. However I don’t know about the ease of moving around

  13. have a Very bad back from a fall in a hotel 2 1/2 years ago in naples Fl and was told I need Disk replacement or fusion I used to sleep on my back so I bought the best firm mattress
    I could find I spend stupid money but for some reason I am now sleeping on my side is there any MattressTopper That I could buy to relieve my shoulder pain but keep my back straight ?
    Please Help Kevin

  14. I own this topper and it's very soft, squishy with a slight gelly feel to it. I've enjoyed it a great deal. The straps are too close to the corners, though, so it doesn't hold it on as well as it could. And the anti-slip meshy stuff on the bottom of it aren't enough to keep it from slipping off to the side due to my weight and mobility issues. I have to get off the bed at the same spot every time. But not everyone has these issues, of course. I've had mine for a year or so now and I love the feel of it. NOTE: I'm menopausal and while the topper sleeps cool normally, it can't cool down fast enough during a hot flash.

  15. Ok so I'm a side sleeper only, I also have a sleep number bed that I keep on 35 because I need soft as I have a really bad back, I've had a regular topper on my bed for many years it's not memory foam or feather, with that being said I'm looking to replace it as it's so broke down that even with my bed on 35 it's hurting my hip, and I sleep hot so also need one that keeps me cool, what do you recommend? Thank you!

  16. I'm a light (130 lbs) side and back sleeper. The medium firm saatva bed I have is too firm and the plush avocado mattress topper still gives me hip pain when I sleep on my side. I figure a softer topper would help. I am concerned with thick memory foam toppers because I get back pain on some memory foam mattresses. Do you think this would work for me or do you have another suggestion?

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