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Vocal Coach Reacts To Little River Band | Help Is On Its Way | Lady | Lonesome Loser | Ken Tamplin

Vocal Coach Reacts To Little River Band | Help Is On Its Way | Lady | Lonesome Loser | Ken Tamplin

Hey everybody welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I get asked a lot about how I’m able to sing the way I do and what my vocal
influences are and so forth and so I have a singing course and it’s called
How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else. For my singing friends out there if you want
to negotiate with me and show have me show you how to walk through this stuff
step-by-step to sing in all these different styles, different ranges,
different pitch, tone, controls, stamina vibrato you name it. I cover all of this
in my singing course you could check it out here at Ken Tamplin Vocal for my singing friends that are interested and with that said I want
to go ahead and do a vocal coach reacts to the Little River Band now Little River
Band again has just been phenomenally successful with just amazing songs that
have withstood the test of time. So I’ve put together a little montage of them.
Now there’s other ones that I would have
loved to have done and added to this but from a publishing standpoint we’re only
allowed to do so many songs and some are excluded so I put together the best ones
I was allowed to do and we’ll discuss this more maybe after or during the
process of checking out this reaction. So with that said Little River Band. Let’s
do this, here we go. Guys probably remember this one. This is old but it’s good. Now interesting thing about this. A lot
of these band whether it was the Bee Gees, whether it was these guys you know
there are so many bands competing for great songwriting. One of the things I
like a lot about this is the parts the different intricate parts, they take you
to all these cool different places in the band. Now I edited some of this out
unfortunately cause I didn’t want this video to be too long but you know go
back and listen to like you know this is “Help Is On Its Way”. There’s a few I mean
look up Little River Band” and just look at all the differents.. “Take It Easy On Me” is one of my favorite songs ever. I couldn’t do it here because
I couldn’t get the publishing and then what’s that other song (sings) So I encourage you to check out “Take It Easy On Me”, “Cool
Change”, some of their other stuff but in this case and then getting back to the
band you know they incorporate a lot of instrumental elements that are unique so
you have kind of almost like this disco sort of bass going on with a lot of the
pop sensibilities. They’ll add horns, they’ll add you know different keyboard
stabs a lot of Elton John kind of piano Philly things right whatever
and then kind of some R&B drums but are not typical because this is a time where
rock, hard rock 70s and early 80s but late 70s or early 80s rock was competing
for the rock space, these guys were dabbling into that a little bit like you
know other bands gosh who’s who is like I’d say pop. If you if you go down and
you look at like 70s pop and I don’t care if it’s the Eagles or whoever, you’ll see like
crossover of a lot of stuff that was in the pop market that crossed over into
the rock market like these guys and they sort of straddle the fence between the
two in an era where that was kind of like taboo to really do that. So this is
certainly one of those bands okay. Sorry for the mumble but just part of my brain
that’s how it works. Listen to those harmonies. Bee Gees too. Yeah so like I said like the Bee Gees. All
these other bands incorporated a lot of great vocals like this. I just did a Styx
vocal reaction to whether its Journey or Styx or ELO is another band or
whomever in this case Little River Band. They have and then if you notice too
like the choruses, the first chorus will be different than the second chorus
it be different than the third chorus and that’s true for the bridges and
stuff. In today’s musical climate, a lot of times they’ll just take the chorus
and they’ll literally cut and paste it to all the other choruses. So there’s no
uniqueness and there’s no building in the song, it’s just all one long train
that kinda chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga and in this case there’s all this
breath and all this uniqueness and all the space and creativity. Very creative,
very ingenuitious songwriting so let’s continue. Everybody in the band sings right. New song. Like Paul character. Love this change. Great harmonies man. So timeless. See what I mean. These little breaks. Right. How great are those harmonies man. Abba another band. “Lonesome Loser”. And the other really cool thing about
this is just doesn’t matter what song it is it could be in a different tempo,
could be a different key, it could be a different one of the vocalists singing
something. You always knew it was Little River Band you know it’s kind like Elton
when he comes on or Zeppelin or whatever. They just had such a signature sound
about themselves that you just so recognizable every time something comes
on and they incorporate that with a musicianship, the different
instrumentalists instrumentation is to say and then the vocal harmonies and
then the structure of the way they arrange their songs and write their
songs so. Good changes right. Very memorable melody. Hear the base (sounds). I’m gonna back this up just a little bit. I want you to concentrate on the base, the tightness of the rhythm
section and then and then kind of think about like a disco tune or like an old
R&B tune, how they’re incorporating that sound in it. Like I said like the Bee
Gees did a lot of that. There were a lot of bands that really are able to get
that tightness in the rhythm section. Check this out. Listen closely. Very driving R&B kind of bass sound. Cool and like I said I mean they could
have gone on and on and there’s a lot of songs I would have picked by them. I
chose what I could that the publishing companies would allow for YouTube but
anyway gang if you like what you heard please like and subscribe to my channel.
For my singing friends out there if you want to learn how to sing like this I
walk you through this stuff step-by-step you can check it out here at my singing
course Ken Tamplin Vocal and stop by my singing forums, come by my
facebook page. I do these by request you guys so if there’s something that you
want me to react to please put it in the comments section or drop by Facebook and
send me a little Facebook message or something and I’ll get to it as soon as
I can. Okay until next time God bless all you gang and peace out. Hey guys if you like what you heard please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel by clicking on
the SUBSCRIBE button. That will actually take you to another page where you want
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you’ll get notifications from me, every time I have a cool video come out. Ok
thanks guys peace out.

100 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts To Little River Band | Help Is On Its Way | Lady | Lonesome Loser | Ken Tamplin”

  1. Those tunes are soo good , first time I've heard them, always the first times is special treat ! I love those older tunes before , computers, like so emotional and amazing in so many ways.
    Thanks for guidling us through these older favourites of yours Ken , you are really radiating positive energy, thanks Ken, love and peace everyone

  2. I love the vibe of this band. Very upbeat and positive feeling. Alan Parsons Project Ammonia Avenue please.

  3. Loved these guys since I was a little kid!

    Reminiscing brings back some seriously great memories of my house when I was like 4 or 5. Summer nights, and loving life, not having a care in the world…

  4. Glenn Shorrock still gets around the clubs in Australia, selling out shows. He has the audience eating out of his hands as soon as he walks on stage. Just a great presence with an excellent backing band.

  5. Great that you pay attention to his band! I have sent the link to this video to founding members Beeb, Graeham and Glenn. 🙂 Love these guys!

  6. Jigsaw sky high. Though Walter Murphy band was all instrumental Beethovens 5th. Little river band ARS Jefferson starship or airplane. Eric Carmen. Too many to list that had a crossover sound in the 70s

  7. I love Little River Band! I love Glenn’s voice but I thought John Farnham also sounded great when he was the lead. Thanks for posting this!

  8. Well I looked up a one hit wonder and found in the US he had 1 number one but 16 songs in the top 30 yet I only heard of 2 songs from him seasons in the sun and if you go away. Seems he wasnt well produced here or we would have heard more of him. Though his music isnt high powered it was good. Terry Jack's. I never knew he did more than the 2 songs.

  9. When Ken says "Look up the Little River Band" he's referring to the Original Little River Band. There's a group of musicians performing (legally I hasten to add) under the Little River Band name touring, the USA which do not sound like the singers in this video.

  10. Love LRB, though I think John Farnham is a better singer than Glen Shorrock, I think the earlier albums had the best songs, but JF does some great live versions like Cool Change, Reminising and Man On Your Mind, maybe you'll do a review on them. Graham Goble was great songwriter and the harmonies were pure bliss. How about a top ten of groups like LRB that have great harmonies? I can think of a few. Cheers Ken

  11. Hi Ken. Great video. I enjoyed it. I recently interviewed Beeb Birtles from Little River Band. Beeb is a founding member of the original and classic lineup. Here's a link to the interview where Beeb talks extensively about the vocal arrangements you highlight in your video. Cheers, Jackson.

  12. Ken, for Russian-speaking Youtube users, your reaction to Dimash is blocked)) it's Strange all this)) We are not allowed to approach each other))

  13. Really enjoy ypur page. Ken Tamplin , youre probably so much like me. Maybe you stayed up late to watch ' The Midnight Special ' or ' Don Kirshner's Rock Concert' when you were a kid.

  14. LRB is one of my Top 10 Bands of all times! Excellent lead vocals and vocal harmonies along with great guitar works! Absolute excellent musicians! Great analysis and a cool shirt too! Hahaha! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Just goes to show, a well written song will last, no matter what the style. You may not like LRB's style , but as a musician you can't deny they're clever and well written songs. LRB were seasoned songwriters before LRB, and the lessons learnt certainly show.

  16. You probably get hundreds of questions exactly like this a day, but i just wanted to know at what point do you think Dimash stops supporting his notes. I’ve seen videos claiming that he can’t support an E4, which i think is blasphemous. You’re pretty much the king of diaphragmatic support, so I figured that you’d be the one to ask. Thanks for your response if you have the time!

  17. I'm a huge fan of Little River Band. I love to put in their greatest hits CD at night when I'm trying to go to sleep. "Cool Change" does it for me every time. Such a peaceful song❤

  18. Great Australian band. 'Reminiscing' is one of my fave.
    Glenn Shorrock firstly was singer of band called Axiom which wrote song 'A Little Ray of Sunshine' a hit in Australia Brian Cadd also from this band had a hit 'Ginger Man'
    Another great singer from 70s was Russell Morris with songs like 'Sweet Sweet Love' & many others.
    If interested, I've put together a bunch of known but mostly unknown (except for Aussies) Australian singers/songs, new & old in my #AUSSIEPLAYLIST.
    I've chosen vids with quality sound over music vid clips but you can seek them out if curious & available in your country.

  19. Songs of my childhood. We still hear these a fair bit, in one form or another, here in Oz. My musical taste might not have come alive until the 90s but I miss this sound.

  20. Forgotten gem.
    Just makes me miss the music produced between
    1975-1985 A little more.

    Ken thanks for this, brought back some good memories.


  22. Excellent! LRB's absolute best tune of them all is Beeb Birtles "Light Of Day" off their Sleeper Catcher album. I've never heard a more better composed song in all aspects. The harmonies, the lyrics, all the instruments and band in PERFECT sync on that song. The song "Light Of Day" is a true ultimate musical masterpiece.

  23. Incredible harmonies, never thought twice about them when I was growing up cuz there was a lot of that on the radio at the time

  24. Turn that shirt downnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We like pop rock in the uk 😆. Ken a challenge for you. An 80’s band called Japan acoustic version of Ghosts reaction please and your version if you can possibly get the rights, not your normal style I know but I think you could nail it. Go on I don’t usually ask but you really wanna 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  25. I love how effortlessly these guys change keys/styles/tempos between verse, chorus, and bridge. Brian Wilson was great at moving around the music in this way.

  26. Hi Ken…Little River Band were a Magnificent Australian Band and as you are very well aware of they have Brilliant Songs…Brilliant Musicians and Brilliant Vocalists…Unfortunately there is still a Band Touring the USA still called Little River Band but this is Wayne Nelson (who was the Bass Player with the Aussie Line-Up of The Little RIver Band for Many Years)…It is Great they are still singing the Songs of The Little River Band but compared to the Original Band dare I say it they are pretty Average. The Vocals and Harmonies are just nowhere near that of the Aussie Line-Up with Glenn Shorrock, Birb Beetles etc…Anyway Thank You Ken and keep up the Great Work Mate…Jody 🙂

  27. Hi Ken…This is the Real Deal LIttle River Band…Just Listen to the first 30 Seconds and you can hear how Brilliant their Harmonies were.

  28. Such a great band from an awesome era. The music of today doesn't even compare to LRB. Thank you Ken for another great and knowledgeable video.

  29. Awesome Aussie Band, it's quite disgusting that fraudster Stephen Housden continues to organise tours and make money with the LRB name. Even though he had NO PART in writing any of their songs. The fraud tours under the LRB name, with NO ORIGINAL MEMBERS, playing other peoples songs and making money off all the hard work of Glen Shorrock, Beeb Birtles, and Graeham Goble. He's even blocked access to the Facebook page for people located in Australia, the man is fraud and a thief and needs to be exposed to the US market. If you are in the USA and thinking of going to watch LRB play, please be aware you are not watching and listening to ANYONE from the ORIGINAL BAND, or ANY WHO WROTE ANY OF LRB's SONGS. All you are doing is going to watch a cover band.
    Regards Pissed Off Australia

  30. Always loved Glenn…..Reminiscing !!!! is awesome 73 on this video and sounding great!

  31. Ken long time no see brother. I love the Little River Band. these guys are awesome and are timeless. the harmonies are amazing. they have gone through so much lineup changes over the years. Not the same after the lead singer left the band. one of the bands that started hiring out musicians and lost it in my opinion. This was a great reaction. Good on you bro for this one. harmonies are spot on and the musicianship is amazing.

  32. love the looks on their faces, they're nailing it and they know it! thanks for this Ken, LRB is all-time. fyi John Farnham sang with them too at one stage

  33. This is an awesome performance of LRB Reminiscing (not sure if it's the original singer)

  34. The more I get drawn into revisiting the music from my 1970's transistor radio & 80's boombox days I really have an even deeper appreciation for not just the musicianship but ALL the vocals. The choir nerd in me loves a great blend😄

  35. Saw them several years ago. Awesome concert. The Lonesome Loser is a beast of a song! Their greatest hits album is one of my favorites. Thanks for the reaction. Always learn something listening to your commentary.

  36. They did a live version of Lyin Eyes, with Glenn Frey from Eagles joining in.
    Also from around that time was Sherbet, Jon English and of course Skyhooks

  37. Ok ken it's time to sing one of the little river band omg I know you can do cant wait love LITTLE RIVER BAND AWESOME

  38. LRB were smashed in the end and now they are owned by one guy who was a hired gun actually not an original member, . anyway with John Farnham taking on the vocal duties and Wayne on the Bass, this one is a step up for the Band ; Playing to win, .

  39. Hey Ken, have you ever done a reaction to Ambrosia? I think they have a similar style to LRB and David Pack has such an incredible voice. Very underated!

  40. One of my favorite bands as well as very underrated. Imho. Thanks for doing a video on this band.
    Cool Change! I don’t know if they made a song that wasn’t well written.
    Definitely a signature sounds

  41. What is sad today's music that much of what was so golden is not so golden anymore… this harmony can only be heard by playing them?!?

  42. LRB was formed from the remnants of two great earlier Aussie bands named, Axiom and Zoot. Both of these bands were brilliant. Zoot did an amazing hard rock version of Eleanor Rigby. Also check out Axiom's My Babys Gone.

  43. You keep reacting to my favorite bands Ken. Grew up in Australia and these guys were legends. Thanks Ken for highlited great timeless music.

  44. The first concert I attended with a date was Little River Band at Red Rocks spring break 1979 ( I think ). Really good…so good I thought they had backing tracks! I found out they did not (in 1979 it was amazing what you could get away with if you acted like you Knew what you were doing). I married that girl and we have three children, that have mostly listened to crap compared to what I grew up with.

  45. Oh, I know every word. I didn't realize I knew every word Little River Band. Makes me want to go get a greatest CD. Have you done Air Supply? Just love them. I think their vocals really superb.

  46. Brought back some great memories! I had all these songs in 45's. Your right about their signature sound. They had a unique sound of their own. I think "Lady" was one of my favorites…Thanks for the blast from the past!

  47. Glenn Shorrock has such a superb pedigree. He was in some great bands before LRB. Check out ‘A little ray of sunshine’ with Axiom and Brian Cadd

  48. Just quietly…I was sent to this clip by the original guitarist from LRB…David Briggs (Shares a name with my Uncle btw).
    In Australia we had few influential guitarists in this era (Kevin Borich…Angus….)
    and growing up he was one of my major influences.
    Vocally they were ALWAYS an influence but there were limited Australian guitar influences back in the good old days and David Briggs with his Firebird was a major influence as was the band harmonies.

  49. Hi,
    Please,, please Don't Apologize for your mumbling on 😭,, and that's just how your brain works. You are you. And
    AAaaaa, mine does too. I can totally relate.
    So NOW, I'm gonna say to you right now, You're Cool, .
    Maybe some can't follow, but I do.🙂
    Anyways,, I love this band. Brings much good fun and diversity in those times.
    Music Lives Forever,
    AIso,,, I like your style. Just sayin'.
    Ramble on 😘 ,,I'll listen, Much
    Respect to you.💞

  50. Love this, sooo much THANK YOU !!!!
    I really had a hard time not singing, or sitting still with this,,,, digest,
    Thank you. 😘

  51. Maybe you should react to this 13 year old. I know you won't, but at least you should check her out! Come on man, she is 13

  52. The 70s where you had to sing and play instruments. Look at the guys in this video their faces. Everyone's just having a great time doing what they do best doing what they love. Today's music has gotten so far off the beaten path. It's truly a sad shame

  53. My eyes water when i hear these songs. Reminds me when i was a kid. I'm 55. It's a shame that this style is gone. Long gone…

  54. Hello Mr. Tamplin. New subscriber here. Wanted to tell you how much I enjoy you vids. Love your insight and especially the sidebar trivia you add about the artist. Haven't made it through all your stuff yet but was wondering if you could do a YES tune. I've been a hardcore fan of theirs for years. Hard to pick a single song, but maybe Wonderous Stories or Close to the Edge (I get up…). Or better yet do your favorite and tell us why that is. Looking forward to it! ✌🤙

  55. Cover Bucket List

    26. Brian Howe / Nugent
    Tied up in love

    27. Brad Delp / Boston
    Cool the Engines

    28. Ronnie J. Dio
    Caught in the Middle

    29. Scott Stapp / Creed
    Faceless Man

    30. Hugo Ferreira/Tantric

    31. Scott Stapp / Creed

    32. Jeff Soto / Yngvie
    I'll See the light tonight

    33. Mark Boals / Yngvie
    You don't remember

    34. John Gioeli/Hardline
    Hands of Time

    35.Brent Smith/Shinedn
    What a shame
    (Brent has never been able to sing the last 90 seconds of this song live)

    36. Klaus Mein/Scorpions
    China White

    37. Colin Cooper / Climax
    I love you

    38. Rob Halford / Priest
    The Sentinel

    39. Robert Plant/Zep
    Out on the Tiles

    40. Bob Welch
    Sentimental Lady

    41. Ronnie Dio/Sabbath
    Heaven n Hell

    42. Lou / Foreighner
    Can't Wait

    43. John Waite/Babys
    Head First

    44. Geddy Lee / Rush
    Spirit of Radio

    45. Myles Goodwyn
    April Wine
    Like to Rock

    46. David Glasper
    Hands to Heaven

    47. Greg Walker/Santana
    Open Invitation

    48. David Pack/Ambrosia
    Biggest Part of Me

    49. Maria Carry
    Anytime you need Friend
    (Just want to hear that note between 3:38–3:43)

    50. Mike Reno / Loverboy
    When it's Over

    Putting together #26-#50
    "Reaction" list Mr. Tamplin.
    Then I will officially be done sending you requests.

    That will be over 200 between you covering vocals or you reacting to vocals.

    I will sit back and hopefully see 1 or 2 if I am lucky enough.

    Thank you my friend.

  56. My God! Haven't heard these songs in so long! My father used to play an old CD of them while we traveled through the country when I was 7. Funny thing, my English was terrible back then so 90% of the lyrics "I remember" are terribly wrong

  57. Ken, I was wondering if you've heard Dino Jelusic yet? An amazing young singer. Oh yeah, break down more 70's stuff please!

  58. In a hurry to get things done , rush and rush until lifes no fun , different band. This band centers on the mental aspect of how the brain meets the heart … Great astists. THANKS CHIEF … 😊🐼

  59. Been busy in the heart lately , Glad ur still there Ken , and Alyona , Id actually cry to lose You , Alyona or Sina . and Jaydyn is really getting out there , millions of subscribers. Excellentae 😊🐼

  60. Their songs were never the same, every song is so different. So good!
    Little River Band actually got me into Jazz as a kid, they had this Jazz influence in their music.

  61. Thanks Ken,another great band.Reminising easily their greatest song.
    Their songs were never the same, every song is so different. So good!

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