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Volvo XC40 2018 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |

Volvo XC40 2018 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |

Volvo Xc40 moose test The result we have obtained with the XC40 has been good in terms of safety, because the reactions of the car have been at all times very safe and easy to control. The driver has only to guide the steering wheel with the way forward, and the stability control does its work with precision and smoothness. We have not obtained a high entry speed, but we have been close many times. We managed not to knock down cones entering the first lane at 73 km / h. In this take the speed is higher, 77 km / h. The behavior of the XC40 degrades very little A slight understeer appears and we knock down a cone because we can not close the trajectory sufficiently at the entrance of the third lane. Again, the stability control works very well. At no time does the driver feel that the reactions can put him in trouble. Slalom The XC40 has a very balanced response when the driver makes very rapid changes in trajectory. Despite the size of its body, it is not a car that conveys a feeling of heaviness in the changes of direction, given that on the road it also offers a good level of agility. The steering is informative and sufficiently direct. The driving feeling gives a good compromise between agility and comfort.

61 thoughts on “Volvo XC40 2018 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |”

  1. No es un buen dato en cuanto a velocidad máxima, pero lo veo muy limpio de reacciones, se ve fácil y seguro parar todos los públicos

  2. I always came up with same question. Did you try 74-75-76 km for this car ? I beleive that xc40 could pass this test with one of these speeds. If you tried and if it failed, please add them to the video to make everything clear.

  3. Vale que no pasa la prueba a una velocidad muy alta, pero es por muy poco y bastante por encima, mantiene aún mucha nobleza y por un pelo no lo consigue. En mi opinión, bastante mejor que el X2. Por eso creo que mucha gente se equivoca centrándose solo en el dato de la velocidad. Este XC40 en la vida real tendría bastantes más posibilidades de evitar un obstáculo y salir con bien que el X2, que no solo manifestó un subviraje terrible, sino que a 75 ya es incapaz de mantenerse en el carril derecho al volver a él, cosa que el Volvo consigue sin problemas aunque tire un cono.

  4. Este coche se las trae, solo el precio es un poco elevado pero en general ofrece buen comportamiento, equipamiento y estilo que otros de su categoría. Volvo va por muy buen camino.

  5. Very nice reaction.
    I felt safe inside also at 77 km/h.

    Similar to the XV 2018 (same enter speed).

    But you clearly see that the Volvo is better for the road. The Xv more for off-road.
    Thanks for this interesting test.

  6. Fuera de tema…siempre me he preguntado por el nombre de la sierra que se ven al fondo de los videos? por ejemplo, en el segundo 0:32?

  7. i'm working in Volvo.. they use michelin pilot sport 4.. the grip is extreem!! sow use this tires on a other wagon they wil do the same 😉

  8. Que pise marginalmente un cono a 77 km con las reacciones que muestra no tendría importancia. Muy buena estabilidad para 21 mm al piso.

  9. Excellent results for Volvo considering its ground clearance (one pf the critical parameters influencing the speed achievable) which is much higher than Audi, BMW and many others!

  10. The problem is the driver, because the speed where he touched the cone was identical to the passage where he did not hit any cone. 0:17 vs 0:43

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