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VORTEX POKER 3 Keyboard and Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

VORTEX POKER 3 Keyboard and Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

hey everybody today I’m going to tell
you about my mechanical keyboard I have a poker 3 or a p.o k3r which is a
ridiculous product name I don’t really use them for all the crazy functions or
any of that kind of stuff I use them because I love the way the keys so under
my fingers so I’m here at work i’m going to show you this poker 3 keyboard so
this is the backlit version it’s not the RGB version it will light up your room
so you don’t want to have this back light you know on in the bedroom or
whatever it will light up your room so it does it does have the cherry MX blue
switches so this is my work set up it’s the poker 3 keyboard and the logitech
m570 trackball so i had been reading about mechanical keyboards for a few
weeks before i got the razor that I have at home and I got that at home and I
really liked it so eventually I was like I want to get one for work but I want something small so my desk can look like clean which it never really does but
that was the idea I did some research and I was going to get a happy hacker
but then I came across this poker 3 on amazon and started reading some reviews
that good reviews and so I got one and I absolutely love it I will say the
programming the programming layers are okay it is pretty easy to program
something like if you want to type a word out where you can get a keyboard
command and type in one of your passwords it’s kind of weird to have a
password stored on a keyboard so that’s up to you that’s a personal thing that’s
a personal choice I’ve had this poker 3 keyboard for almost a year and I have
never had a problem with it my razer keyboard at home at one point stopped
working and i actually melded in and received a new one in the mail that was
pretty magical getting a brand new keyboard back in the mouth my warranty
is out now it doesn’t start over every time you receive a replacement as far as
I understand so next time I go spat will have to buy a new keyboard I’m outraged
or what happened was the apostrophe key just got where it only activated some of
the time as a trackball I got it as something just to try out they’re not
real expensive like I don’t know the exact price so that think this thing was
like 20 bucks and it’s one of those things that’s on
amazon that just has thousands of great reviews so I’ve bought 20 bucks
something that fantastic I’m probably going to love it so I’ve had to set my
desk for a long time I love it except for when I’m editing video when I’m
editing and I’m really trying to hone in on spot and make slow movements the
trackball is not ideal it does the job though if it was all I ever used and I
might be more used to it add that fantastic logitech g502 at home so the
trackball I also have these up and down buttons that work is backwards and
forwards on internet and that’s actually a feature I use to being able to hit the
back button on the mouse is something I do so I can just kind of just kind of
have the trackball and surf the web no keyboard just kick back looking at the
screen another cool thing about this track ball it’s wireless I put a battery
in it when I got it and I’ve never changed batteries in it again and it
never gives me any problems sometimes you have to pop out the ball and just
literally just take my sleeve and wipe wipe round in there you could actually
watch this thing if you wanted and then pop it back in and that’s a lot of tech
m570 wireless trackball pretty cool little thing the trackball is weird I
sort of um part of me wants to get one at home and keep my mouth and have a
trackball one thing is cool i’ll try well is you can literally put it
anywhere and it feels the way it’s supposed to feel if you tried to put
your mouse up here in the look at the screen it would be very strange the
sambal your mind doesn’t associate it with these kind of movement so actually
perfectly comfortable to home attract wall right here this is not how I
normally use my trackball I’m just giving you a good example of one of the
things that makes a trackball unique you give me kick back on the sofa with and
just you can have your trackball right there on your knee nope no big deal by
the way we kind of kickin back on the sofa with the trackball on your knee I
want to build a little computer for a home that oaks up to the TV in my living
room that is something that’s on my agenda it’s not expensive to build a pc
if I I just want to use it to play media and to display the internet on my big TV
I don’t want to do any you know editing or powerful processing so it’s
inexpensive that’s that’s something that’s all
agenda so this video is not really a review as much as just me exclaiming
that I love my mechanical keyboards I like the way that the keys still under
my fingers I like the sound to use arrow keys it’s I and J kale is a function
button here where El caps lock also serves as a function key so to use arrow
keys you just with the caps lock with a key key over here and then these are
your arrow keys there’s a dip switch back here that sets the caps lock to
serve as a function key and that allows you to instead of having a function key
down here unit cache block can have it serve as a function surprisingly I never
miss caps lock when i’m chatting with amanda on google hangout and i wanted a
type all cap as like something funny or a joke it’s the only time I’m ever like
Darnell which ad caps lock when i switch that dip switch on the back I thought
well I’ll try this but i probably need caps log but it turns out you really
don’t need caps lock i want to say that i don’t remember the exact price i want
to say this keyboard was like 130 dollars so it’s pretty steep for a
keyboard but it’s a fantastic keyboard the response of all the keys is amazing
really if one of these keys went bad since it uses the cherry MX blues if you
order one from mouser and replace it I’m not saying I’d do that if one of these
keys with that maybe it’d be time to get a new keyboard but I could repair it as
simple as a soldering iron when i bought it i partially justified buying it like
well if he goes back and just replace the switch it is true it’s something i
can do i’m not sure but something i will do but it’s possibility let me show you
how easy it is to program ok so first i’m going to switch to a programming
layer you have layer 2 3 & 4 you programmed all of them you might have a
little sea but it says layer two layer 3 and layer for so I’m just going to
switch the layer to the fish to layer 3 we’ve seen this lights up red right here
you can barely see it now to go to programming mode you hit function
control and you see the blue light come on now i’m going to pick the key i’m
going to make it so that when i click the s key that starts blinking kinetic s
that it types subscribe ! when you’re done
doing the program you hit the PN button to stop and see devil install it and
then function control exits program mode you wash up here by hit s the type
subscribe see right here if I hit s down here type subscribe up there so you can
also you wanted to make it type your password for you you enter the
programming mode looks just like p for pat for password and then if your
password is the word password it better not be and then hit p into stop
programming and control function to get out programming mode now if you cut p it
was that the popular so that’s how easy it is to program the keyboard to do some
typing like a macro I will say I’ve had some issues with capital letters when I
tried to program in a password to add capital letters I could not get it to
work so I just give up on that for me personally the programming is more of a
novelty and just a wonderful response the great compact design of the keyboard
is what it’s all about if you’re looking for like in-depth programming there are
better keyboards out there for that this thing is just a really cool keyboard and
a really compact package so anyway I just thought i’d make a not exactly a
review but just a kind of a show-and-tell of the mouse and keyboard
i use it work because it’s a pretty cool setup a firm I have this bag here you
can literally put the keyboard in the bag and check ball
and take it with you wherever you go it’s not small like a cell phone but if
you want to go back and forth and have your cool keyboard everywhere you go
it’s not hard to carry around the carrying case is completely separate it
doesn’t say exactly what it works great is this kitten graffiti spelled wrong
what is with all these technology items with a poor spelling Grif iti so that’s
it that’s my input devices for work that’s my mouse and keyboard for words
or my trackball and keyboard I genuinely like these products they make me feel
better about my computing situation at work they make me feel good about my
desk so I mean I would genuinely recommend me to you if you’ve never used
a trackball you know maybe char one it’s different and mechanical keyboards are
the absolute coolest feeling keyboard I don’t know if you remember what it was
like to use like an IBM and elementary school they have these click Kiki’s way
back in the day well that’s what these keyboards have still to this day that’s
like top-of-the-line keyboard technology the type of keys still carry MX they
have different colors in each one has a different strengths resistance and a
different tactile feeling under your fingers so I like the blue it’s sort of
the classic clicking keyboard feel pure interested just types mechanical
keyboard in Google and go to town learning about it because there’s a lot
to it I’m just going to stop now I could talk about this keyboard and trackball
all night long Humbird snake thanks for watching hello everybody today I’m going to oops
hello everybody today I’m going to tell you about my mechanical keyboards in
there well uh never work again

5 thoughts on “VORTEX POKER 3 Keyboard and Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball”

  1. I was thinking that too, I have a wireless mouse and keyboard and that would be cool just so I don't have to keep plugging my laptop into it.

  2. My son has the Razer Chroma which is fine until when I film a cooking vid and ever so softly I hear tick tick tick LOL They are so loud!

  3. Ok but with thr programing stuff, you'd have to turn it off the type normally? Odd, lol. The misspellings are intentional as its considered "cool" by the kids, lol

  4. yo brown can you make another video about how the rgb works. I can only get the red led to work on the spacebar.

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