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Welcome to Your New World!

Welcome to Your New World!

Scoutings founder Baden-Powell was a
great storyteller. His tails would take youth to many new places and reveal many of
Scouting’s greatest traditions. To keep the youths imagination running strong
Baden-Powell introduced a story to help set the tone and theme for each Section.
Each story told a great tale and had unique characters, places and names
within each one. Despite each story being different all
the sections are part of the same great Scouting journey. Our journey begins at
the pond. Beaver Scouts take care of the pond and all who live in it. As beavers we use a
map of the pond and a forest around it to discover new areas and explore.
Beavers get to visit each area on the map and think of what kind of adventures
we can have in each different place. Beavers are a creative bunch and we love
sharing ideas. A group of Beavers is called a Colony. The Colony is made up of
smaller teams called Lodges. Let’s visit the Blue Jays Lodge. You can see that
some Beavers have different tale colors. There are blue tales, brown tales and whitetails.
This helps understand what age are the Beavers and their role in the Colony.
Here are two of the Colonies Scouters Hawkeye and Tic Tac. They are named after
some of the characters on the map. The pond is our home. This is where we
live as a Colony and have adventures. You could say the pond is our community and
there is plenty to explore. As Beavers you will never run out of ideas. Even asleep we will be dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures. A jungle is a big playground for many
animals, but like every forest or jungle there’s always one animal that has
respect of all others. Ah! You see now, there is a gathering of
wolves. The jungle knows that one lone wolf has only so much power. When the
pack gathers wolves are very strong together. Here are the runners they are still
learning to run with the Pack. They have a lot of energy and wild
imaginations. The trackers are very clever. They know the paths and animals in the jungle. The hollers are the voice of the Pack. These older wolves will address
the Pack and help guide them on their adventures. The runners, trackers and
howlers live in layers. Small areas where they can work together on many
activities. Here is our wolfpack all of them are here to plan new adventures in
the jungle. Wolf Cubs are accompanied by Balut, Hawthee and Michaela. The Scouters that guide and support the Cubs through all of their adventures. As a Pack you
get to explore the very same jungle that Mowgli roamed in The Jungle Book. The
jungle offers us plenty of new challenges that we can face either as a
Pack or in our Layers using our map of the jungle to help us see some of the
types of adventures we can take. Scouts blaze their own trails. They often ask
how far can we go and the possibilities are just as great as some of Canada’s
greatest trails. Each trail represents a Program Area.
These are important for our Scouts to explore throughout their Scouting year.
They will explore these areas in small teams called Patrols or sometimes with
the entire Troop. In Patrols Scouts work with their Patrol Leaders. Patrol Leaders
also have support from the Troop Leader, an older Scout with experience who helps
them achieve their great adventures. Throughout the years Scouts think back
upon these adventures just like great Canadian explorers, the Scouts progress in stages by becoming Pioneers, Voyagers, Pathfinders and Trailblazers. Trailblazing is a great fit for our Scouts to explore their potential. It
gives us the chance to experience, master and think back on our adventures. For
Venturers reaching new heights is second nature. Our ambition is to climb higher. To
manage our adventures we split up into Expedition Teams. The roles of each team are based on the Company’s projects and ongoing adventures. Each Expedition Team will have an Expedition Leader. When the whole Company meets, our Expedition
Leaders will share feedback and collect ideas from the Company. Working together, each Expedition will live up to everyone’s dreams. Expedition Teams bring the company to
life. They make Venturers see that together they can accomplish anything. By
organizing more Expeditions, we gain the skills to do great things for our
community and the world. As we progress in our personal journey Venturers will
reach different stages of their climb. Starting from trailhead, to tree line, to
snow line and to achieving our summit. Imagine what new heights we will achieve. Life is like a canoe trip. You know the
destination, you can see it so clearly but to get there you need to paddle
around rocks and through other obstacles. As Rovers we find ways around these
hurdles. Our strength comes from never going
alone. We are supported all the way throughout our journey. A mentor, someone with dreams similar to my own, will take the time to support my journey. We get to
places like this by working together. Our Crew will have small teams, like the
World Jamboree team, the world moot team, the give back to the community team and a
super-popular extreme canoe trip team. No matter what team you work with you are part of a Crew. A Crew finds new adventures checking off items from
everyones Ccouting bucket list. Through many of these experiences we grow, we
share, we offer service, go beyond our wildest expectations and we do it as a
Crew. My Rover Crew helped prepare me for all of the new adventures that will come
my way, just like my scouting journey. While it’s good to have an end to a journey,
in the end it’s the journey and the awesome adventures along the way that
count. What will be yours? This year, next year
and beyond.

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  1. What what ! Beavers roasting marsh with sticks 1Beavers and cubs are not allowed sticks 2I NEVER ROAST MARSH MELLOS AND IM 3RD YEAR/HOLLOR CUB WHAT WHAT PLZ PLZ FIX THIS

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