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We’re Going On A Bear Hike

We’re Going On A Bear Hike

JOEL ROSENTHAL: Nothing in this world—not sex, not food—can top just casually going
for an hour hike with a bear. JOEL ROSENTHAL: Nobody else in the world can do this. Nobody else in the world does this. COMM: At Point Of View farm in West Virginia, 74-year-old Joel Rosenthal lives with five
black bears. JOEL ROSENTHAL: Look at you Boo. COMM: He’s been rescuing wild bears for the past seven years, raising them inside
his house and keeping them safe from hunters. JOEL ROSENTHAL: I take naps with them, we play in the house, they get fed in the house,
and then as they grow, they are moved to larger facilities outside. It is really special to
be able to hike around with two or three bear cubs that are just following me. I really
have to pinch myself all the time, because I can’t believe that I am really really
doing this, that I have this relationship with these animals. COMM: Once the hunting season has passed and the bears are old enough, Joel releases them
back into the wild. JOEL ROSENTHAL: They don’t go off and become a nuisance, they don’t break into people’s
homes, they don’t attack people, they just go off and become wild bears, which is exactly
what they are genetically programmed to do. JOEL ROSENTHAL: I have had 20 bears altogether. My guess is that almost all of them have been
killed by hunters. JOEL ROSENTHAL: I try to separate my emotions from it. I have to divorce from my brain
any accumulation of grief knowing that, again, most if not all the bears that I have released
are dead. COMM: People often contact Joel when they find bears injured or abandoned in the hope
that he will take them in and the first bear came into his care in 2009. JOEL ROSENTHAL: Rose is almost 7 years old. She was raised in the house and a couple of
years ago she had a cub right here and I played with the cub every day until she went off
with the cub into the forest. She is probably about 300 pounds. JOEL ROSENTHAL: But I got to lock her up, keep her from being shot. Well, she and I
have a special relationship, if I were to let her out right now, she wouldn’t bother
anybody, but once she is off in the woods, she is just a wild bear. So this is Waffles,
Waffles is almost two years old. He is probably close to 200 pounds and he is such a sweetie.
Waffles is locked up because instead of going off and being a real bear for the summer,
he decided that he wanted to be in the house all the time. COMM: Joel lives deep in the forests, on the deserted side of a large river. This means
he can go months on end without seeing another human being. JOEL ROSENTHAL: So this is all part of Point Of View farm—non-profit charitable organisation,
a wildlife sanctuary, 262 acres and I am the only one living on this side of the river
for miles. I live all alone. I live miles from the nearest human being. I sometimes
go a month or more, two months without ever seeing another human being and I’m a happy
camper. COMM: Joel predominantly feeds his bears with meat but sometimes treats them to something
a little bit different. JOEL ROSENTHAL: Waffles likes peanut butter, but Rose does not. So she doesn’t get any
peanut butter. I give those three bears some of this meat, but actually I have been cutting
back a little bit because the temperature is getting cold. I feed them several times
a day. I want them to get used to me. I want them to become bound to me so that we have
this special relationship, which makes the entire process of raising them and eventually
releasing them a lot easier. I prefer any animal to humans. COMM: While Joel has never been attacked by one of his bears, he realises the threat they
pose due to their sheer size. JOEL ROSENTHAL: I consider bears to be very, very safe. All the statistics bare that out,
regardless of anything I am prejudiced about. Bears are wonderful animals. I have never
been attacked by a bear. We are talking about a 200 or 300 pounds animal who is stronger
than 10 human beings and quicker than a rattlesnake, and yet here I am as the doting mother trying
to discipline a huge linebacker, there is a likelihood at the very least that I am gonna
get scratched or injured a little bit, but it is not out of malice, it’s not an attack. JOEL ROSENTHAL: I’m respectful because they are wild animals despite the fact that I have
raised them. JOEL ROSENTHAL: Come on Sarah. Come on Coda. Come here. JOEL ROSENTHAL: I get a lot of attention on my Facebook page. Joel Rosenthal, I put up
lots of pictures of the animals, videos of the animals. There are people from all over
the world who now follow the exploits that happen here at Point of View Farm. JOEL ROSENTHAL: There is my boy. JOEL ROSENTHAL: There is no doubt about it that my raising, caring for, interacting with
and releasing bears into the environment has been very, very special. JOEL ROSENTHAL: I am 74 years old now. This is the culmination of my lifelong dream, to
have a place like this and it’s all happening. Here they come again. Come on Boo. JOEL ROSENTHAL: Look at you guys. Look at all three of you.

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  1. This man was born to be a Druid/Shaman, a priest of the wilds, that cares for the world and knows that all things come from the earth… will eventually return to it. It is good that he spends his days protecting and caring for these creatures.

  2. que hermoso ,que el señor les siga dando la salud y el vigor para salir a delante con estos hermosos animales

  3. "nobody else does this" …………………. seems there are a lot of people doing this or something very similar…..


  5. I can't follow if in the subtitles there is no translation in Italian please otherwise I can't see the videos

  6. I live in the middle of a forest and bears are a daily occurrence here. We respect them, hunt them, and coexist with them but there is no way in hell you can tell me this man is raising bears…. those animals he has stopped being bears a long time ago.

  7. Sigh..this is a very nice man with good intentions. But unfortunately he is condemning these bears to death by keeping them and feeding them and then letting them go into the wild.

  8. No sex. Viagra is useless unless you are sticking it down their anus holes. No sucking female breastisies. What a pathetic life.

  9. I wish a worthy person will continue your legacy of caring for these bears and the future one's that would come along…….

  10. If you raise bear cubs, you shouldn't release them into the wild. You should give them to a sanctuary where they will be cared for and looked after. Once a bear is used to being around humans, they will lose that instinct to avoid humans.

  11. Why hunting n killing bears is even Legal?Do ya guys want this animal to go extinct as well n destroy mother nature

  12. ban hunting, problem solved! being terrorized and massacred is not something animals deserve, especially if terrorism and murder is against the law.

  13. If we recognize it or not, or admit it or not, we all live only in this very present moment. All else belongs to the fields of hope and speculation. So, looking from that point of view I can understand what Joel is doing and why he is doing it. For however brief period in these Bears lives they spend at his spread, they are clearly Happy Bears.
    Having lived for years in a place, nicely populated with Bears (mostly black) in Wrangell-St.Elias National Park, has taught me that Bears are not the ferocious critters most people want them to be. Hunters typically make themselves out as heroes after they shoot – not only Bears – but just about anything. I have yet to experience a Black Bear that would not make space on a trail when we met. Bears are good people.

  14. Hi Mr. Hunter, do you have any food for me? Pow! Yeah, no wonder they are probably all dead. Really sad, selfish and ignorant.

  15. I'm guessing this was one of his bears.

    This is why they get shot, no fear of humans .

  16. I just half to say how rare it is to see a wild black bear i live in the foot hills of NC and ive seen two wild ones
    Both times they wonted nothing more than to get away from you prob as fast as u wont to get away from u
    But god bless and i hope you can keep your bears alive case wheni hear of people killing bears i just think one day are
    Kids wont know what a wild bear looks like its vary sad but gkd bless from nc

  17. In my country moldavien this black bears was used of humans in the christmas time to make some money, them owners has learn this black bear to dance ,we children have always enjoy the christmas time when we've seen the bears dancing show .Today there was coming the germans nature activists, and all this people have to do release in the freedom all this bears, but unfortunately all this bears are been accustomed with the humans ,and can not survive without them support ,i think it's very good what you did 've for this orphans bears, but i thought all the willd animals should life in freedom , sorry for my spelling !

  18. ah feel sorry for the lost of 20 bears. hunters are stupidst animals ever.
    thank you for sharing your kids with us. Keep enjoy!

  19. It's simply the whim of an eccentric and capricious Jew who as he says """hates humans"""(ofcourse with different words) and in his selfish and capricious eccentricity he prefers to live surrounded by bears …, he constantly repeats it "there is no one in the world doing what I do. "
        This tremendously selfish,egocentric and capricious being doesn't care at all about the future well-being of these bears, I doubt that he's ever released one in to the wild.

    Feeding them with what he feeds them(peanut butter and waffles) it shows perfectly how much he cares about their future and well-being.

  20. I think Joel has proven that bears can cope after captivity. I know for a fact that a horse can go wild after a short time in the wild, a domesticated feline can too, and a goat will definitely go wild after a short period of time in the wild.

    It is obvious that domesticated bears are not doomed after all despite what we've been told. Suburban bears are like suburban rats, for it is man who has encroached upon THEIR territory, not the other way around.
    It is the human who preys on other living beings that create danger, not humans like Mr. Rosenthal. If man could possibly live in peace with the rest of the planet, the problem would be solved.

  21. He need a gun living out there,to protect himself and the bears from hunters, there's a lot of nasty people out there,I'm so jealous of him and his relationship with the bears

  22. Once on that property they should stay there, until they die from natural causes. The second they're released they're dead.

  23. These bears have adorable round fuzzy butts :-). He is so lucky to have their love. I, too, have always had the opinion for years that bears are actually sweet. They mind their own business walking, smelling the plants nearby. They don't attack anyone unless in self defense to protect themselves.

  24. You are the light in this human infested dark jungle. Very touching video. We can not adopt wild animals in India, even they are abondened or injured, so, I am happy to live alone far away from humanity with 5 street dogs. Cheers to us and like mind people.

  25. It continues to amaze me how docile these animals will become when they are well fed and well treated. These Bears think that this man is their Daddy and treat him with love.They have bonded with him and would always recognize him where ever they went, even if they hadn't seem him for years. They are a Family !

  26. Some agree with what he is doing and some disagree with what he is doing
    Stop hunting the bears and he wouldn’t have to do this .
    Manage bear numbers in other ways so assholes can’t have em mounted on the wall or as a rug on the floor

  27. This guy is not very smart..he's making the bears very acclimated to humans then releasing them into the wild then whenever they go an approaching human not knowing any better they get shot ultimately it's his fault

  28. as much as i love this video i have to say…he is part of the problem…you are making these animals to trust humans…so they walk right into the crosshairs of hunters….i understand and agree with what he does…but at the end of the day…you get wild animals to trust humans they are dead animals…shame on him!

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