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We’re Not In Whoville Anymore: Welcome to Goose Creek Tower

We’re Not In Whoville Anymore: Welcome to Goose Creek Tower

(snowmobile engine) (light music) – [Voiceover] A lot of people call this the Dr. Seuss house. – First of all, nobody asked Dr. Seuss for permission to do that. They refer to that because of some of the ideas that Dr. Seuss had. I think he was a genius, and I think he did a lot
of good for the world. I try and write poetry, and I kind of think of
this as a poem to the sky. I am Phillip Paul Weidner, I’m the owner and builder
of Goose Creek Tower. I went to MIT, and I’m kind
of a frustrated architect, so I like building. I just
designed it out of my head, we didn’t have blueprints,
we drew it out on cardboard, plywood, just as we were going. What I’m going to end
up doing, eventually, is put some hooks here and
hang pots and pans off them, because this is the kitchen. I started to build a
40-by-40 ascribed log cabin, and I realized I could put pillars on top, and put another house on top a house. And I just kept going, we got to 185 feet and we stopped, because 200 feet is federal air space. Now I just have to finish it out. This is pretty much the last real stairs. There are multiple levels in there, and I’ve tried to count them,
and it’s just impossible. It depends on how you count stories. (light music) I wanted to be able to see, and that’s the reason I went up. You can actually see
for at least 300 miles, and of course, when the
Northern Lights are out, you can really see. (light music) I hope that Goose Creek Tower
will inspire other people, to do worthwhile things,
not just in building, but whatever they do with their life. And every time I go up there
it’s a different experience. It kind of gives you a sense of the enormity of the universe. (light music)

61 thoughts on “We’re Not In Whoville Anymore: Welcome to Goose Creek Tower”

  1. This is such a spectacular building! I featured it in my latest drone video of Alaska. Check it out!

  2. Figured he was an attorney because of all the law books but who besides himself says he is a top trial attorney. Looks like it has been in the same shape for years and will never be finished.  Doesn't appeal to me.

  3. Worthwhile things, the enormity of the universe? It's pretty cool but come on. It's just a tower in the middle of nowhere!

  4. When i saw that animation of great big story. It appears to me that is saw a four and in the logo also. Is that really a four??

  5. I'm from Anchorage Alaska. My friends and I came here to take pictures and the owner came out with a massive revolver, obviously drunk, and basically chased us outta there. If you do want to visit it. I'd recommend going at night since the owner has cameras everywhere.

  6. Очень красиво!Но создатель этой красоты уже пожилой,жаль что ему мало времени осталось,чтобы довести всё начатое и пожить там…

  7. I live not far from there, never knew about it. I have been wanting to build my own tower, not anything this escentric probably. But something to get me above the tree's. Was thinking of maybe 50-60 feet. But with this guy inspiration, I see no reason not to go to 100.

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