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  1. I've recently started dressing in a fairy kei fashion and I love it! It makes me feel happy and confident, of course I don't go all out but it still makes me happy!

  2. I REALLY want to dress like decora ppl dresses.. but im too scared what my family&friends would think. Please help me!! And sorry if i have some mistakes in my English!

  3. I'm pretty sure fruits stopped publishing because the style became so popular that it made the uniqueness dissipate

  4. I love how one minute the interviewer has no hair clips then the camera pans back a few seconds later and she has a bunch of clips hap hazardly all over her head 😂

  5. So basically if you look like a unicorn covered in pixie dust took a big steaming rainbow colored shit on you, you're doing it right?

  6. If I tried wearing this where I live (Las Vegas), I would get bullied to the ground, also considering the point that I’m Black. Idk, I guess I can’t try anything.

  7. I've always wanted to try this, but I have no idea where to start ;-; Nobody I know is into J fashion or any kind of alternative fashion so it feels like there's no gateway for me to get into it.

  8. Why do these harajuku girls actually look cute? (i mean no offense but the otger people i see aren't really that cute to the eye)

  9. Those cavemen are always curious about other cultures geez. Harujuku is just like cosplay, steampunk, goth and lolita in my opinion.

  10. Awesome 😎 I never been to Tokyo!!!! I have a question does These Teens dressed like this daily or weekends? That's

  11. 海外の人は、こんなことに食いつくんだな。

  12. Wow, nice video! Here's also a great portrait of harajuku fashion in Tokyo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D2VF0bQws8
    Enjoy! 🙂

  13. I wanna be a gothic lolita in japan when i am able to ever go there <3 I'd love to know more about how much i would get accepted on how i really wanna dress than where i live now ;w;

  14. I've watched this video more then 10 times and it makes me so happy because I am a Decora girl and it's so inspiring to me

  15. of course this is not ''normal'' in japan too, but in Harajuku there is many people who can understand about these fashion/style so I love Harajuku✌🏼✌🏼🎀🎀

  16. As a personal lover of bright and pastel colors, I'd love to do this (minus the skirts and whatnot, personally I'd get a shitload of dysphoria being as I'm a transboy) but 1- I'd definitely get bullied, and 2- my mom would hella bash on the style

  17. i’m so happy this was recommended to me again four years later of my first time watching, this style really makes me happy to see!!!!!!!! <3 <3

  18. This so reminds me of 1985 when i had blue hair was into punk and people lliterally hated you for it but all the art kids expressed themselves thru their creative looks . Goodwill shopping when it wasnt trendy coming up with your own ideas and looks was so fun and not your average "GAP" look that was in at the time. I think of the awesome song by MINISTRY – EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN which when you think of it EVERYONE does this but only on oct 31 when society says for one day its ok to be crazy and creative but for punk , gothic, harajuku etc. this is everyday and it is AWESOME and a freeing experience !!

  19. if i saw a bunch of people dressed like that together i would actually cry with joy! they seem so happy! Living in America sometimes i dress crazy and colorful like that and its sad to see how many people judge the look, but thankfully some people love it!

  20. I LOVE dressing “kawaii” it’s the best! All the hair clips, bows, and colors are awesome! ^^ try it if you haven’t already

  21. Naturally, I support the "my way of life" system, but this is nothing more than wearable "Plastic Surgery". You may not "hide" yourself but you are definitely hiding your actual face and looks, so let's not pretend its not something else. Besides, doing this constantly is just "attention-seeking" cause being who you are should not be so loud that I can spot you among 1 million flowers.

    But ya, if it makes you happy, go for it. But be truthful about it.

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