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What’s inside a LOCKED 30 Year Old Safe?

What’s inside a LOCKED 30 Year Old Safe?

– We’re here and one of these
warehouses is full of stuff. And there’s an old safe in there. – [Lincoln] How about this one? – It’s gonna be fun. Oh! Look at that thing. Today’s video starts at Lowe’s. Yesterday it started at Home Depot when we were getting rid of a beaver home. Uh… Today we just got word from Leslie’s aunt that they have a safe
from their Grandpa Jack. He had all kinds of gold and
really unique Alaskan things. We don’t know what’s inside of the safe, it’s a super old safe. It looks like it’ll be easier to cut open than the safe we did,
when we cut open that safe in less than two minutes. – [Lincoln] Pixie dust! – [Dan Voiceover] It’s just drywall. What?! Are you kidding me? That’s all that it was! We’re gonna come here to Lowe’s, get an angle grinder, maybe a crowbar and we’re gonna see
what’s inside an old safe that actually should have
some kind of treasure in it. Gold bars? I don’t know. Jewelry? I don’t know. What do you think’s gonna be in there? – I think there’s gonna
be some gold nuggets – [Dan] Gold nuggets. Those are good. – And some jewelry. – [Dan] Here’s all the crowbars. I think if we get one of
these big 42 inch ones, think that’ll do the trick. Claire can you hold that? – It’s heavy. – It is heavy. I think just with that crowbar, we should be able to get into it. But just in case, we’re gonna see if we can find an angle grinder, cause that’d get us into almost anything. Like less than two minutes
we got into that other safe. The thing I like about Lowe’s is all the tools that I
need to get into things are right next to the entrance. It’s like it has its own little area. Where Home Depot, they’re
in a couple of aisles, but they’re different in every store. It’s a little confusing. (babbling) Angle grinder. (intense music) It’s heavy. I think it’s heavier than that big one that we cut open, it’s probably concrete. It’s solid. Is it okay if I tip it
over on this concrete? – [Woman] Absolutely,
whatever you need to do. (safe crashes on ground) – Let’s try the crowbar first. – It’s concrete. – I see concrete. – [Lincoln] It’s concrete! – Oh yeah, we’ve never had a safe with concrete in it. So far I’m already learning, if you’re gonna buy a safe,
don’t buy the brand-new one. Are you kidding me?! – [Lincoln] They’re not very good. – Cause they don’t have concrete in ’em, they have Sheetrock. It’s Sheetrock with a
little bit of carpet on it. This looks tough. Yeah, that’s pure concrete. I wonder if I can do this. (metal clanging) – [Lincoln] Daddy I
can try to get it open. (banging) – Alright. (angle grinder whirs) Alright so that hinge is off. Okay, alright, alright. (angle grinder whirs) – [Leslie] You’ve got
it, you’ve got it, yeah. – I’m gonna cut down along that line. – [Leslie] Good idea. – And if there’s any bars in there, it’ll just cut it right open. – [Leslie] Good idea. (ding) (angle grinder whirs) (buzzer) – Alright, we’re goin
the old fashioned way. (explosive boom) This is what we did on the other safe, we just cut a hole in it. I’m gonna try that. Well, – [Leslie] Oh, did we flip the breaker? – [Dan] We’re breaking
off, I need to see this. (intense music) There’s the metal. This is what’s on there, that’s
similar to the newer safes. The other one, it was
like a piece of drywall. Are you kidding me?! This one’s a little thicker. (thumping) (clanging) – [Lincoln] Oh boy, watch out! – I’m not gonna hit it too hard, just test it out a little bit. (thumping) Bruce it up a little bit. And then maybe we can take it apart. Huh. So it has like some metal chicken wire and then the concrete in
there, it’s pretty good. This is way better than modern-day safes. Are you kidding me?! I think the modern-day safes
are just cutting costs. At least the low-end ones that we got that were like $900. But, I might as well
cut it a little bit more around the edges since we know it’s metal. (intense music) (angle grinder whirs) (thumping) How is that not comin out? I feel like I cut all around it. (crashing) – [Leslie] Oh yeah. – [Lincoln] Go dad. – [Claire] Yeah! – There we go! – [Leslie] Whoo hoo! – There’s the chicken wire.
– Dig, dig, dig! – [Dan] Look at that! – [Lincoln] Dig, dig! Aw. – [Leslie] Oh my gosh! – Concrete!
– Are you kidding me?! Another wall, this is how
you should build a safe. Are you kidding me?! Look how thick that concrete wall is, that’s gotta be 2 1/2 inches thick. And then it’s another metal box inside! I like this.
– This, We like a challenge over here. – Is an amazing safe. – So maybe if you’re
lookin to get a new safe, – Get an old safe! – Yeah, go in the classifieds, get something that’s a little older. I can’t vouch for the actual lock. Like I don’t know how good or how bad the lock is, like if it’s easy to pick. Maybe it would be super easy and a locksmith is just
laughing at us right now. (laughs) – [Locksmith] You guys I can’t breathe, you’re making me laugh so hard. – But, if you’re trying to get into it just with brute force and some tools. This is gonna take a lot longer than your traditional one. Angle grinder blade is gettin pretty low. We’ve lost about 1/3 of the blade. Let’s see if we can get in there. Whoo! – [Leslie] You can do it. (inspiring music) (angle grinder whirs) (inspiring music) – There goes our blade! I made one bit of a line, but then. I think I have two blades, so. – [Lincoln] You do? – Let’s switch ’em out. – This saw blade is stuck in there and it’s in there so
tight that I can’t twist off that to put the new blade on. We’re so close, we just need one more line in that thing and we’re in. It’s always somethin. This was supposed to be
a five minute project, and I always seem to find
a way to make it longer. We are back at Lowe’s. We have a brand new
angle grinder, for free! (laughs) And we are back. This beast is still sittin here, we just gotta cut right down this line, maybe down there if we can. (dramatic music) I think it needs to be whoever was closest to grandpa. I’ll take out one thing and then I’m gonna let you
guys take out the rest. Here’s the first thing in it. Mainstay something. Distilled water. Or no, 80 proof, some type of alcohol, I don’t drink alcohol. Do you know if that
alcohol is worth anything? – Well I really don’t. Here’s what it is guys, check it out, look in the
comments, let us know. Mainstay the dry cane neutral spirit, timely distilled to
perfect dryness from cane. – [Leslie] Is it gin, or what is it? This is straight from the
oceans of Salt Lake City, Utah. – No way.
– You’re kidding – Any alcohol from Utah I’m
sure is not worth anything. It looks like there’s
a shelf that fell down. (mumbling crosstalk) Look at that, one shelf. Oh! There’s some jewelry in
there, I see some jewelry. – [Leslie] Here, why don’t you lift. Porcupine quill earrings, oh there’s a ruby of some sort, maybe. – Wow, look at that. There’s some more earrings. – [Woman] Oh! – Look at those ones
with the feather on it. These are worth a lot
of money right there. Look at these ones, nice. Ah, it’s tricky with that shelf in there, that shelf is stuck. (clanging) Alright we’re getting the shelf up. There is is, it’s in there, taking you in first,
you get the first look. Let’s see, we got this
bag, some more earrings, but, I see some stuff. Oh yeah, oh, here we go, here we go. This one, this one is very useful. (gasps) – Thank you Dan!
– What you’ve always wanted. – Thank you so much. – Here’s a bag. More earrings. Here you go, there’s the bank. Is it full of money? Full of 100 dollar bills? – [Woman] It’s not. – [Dan] Full of receipts. – [Woman] Yep! Receipts, you are right. W-4s. – Ah, here we go, here we
go, here’s the big money. Here’s the big money. Here it is, two rolls of pennies! (cheering) If these are older than I think 1980, they will be made of real copper, which every penny is worth four cents if you melt it down,
which is illegal to do. – 1978! Real copper, right here! – [Dan] I might be wrong on the 80 year, but there is a year. A nickel! 1961 nickel. Still can’t open the door. But we’ve got the pile of concrete here, there’s the hole and here’s the loot. This is everything that was
inside of it right there. If you guys know
– We got pennies! – If you guys know how
much that drink is worth, we don’t drink alcohol,
but we’re curious to know. Look it up and let us know in the comments and let us know what else we
should cut open next, right. – Battle of the hats. – Why are you on my back anyway? – It feels comfortable – Yah! (kids yelling) (laughs)

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  1. It’s 32.01 USD and it’s 32 years old in “fine” condition so it’s around 50 plus it’s rare ( kind of ). So that takes it around 60 USD

  2. A Man finds a Safe in his backyard WHATS INSIDE IS TERRIFYING – Follow @hoodspine on Instagram to find out what’s inside

  3. That is a old set so probably around $400 it’s current version goes for $90 but that bottle is 30 years old so I am assuming it worth much more if you check yourself there is no prices for that bottle so be careful with it.

  4. You should never ever ever ever use an angle cutter without the security guard on it. That thing could have made a mess of your face when it exploded. You got real lucky on that one! :O

  5. I don’t know about that grinder but mine is pretty loud and you should probably wear hearing protection not to mention having a guard on that grinder

  6. When I search up the bottle name it said It will sell for about 50,000 US dollars and Canada 200,000 dollars

  7. u don't know how lucky u was with grinder dude that happened to a friend of mine and disk land in his face

  8. Dan, you should really wear at least a dust mask when you are cutting and grinding. You are breathing in all that concrete dust and metal grindings into your lungs. And Lincoln and anyone else also, depending how close they are to you.

  9. How about you try three layers of paper that are in the shape of a circle on a ankle grinder and then cutting random stuff with it but not tomatoes

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  11. Ya, I was laughing…… lol still a small hole, and you can usually see the whole mechanism, and have someone enter the combo

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