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When People Noticed A Wild Moose Lay In Parking Low, Then Most Heartwarming Thing Happened

When People Noticed A Wild Moose Lay In Parking Low, Then Most Heartwarming Thing Happened

Picture the scene: you’ve just been shopping
with your family when, on the way back to the car, you see something extraordinary in
the parking lot. Yes, a moose – an actual, fully grown moose
– is sitting right next to your vehicle. Needless to say, it would be spectacular to
see such a majestic animal up close. Amazingly, though, this actually happened
to shoppers in last summer. It was in June of that year that visitors
to an Alaskan shopping mall witnessed this incredible sight – and certainly it’s
one that very few of us will ever get the chance to experience. But even more curious was the fact that the
unexpected show occurred at a Lowe’s parking lot in Anchorage. Of course, the star of the show was a wild
moose – although on its own this wouldn’t be so unusual. After all, Anchorage is home to roughly 1,500
moose, and often they wander through the gardens and parks of the city. Moose are in fact the largest members of the
deer family, and according to How Stuff Works, they’ve become increasingly common in urban
areas. Of course, the promise of an easy meal from
household trash can be irresistible to certain wildlife. But even though they’re not naturally aggressive,
moose are still wild animals. And because of their relatively large urban
population, they are actually a greater threat to Alaskans than bears. In fact, moose injure up to ten people in
the state each year, and when they are aggressive, it’s usually males in mating season. Fortunately, this “rutting” happens in
autumn, and the parking lot moose was female. Strangely, though, she settled down in a shaded
area outside a Lowe’s home improvement and appliance store. And, naturally, her presence drew a curious
crowd. In fact, the Facebook group “I Love Alaska”
reported that a black bear had chased the moose. Apparently, it said, the moose took refuge
in the parking lot after evading her pursuer. However, that part of the story was never
officially confirmed. Still, there was another reason for the moose’s
presence. Katherine Warren, a mall shopper present for
the occasion, told a CNN affiliate that the animal was acting oddly. Yes, she said that the moose seemed troubled
and more than a little on edge. “It’s the way she’s been acting. Not so much angry, but you can tell she’s
just kind of like a little scared and timid,” Warren said. “She doesn’t know what to think of everything,
because everybody has been showing up around the area.” Unbeknown to Warren, though, the moose had
a very good reason for her strange behavior. Why? Because the animal was pregnant and in labor. And while the sight of a moose in such close
proximity is one thing, to witness one having a baby was surely a unique experience. That said, Lowe’s employees were concerned
that the curious crowd would frighten the mother moose, so they took some responsibility
for her care. In fact, they handled the situation like pros. First, the Lowe’s staff put a barrier up
around the birthing animal. Thankfully, too, those present were respectful
of the amazing event and gave mommy moose her space. And later the Alaska Department of Fish and
Game confirmed that the staff had handled things correctly. Ken Marsh, who works for the department, told
DailyMail that the best thing you can do for a moose in labor is to give her space. After all, being too close to people can cause
the animals stress, and in fact it may even cause them to become violent. Fortunately, everyone present for the occasion
agreed that the event was amazing. Indeed, it was the perfect opportunity for
shoppers and their families to experience the beauty of childbirth in the wild. “Having the children able to witness something
like that is pretty cool,” a spectator said. One Anchorage resident was shocked to see
the birth like that. “I’ve been here 50 years,” she said. “It’s just unbelievable to see it in a
parking lot.” It was certainly an unusual surprise to many
people that day. “It just seemed weird,” a visitor who
arrived during the birth told DailyMail. “Everything was blocked and they said that
a moose was having a baby!” Another patron agreed that it was surreal. “I don’t know, in a parking lot? I don’t know if that’s Alaskan, it just
seems kinda crazy,” she laughed. So, after collapsing on the floor to have
her baby, mommy moose gave birth to a healthy baby calf. Afterward, she stayed there for nine hours
until her baby was strong enough to walk on its own. “My morning was just literally driving up…
and my daughter saying there was a moose and then I noticed a baby!” an excited shopping
mall visitor exclaimed to The Dodo. In fact, many people stopped to watch the
spectacle rather than pick up their cars from the lot. “I guess you can’t really choose when
the birthing moment is gonna be,” another witness said. Thankfully, though the mother moose had drawn
a crowd, at least she was safe from predators. She even had some food nearby. Yes, after taking a rest from her ordeal,
mommy moose filled up on leaves from a nearby tree. Then she made her way out of the parking lot
with her new calf. She also left her audience in awe, with memories
that they can share for a long time to come.

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  1. Aaawww..welcome to the new world baby calf! This is nice share eMystery, they're lucky to witness this wonderful moment.

  2. This is such a excited moment for everybody. Having a moose in a parking lot. Then the birth of a new baby for mom. This is something you don't see all the time. Glad that the guys blocked off space. So Mom would be more at ease. I'm glad mom and baby is fine. And back in the woods.

  3. Great story! I'm glad the employees blocked the area. I wonder who owned the black car by the moose? Kudos to you for being so patient!!!!!

  4. My Grand-daughter, loved this video. You never know what is going to happen during your daily routine but this has to be absolutely the very best most amazing day, for all those that got to witness it.. 😍😘

  5. Moose are all over Alaska, you see them running down the highways, with and with out their babies. Not unusal to go in your back yard and see them.

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