Why Has This Mom Cat Become Overprotective Towards Her Baby Goose? (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Relationship goals, Cat Chorok & goose Dudu Beside the baby goose Guardian/ The cat always watches over the goose Cat mom Chorok is always by her side.. But while she’s asleep Dudu goes out to get some fresh air When someone crashes their party I’m not scared of doggo! Sike.. Help!! Ehem.. Mom’s not sleeping How dare you bother my baby! Is it you..? Imma smash you doggo!! Do you wanna taste meow-meow punch, huh? Yo! I did nothing! Hooman, you saw it right? Tell that lil kitty! Whatever! Dog’s guardian/ Comes running forth.. Fearless.. Even towards a big dog.. Why is she ready to risk it all For Dudu..? Guardian/ The goose couldn’t incubate her egg well So it was passed onto the hen But the hen pecked at the baby goose for not being hers Dudu was abandoned at birth Guardian/ The cat’s kittens died at birth Around 5~10 days afterward? The goose was born.. So that’s the cat had the maternal instinct towards Dudu The two overcame hurt, Love you my baby~ And became family But Dudu is a goose.. Is it okay to be under the overprotective cat mom? Ornithologist/ She should naturally mix in with her peers, And play together Play with your friends, please? You are also a goose Dudu! Give it a try! Let’s go meet your friends! Do I look like a goose to you? Move! Get lost! I’m different from you guys! Dudu da gangster.. Ornithologist/ Trusting that her mom has her back, She attacks them For the sake of my baby’s training Imma step back Mom! Where are you going? Take me with you TAKE ME WITH YOU DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE Dudu, you gotta take it slow.. Sure enough, Dudu goes looking for her mom Mom, I’m scared Awww, are you okay baby? Ornithologist/ Dudu will go through puberty and develop the sexual instinct She can join dem then, so you don’t have to worry In short, time will solve everything~ I’m gonna stick with my mom forever +_+ Until then, like now To stay together Prepared a cozy, new house 🙂 Live happily and healthily together

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