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WolfQuest Patch Notes – v1.0.1a

WolfQuest Patch Notes – v1.0.1a

Today we’re releasing a patch for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition that fixes a number of things from the last update
that we released last week and a couple of new things. So let’s take a quick look
here. One of the most notable bugs that came out of last week’s update –where we
added the rut for elk and mule deer– is that sometimes you can get a lot of
bucks gathering around some does. We knew this was possible with the logic but we
didn’t think it would be quite as bad as it turned out to be, in some cases, where
people saw eight or even ten bucks gathered around a couple does. So
we’ve added a cap there. So if there’s three bucks already gathered there, to
fight over a doe, other bucks will move along and look for a doe that’s less
popular. One of the new things that didn’t quite make it into the last
update is that your mate will now hunt snowshoe hares… sometimes kind of hard to
see but here’s a little video of it…a little freeze frame so you can see the action. My
mate sees a hare and runs it down and shakes it and has a nice little snack. We
also have finally our new aspen trees made by our fantastic vegetation artist
Kerry Baldino know who made all of Douglas firs and the cottonwoods down by the
Lamar River. So he’s got these aspens in good shape and they are gorgeous! One of
the interesting about aspens is that a stand of aspens, like we have here –it’s
a single organism! It’s not 15 separate trees…they’re all connected by their
roots and are a single organism. Isn’t that crazy?
Another thing about aspens is that, in the winter time when grass is less available
buried under snow, elk will often chew the bark off aspen trunks. And so we’ve got
that in the model here. You can see, the bark is not so solid here near the base
where the elk can reach it. And that does allow insects to get in there and damage
the aspen. I don’t know, maybe being a single big organism helps them survive
that …I’m not sure. But anyway, we got these lower bare sections of the trunk
here on our aspens in the game and you can find them upon the lower ridges, like
above the fossil forest, and down along the bottom of the forest at the edge of
the Lamar Valley. This patch also has a bunch of other fixes like we we broke
the free cam mode…so that’s fixed. And a bunch of stuff. You can see the full
patch notes below! So we’re releasing that right now. Enjoy! you

100 thoughts on “WolfQuest Patch Notes – v1.0.1a”

  1. Btw I never got to ask you this I’m sorry if this is a waste of your time working on this game but are we gray wolves or red wolves?sorry…

  2. Hey wQ3! It's me ice wolf this is my dad's account I will be making a new one soon I love playing your games wQ3! Thow sometimes my game will corrupt with others and it's weird @[email protected] y9u think you could fix that if it isn't already also here's a suggestion, the wolf's you know the wild ones aka the dispersal, will now have a place to go back to like maybe sleep by a certain area that there keeping till they find a mate and move along up to slough creek? Just a suggestion. Oh and also a place where there is bunny howls and by howling on top of them the bunnies will get scared and run? Also a suggestion but thank you for reading wq it's a honor playing your game! Edit: I meant burrow xd

  3. XD I'm glad the free cam is fixed I wasn't sure if I had done something to my mouse or if it was the game itself, guess that's my answer. It was interesting not being able to rely on it when being chased down.

  4. Could you fix the crash at the "end" of the "find mate" quest, please? I've heard that it's caused by the game trying to send you to SC but obviously there's no SC data yet, so it crashes. I'm no programmer, so I could be wrong.

  5. this game was apart of my childhood, once i get a new computer after christmas im getting this

    wolf quest is a game ive always wanted to play and survival games are one of my favorites, man this is awesome that its still being updated and played

  6. WOLFQUEST, PLEASE READ! Emilee Reisig, there should also be a stage of pregnancy! and if you are a female wolf in the game then you dig a den! It should say something like 'congratulations your female wolf in pregnant!' Or something like that. Not anything weird or inappropriate in the process. I really hope to see that, or something like it, in the game!


    also i just wanted to say that i think that wolfquest 2.7 is very short and i cant wait for tower fall to be completed!

  8. This is a suggestion it might take a little while and a lot of work but you can earn scars/limp. A few things I wondered was will lightning strike a tree down or just set it on fire? Can you have runts? Will genetics carry on through wolves?

  9. I absolutely love this game and have had wolf quest from when it first released, the realism is unbelievable you have really done the impossible and put real life behaviour into ai. If you want this game to be like living the life of a real wolf then u have 100% achieved your goal. Thank you for this game I absolutely love it!

  10. Are you going to add the ability to be able to enter your own den? (small caves, holes, etc.) I really think it'd be an awesome feature!

  11. So I just wanted to say that when is it out when is it going to be here for iPad I just tried to get it I’m only 9 I wanna play SOOOOOOOOOO badly so I just gave up 🙁

  12. Is there a chance when your programming the pups, you could add a runt? They are just generally weaker and smaller. Or the chance your pups can get sick?

  13. WolfQuest AE worked before just fine, as long as I had minimal graphics. Now, it will just give me the crash detected screen and now I can’t play it whatsoever… TwT

  14. Hi wolfquest but my has been having some issues and I can’t get on and the feedback is not working either so please get back to me soon bye

  15. :49 Finally! I don't have to keep providing my mate with snacks when we are having difficulty finding larger prey to hunt.

  16. Hey wolfquest i have a idea for the game

    So i have 2 one is confusion(THIS DOES HAPPEN)and spoose(a moose elk hybrid)if your listening please please please add confused animal mothers and animals and melk(an adult spoose hybrid)to the game!

  17. I have a question. If you buy the new game, will it update when you add new things? Or will I have to buy it again?

  18. The Aspen trees actually reminded me of Bambi and how his mom and him were eating the bark off the trees during winter.
    Great job with the update! I can't wait until I can use it on my phone. I've only ever found one glitch with the old update (when I killed an elk on a mountain or somewhere bumpy, the elk carcass would disappear but the smell would still be there)

  19. some ideas that might be cool:
    antlers and bones scattered in some places
    finding random chunks of meat left by clumsy birds or foxes
    the ability to eat foxes… its food, and you're a wild wolf… sooo..
    being unthreatening to other dispersals to prevent them from attacking you
    these are just suggestions :0

  20. Awesome! Perhaps we can get an update on how far along multiplayer and slough creek is coming along? Hopefully multiplayer will be released soon. Great work so far!

  21. It would be super cool if you could make is so that when a tree lights on fire during a thunderstorm, it could spread if near other trees and cause health damage if to your wolf if you gets too close.

  22. I love this game but when I got it my computer couldn't handle its awesomeness so I'm gonna have to wait till I can get a better one to play, but love the new update you guys are awesome ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  23. Can u make us go to the other side of the lamar river plz and see the humans ant they can't kill u because when u try to go pat the lamar river it says like it smells danger like humans lol so can u make us go past the lamar River and see da hunters and they like kill us plzzzz

  24. Read description of this video, if you choose to view it, please. It would be really cool if you added more to the relationship between wolves and ravens, (the description goes more into it) to WQ in the future! Totally know ya’ll got a lot of stuff still going on (which is super exciting!) but just an idea for the future. 🙂

  25. Any slight ideas of when you reckon you'd be able to release multiplayer? (for example in between 2-5 months or 2020?)

  26. I have this very odd glitch, my wolves are just lines..? And when I get near a dispersal, they turn to lines, it makes it nearly impossible to get a mate, it's been like this since Wolfquest 3 came out, I've submitted a glitch or whatever in game.

  27. I have a really big question to ask you guys,

    When is WolfQuest 3 coming out on mobile? I can’t play it on computer and I only use mobile and I’ve really been wanting to play it

  28. Можно ли скачать игру бесплатно? Я знаю вы русские у вас вк есть!

  29. I’m been asking this for a long time since wolf quest 3 came and I’m
    Sorry for asking but please please with a cherry on top! Please add this to iPad!

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