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Woman Learning How to Stuff Homemade Moose Sausage into Intestine Casings

Woman Learning How to Stuff Homemade Moose Sausage into Intestine Casings

(deep sigh) Man: Remember, you want it close to the front so it doesn’t get stuck. Woman: Yeah, I just need to make some room. Woman: This meat is starting to make its way out. Man: That’s alright – you’re going to be putting meat Man: there later. Woman: I know, I’m just telling you what I’m doing. Woman: So you know why I’m doing it. (wet noise, as sausage meat fills up moist sausage casing) Man: Ready? Woman: Ok, ready. (sound of meat grinder clunking) (sounds of squeaky sausage filler crank) Woman: Lots of air pockets in this one. Man: You can slow it down so the meat can Man: push it out. Woman: It’s an air-tight intestine. Man: Yeah, but if it’s packed full here Man: the air will stay here. Woman: Hmmm. (sound of squeaky sausage filler crank) (more squeaky sausage filler crank sounds) Woman: Ahhhh! Man: (chuckles) Woman: Where’s our tub? (chuckling) Man: Don’t have one. Woman: Ok, so this goes in the Woman: “oops” skillet? Man: Sure. Man: You can put it on that, er, yeah, wherever. Man: That’s fine. Man: Do you see why that happened? Woman: Nope. Man: Look how much distance you have Man: between this and there. Woman: Ohhh. Man: It got stretched. Man: So you can… Man: Yep. Man: You can bring that whole Man: roll to the front. Man: And just slide that up like that. Man: Then it should be good. Woman: Ok. (sound of moist sausage moving on counter top) (sound of packing/adjusting the sausage filler) (squeak of sausage filler crank) (continued sound of a low-pitched, squeaky sausage filler crank) Woman: What? (giggling) Man: Just this thing. (loud metallic-sounding noises coming from sausage filler hand-crank machine) Man: It makes a lot of noise. Woman: We’re almost at the end. Stop. Woman: Alright. Man: Well… Woman: Did you want to toss that back in? Man: No. Woman: No? (sound of plastic bowl sliding across kitchen counter top) Man: (clears throat) (brief coughing) Woman: Don’t say it… (laughing) (light chuckling) Woman: That was a short one. Man: Yeah, I had to cut one. Man: Because there was a knot and I couldn’t get it undone. Woman: That’s quite a coincidence I grabbed Woman: just the right one. Man: Mmm hmmm. Man: Ready? Woman: No… Woman: I not ready. Woman: Ok. (deep squeak sounds coming from sausage filler machine hand crank) Woman: Oh, stop. Man: That was a really short one. Woman: Uh huh. Woman: Ok. Woman: Is there another cut one in here? Woman: Or was it just one? Man: I don’t know. Man: I can’t remember Man: how many I cleaned. (sound of plastic bowl sliding on counter) Woman: May I have a tip?

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