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Your Sunday CloseUP View Shave Of The Day with CV Heljestrand MK No. 2

Your Sunday CloseUP View Shave Of The Day with CV Heljestrand MK No. 2

Welcome to Your Sunday Close-Up View
Shave Of The Day! Hey Eric here with Adventures In Wet Shaving and welcome
back it’s good to see you if you’re interested in learning how to straight
razor shave and all things straight razors are related. Go ahead and hit that
subscribe button then click on the bell next to it to be notified when I upload
videos that way you won’t miss a thing. Tonights shave is very special look at
this this is a CV Heljestrand and that is an MK number two that Matti sent
me from Sweden this is Swedish made yes it is and it’s
a beautiful razor and for our sup tonight here you go we’re going with the
Swedish witch and this is just a beautiful luxury handmade soap with aloe
vera and this Matti sent me as well a while back yes he did now I have had
that bloomie we’re going to pour that off and put that on as a pre ship mm-hmm
so we get that going here go ahead and work that in oh what a nice
scent this hands I will have the full set profile down in the description for
you that way you’ll know more about it now something else is very special that
Maddie sent me with this yeah check that out this is a beautiful hand turned
brush from Sweden and that is a beautiful synthetic not fantastic handle
and here you go Matti now I will also have down in the
description a link to Maddie’s channel so you can check out his channel he’s
got a nice shaping channel as well now this is synthetic
so it wasn’t soaking but we’re gonna go ahead and get it wet now and this is the
first use of this so I’m really excited it really you know first use of the
brush first use of the razor excellent so we’re going to go ahead and get that
loaded up alright so hopefully you are having a just fabulous week in being
able to relax enjoy yourself have some downtime be with family and
friends yeah that is awesome that is always good and hopefully you’re getting
some good shaves as well yeah now we are going to town on that so
oh yeah so we’re gonna get nice thick load of soap going here and it’s gonna
be fine tonight I’m also using my unbreakable
scuttle the travel scuttle yep so we’re gonna give that a go as well it
has got hot water in it too keep everything nice and warm because
that’s good yeah all right yeah we’re gonna keep loading this brush until I
think we got enough yeah and I don’t normally actually make a lather in a
skull so I’m not even sure how long that’s going to take but if it takes a
while no big deal I’ll just do a little fast-forward trick
through it and it’ll be fine all right now like that I’m thinking
probably enough yeah now I have of course made a mess so we’re gonna go
ahead and get that going as well and I’m gonna put most of that on the brush like
normal yeah and then we’re gonna put what’s left on the face yeah because
that’s just what I do it is and I found this works really well for me so we just
keep doing it keep doing whatever works for you really that is key and if you
have something that’s not working just go ahead and keep experimenting until
you find something works and then you’ll be in pretty good shape now here we go
let’s go ahead yeah make a lather why I say I don’t normally lather in a scuttle
but I’m willing to give it a try and tea suggested that it would be a good idea
and I tend to agree with him I think it will be a good idea so let’s just go
ahead and make it happen get a little more water in there and we’ll just keep
going yeah yeah this brush feels good in the hand
as well in it’s a good sized handle yeah I had no idea
Matty was sending this he told me he was sending me a razor so this is a really
big surprise I really appreciate it Matty this is so good really is so cool
yeah yeah put more water in that yeah I think we’re getting there
I do yeah there we go what do you think looking good yeah now
we’re just going to keep going until it looks like we’re in business
okay a little more water in that as well okay now now we’re getting somewhere got an incredible incredible brush
really is really like it yeah see if I can wipe that off just like that
yeah we’re gonna put some more to that back in the bowl cuz I getting it
everywhere which is cool now I’m gonna put a little more water in there as well
and I think I think we’re in pretty good shape now this is looking really good it
is all right so we’re gonna stop right there I think yeah put that on the face okay let’s get her lather on oh yeah oh what a fantastic set just work that into those whiskers a
little bit more oh yeah nice nice nice
hmm there we go all right we’re gonna call
that good now it is time for pass one now this is a 4h play I’ve never shaved
with anything this small before but it should be fine
yep can’t laying that razor flat raising it a spine with off of my face to get
that proper shaving angle of 20 to 30 degrees moving my hand to stretch a little
further down my cheek nice nice edge Maddy here blowing out my
cheek to stretch in this area now this is a Jain add edge I’ll go
ahead and put all that information down in the description for you as well and
you can check that out if you’re interested a really nice edge nice
shallow angle here yeah I’m not sure how I’m doing on these camera angles but I’m
enjoying the shade so far mm-hmm rotating that blade around that chin
area trying to keep it as flat as I can in that area
remember beard prep is everything when your straight razor shaving I do have a
video on beard prep down in the description yeah very nice and it’s so lightweight
it’s quite interesting and it’s doing a fine job mm-hmm nice shallow angle here
this is with the grain in this area little to no pressure on that blade nice coming in straight here rotating that
blade down regaining that proper 20 to 30 degree shaving angle there we go that is good yes it is
yeah with this light of eraser you really end up being more mindful about
not putting too much pressure as well so that’s good yep stretching with my off
hand playing that razor flat raising the spine again a spine width off of my face
through here this is with the grey nice Wow
and he’s doing Marvis stretching with my offhand using short
easy strokes in this area keep in mind that we do multi pass shapes little
later on in the video I will give you a link to figure out how your beard grows alright beautiful really nice silky
smooth edge incredible coming in here nice and straight rotating that blade
down very gentle in this area there we go pass one complete very nice yeah
quite nice and it’s taking those whiskers off really check that out in
that beautiful whiskers gone good beers reduction in the first pass excellent
now go ahead I’m gonna get our lather on for this oh yeah nice fantasticks play on that brush hmm is so
good yep nice mmm now let me get a little
more water in that oh I’ve got such everywhere yeah you know it’s gonna be
good oh yeah great oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about
right there oh that is good yes it is yeah go with the scuttle is a great idea
teeth really enjoy it all right now this is past 2 and for me primarily that’s
gonna be with the grain now you can click up on this card to see straight
razor shaving Maps straight razor grip in the order of the shave I think you
may find it helpful because we do with the grain across the grain and against
the grain passes and that will give you the best shave let’s do this stretching
with my off hand here remember making a good lather is also a key to straight
razor shaving so you will need to learn how to make a good lather with a good
shaving soap man that bleep lead off nice and flat
through here totally against the grain in this area remember we don’t use any
pressure we let the weight of the blade only cut those whiskers rotating the
blade now around the chin area they’re trying to keep it as flat as possible excellent excellent very maneuverable now we’re gonna switch hands get this
other side you remember we do switch hands and if you can learn how to do
that right from the beginning you’ll be able to shave more parts of
your face better then with just one hand here we go nice now switching up that
handle we’re gonna go like this here the razor is almost completely
vertical going against the grain keep in mind that you can rotate that
blade around in your hand just like I did here to go against the grain in this
direction to make it easier and to get a better shave here we go really nice edge
great job Maddie yeah excellent now switching to my other hand stretching
with my off hand again using short easy strokes against the grain in this area always being mindful to use little to no
pressure on that blade it is important to have a sharp straight razor that way
you’ll be able to cut through those whiskers nice and easy here I’m
stretching just by smiling all right get that blade cleaned off nice and flat
through here across the grain let me also remind you to find the right time
to straight razor shave when you have enough time and you’re not in a hurry
and you don’t have to rush that way you’ll be able to really enjoy the shave
and that is what it’s all about taking this mundane task and being able to
really enjoy nice
all right stretching with my offhand laying that razor almost flat going
across the grain in this area as well there you go
pass to complete and it felt good really good
now let’s get that rinsed off see how we did Wow very nice very very nice cheeks
right where we want them yeah excellent excellent
yep nice sharp razor comfortable smooth edge really nice okay now and I think we
got more than enough soap for sure that’s excellent you look great mm-hmm excellent
excellent all right now time for the half pass if you haven’t seen the half
pass reloaded and revealed click on that card
right there we’re going to be going against the grain on my jawline and my
neck mostly okay and it’s gonna give me a great shave so if you think this might
work for you or if your neck has always been a problem maybe this is something
to try all right let’s try this and see if it works
stretching with my offhand here getting a nice shallow angle on that razor using
short easy strokes moving my hand down to my jawline to be able to stretch
further down my neck and my jaw very gently through here fantastic absolutely fantastic yep right through here this is going to
be with the grain and it will give me a fine shave sweet yeah excellent little
razor great shaver yep reach around grabbing that ear
stretching using easy short easy strokes reaching down to get further down my
jawline in my net stretching with my offhand here again nice oh that is excellent nice flat through here going across the
grain on that chin area rotating that blade around again nice and flat trying to keep that
razor as flat as possible there we go another shave in the books
yep and I think this is definitely a good one
now oh wow fantastic and there were no bumps harmed in the
filming of the shave video yes that is awesome
yeah now we’re still going with a loom and this is a stringent antiseptic great
if you hit a little bump or two and it tightens your pores in your skin so
after shave it is marvelous yep really good hmm and I had some whiskers and
they’re gone now look at that excellent now I’m just gonna dry that
off and if you can’t take your alum straight up go ahead and follow your
shape with a water rinse followed by witch hazel in my case I’m going with
Thayer’s lemon this is lemonade for the face this is just good stuff it really
is so if you like lemon this is gonna definitely be your ticket right here mmm
fantastic scent I do put that everywhere as well really excellent so we’re going
to be using the Music City suds and this is stand by your Mandarin they don’t
actually make this anymore but this has got a marvelous citrusy scent and we’re
gonna put that mm-hmm oh nice nice nice nice oh that is
good yeah we’re gonna top the shave off with
Nivea cooling poche balm excellent stuff taking care of the skin especially after
shave really good idea and I put that everywhere as well just like that you
can click on this card to see how to start straight razor shaving the series
I think it may be helpful a lot of good information in that playlist for you I
get my ideas for these straight razor edge Friday specials from you so down in
the comments go ahead leave me questions comments suggestions maybe even ideas
for upcoming straight razor edge Friday’s special and we will get that
going for you now if you’ve been around for a while or you knew the channel and
you like what you see go ahead and hit that subscribe button then click on the
bell next to it to be notified when I upload videos that way you won’t miss a
thing like this video if you like it I also do straight razor edge Friday
specials every Friday so stop 1×4 that wouldn’t be the same without you here
and down in the description I’ve got a ton of links for street razor shaving
and honing videos and playlists especially for you click up here to see
my latest video click over here to see a video specially picked out for you have
a great shave in a good day and I will see you next time
on Adventures In Wet Shaving!

9 thoughts on “Your Sunday CloseUP View Shave Of The Day with CV Heljestrand MK No. 2”

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  2. Excellent shave Eric and we had lather flying everywhere in this one. You have just met your "go to" edge. Outside of getting the Suehiro 20K or the Shapton 30K Kuromaku synthetic water stone, Jnat or Japanese Natural stones are the best edges you will ever see. I think I will be using my scuttle later on for a nice hot lather shave myself. I'm also doing a "2nd chance tag" video too.

  3. Nice shave as usual Erik.
    Realy glad you liked the razor and the brush. It’s a smal razor but it does the work like a champ.
    I like my jnat very much. I have been using my jnat since i started to hone and i like it very much. Maby not so fast stone but it gives a realy nice edge.
    Have a great day and take care my friend.

  4. Feel free to pass my address on to Matti! Very pretty razor although i'm wary of those smaller blades since i learned to SR shave with a vintage 3/8" Dovo, and that thing would punish any lapse in technique. Using a scuttle really elevates the shave to something luxurious and i think it's instructive to see how much water a soap can take – it's a lot more than i thought.
    Looks like you went for days without a shave before that one and i did the same; yesterday i blasted off a week's beard and now i am human again. With some milder weather in the offing i'll be glad to get back into my usual routine of shaves.


  5. Looks like I need to head back to Sweden to load up on shave supplies. Great shave and yes, scuttles are great especially on cold winter days. Nicely done sir!

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