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Zoo Tales – Anjalee’s journey – Episode 1

Zoo Tales – Anjalee’s journey – Episode 1

(TRUMPETS) (TUIS CHIRP) (GROWLS) (ISLAND MUSIC) So here we are in Niue at the
quarantine site for Anjalee, where she’ll be for
around three months. We have a massive big barn for her.
So this is where she’ll be at night. Nice and sheltered. Lots of air
flow, cos it’s 30-plus degrees here,
so it gets very very hot. But it’s also very tropical,
so lots of rain. She’s used to that from Sri Lanka.
So it will be good to get her back
into a routine. (WEEDEATER WHIRRS) Kona and I have been
here for the last week. We’ve been setting up the quarantine
site so everything’s ready for when
she arrives. So it’s really important that
everything’s looked after, because we do not want her
out in this heat for too long. Originally I’m from Niue. I think
the local people here will be all
excited, seeing the elephant on the rock
for the first time, you know. Gotta get back to it.
(STARTS WEEDEATER) Yeah, incredibly excited.
This is monumental. It’s been years and years and lots
and lots of people involved in this
project. And the rain’s coming.
Ooh! Saw you jump.
No! (GENTLE MUSIC) With her landing tomorrow, it’s
gonna be such a milestone. There’s
gonna be a few tears, I think. So this is such an exciting day
for us. We’ve been for working over
five years to get to this place. And it’s just a brilliant morning. What we need to keep a really close
eye on is how fatigued Anjalee gets. And it was obvious at the later
stage of the transport that she
was starting to get quite tired. And I can tell you there were
moments that I was getting
really nervous. We’re just about to load
Anjalee to the Hercules, where she will be setting out on
her next leg from Auckland to Niue. So by the middle of the year,
Anjalee will be arriving back
in Auckland, and we’ll be able to bring her
finally, finally to the zoo. Obviously it’s a fairly
rare occasion where we get
to transport a live elephant in the back of a C-130 Hercules, but I’m sure this will be one trip
that I’ll remember for the rest of
my career. You could obviously see that she was
quite tired, and she was resting up
on the side of the crate. And, yeah, it always gets
you a little bit worried, because the last thing you want is
for her to actually not be able to
hold herself. Welcome! Fakaalofa. BOTH: Welcome to Niue, Anjalee. Everyone’s been really cooperative.
The trucks are ready, and, yeah,
we’re ready for the journey. Andrew’s exhausted, I think, just
absolutely exhausted, running on
adrenaline, but very relieved. So it was a massive journey
to get Anjalee here to Niue. And it started for us in Sri Lanka
at 2.30 in the morning. It was quite incredible, because we
actually had to wake her up. She was
asleep. Now, going into the crate,
I couldn’t ask for any
better from her. Hallelujah. She’s a little bit heightened,
because she’s got a big move
from the pallet to the truck, before we take her up
to the quarantine site. Oh. Once we had the crate in place,
it was really important that we
try and get her out as quickly as we could
and into the facility. She was obviously on alert.
It’s a completely new area
for her, unfamiliar smells. But she did really really well,
and it was the later end of the day. And we just took her straight into
an area where we could give her a
good drink and some food. (REGGAE MUSIC) Because it’s so late in the evening,
we haven’t got enough time to let
her explore the environment. We’re gonna do that tomorrow. Because it is a new environment for
her, she is gonna probably call out
a little bit. What we’re hoping for, though, in
best-case scenario, is that she has
a good sleep tonight. We want a few days of nice
and quiet to settle her in. She needs to get to know the area,
and Andrew needs to form that bond
that he’s built over in Sri Lanka. So it’s all good stuff. We’re just gonna take some
elephant grass from here. We can gather big bundles
for her on a daily basis. Have you heard an elephant before?
that but a lot better. And that’s
when they’re excited. It’s good, eh? (UPLIFTING MUSIC)

5 thoughts on “Zoo Tales – Anjalee’s journey – Episode 1”

  1. Fantastic achievement Auckland Zoo. What a beautiful, healthy elephant and such a moving, lovely story (well told). Looking forward to following Anjalee's journey.

  2. This is an awesome video guys! I'm so happy I'll still be able to follow her journey even though I'm out of the country 🙂

  3. We're excited to share with you our first episode of elephant Anjalee's journey to Auckland Zoo. Watch zoo staff prepare Anjalee's quarantine facility, her arrival in Niue on a NZ Defence Force C-130 Hercules and the first moments of Anjalee in her new home with keeper Andrew.

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